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  1. -11 at first stage . -16 gets through . Assuming you played finals or caddied unsure which but you know golf is a fickle game if you run your mouth about others talents.
  2. Chase can play. Just saying he’s not being gifted these exemptions out allusions of grandeur
  3. Not that we’re on the topic . What would be the equivalent to a spinner shaft. I play tour spec s plus tour v (125gram ) tour v
  4. Misunderstanding on my part . I’ve had stuff sent from them before but I forget I have different access sometimes
  5. Well that doesn’t matter so much then hahaha. I play in south Florida so a lot of my gapping is done based on wind and not flat stuff
  6. Unless you play in the dessert . Those numbers vary so much . back pin 195 you hit 190 your fine diwn wind though so subtract 10 really a 185 shot your trying to hit 180 stock 6 or into wind etc . I’ve never really found flat numbers to be a good judge of gapping more how they gap into and down wind . If they don’t gap properly into and down wind your set is useless because you’ll never know what shot is gonna come out
  7. So most likely they’ll send you a raw shaft no grip or adaptor . Rules here prohibit selling uncut shafts sadly (I understand why) but it shouldn’t be terribly hard for you to exchange it for a different shaft at a custom club builder. Especially since it’s a fairly sought after shaft .
  8. Heat gun . Not sure if there’s expoxy or not . I know cameron used to expoxy his weights in initially
  9. Crazy how many proto px shafts are out there and don’t make it to retail or make it under different color ways and badging
  10. Nothing quite like charging you retail for your order , charging you again for the shaft and charging you for the grip they ordered in the box and charging you for the labor. aka they’ll charge you for that nippon shaft that came from mizuno that you either already paid a small up charge for or no up charge. They will then assemble those clubs for you in house and charge you for that and bang that’s how you get a 2500 set of irons
  11. Yes that’s why you see so many kft guys struggling to get into fields because the winners exempt category is much larger then it use to be martin trainers win from February 2019 will give him status through the remainder of this pga tour season. (22 playoffs ) kevin tway would still be able to play out of that category from winning the 2018 Safeway open through this seasons (2022) tour championship
  12. What type of event had a pga tour equipment official.
  13. Exactly say you have a shortish par 5 in your first few holes but you don’t know what you’ll have in you carry a few options for that shot. Or a long par 3 but you don’t know the number and wind and other factors you could carry 17 clubs and only declare the one you use in play
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