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  1. Brand new callaway Mack daddy forged wedges . looking to get 120$ a piece from these. Or 320 for the set playing length is 35.5 and they are 1 flat next up are rain pants from Nike . Brand new with tags 45$ shipped size small masters pullover size small from Peter Millar 55$ shippedshoes footjoys 9.5 (new model ) medium 65$ shipped icons 10 medium 65$ shipped Bucket hats 50$ shipped individually ideally I would ship them as a whole lot for 120$ 2 pukka hats 2 from trump 1 from pga national all still have tags
  2. Well if we wanted to never have competing events it would be hard for any tour to play more then say 8 weeks a year
  3. all individual shafts are measured with the 7 iron shaft First up tour issue s400 Zcord ribbed grips p-4 plus a 2 iron style shaft 130$ shipped Elevate tour x 90$ shipped comes with cross line cord ribbed p-4 kbs tour 120 p-4 plus 2 iron style shaft 95$ shipped true temper 120 s300 p-4 95$ shipped tour issue srixon z star balls 45$ a dozen shipped 85$ for each masters headcover 50$ shipped nike air zoom victory 9w never seen grass 85$ shipped can ship cheaper if you don’t need the Nike boxScotty Cameron backpack 120$ shipped
  4. I don’t understand what your asking their wasn’t and event opposite the kft championship
  5. After reading more about it , this could easily be a placebo to the putter switch. yeah old insert was broken so no way it’s ever me . Classic modern phycology. I remember years back snedeker talking about the only thing he noticed with a new insert is the ball rolls out more
  6. The Indian would have starved if he never spent time carving his arrows
  7. You could also start a 9-6-3 match with auto presses on 4 tee and 7 tee 5-5-5-5 5-5-5-5 10 to get real action going on strike play
  8. A quick Getty scan and you dont see one exotics club lol just a bag
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