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  1. Hi everyone looking for good condition apex pro forged 2016 heads or heads and shafts I don’t care how they come just need good grooves. Preferably the 16’20 grooves but that doesn’t matter as much
  2. https://www.minorleaguegolf.com/bio.asp Lexi Thompson played some mini tour golf before the lpga started back up. Lots of guys in these events that have or had status . Pretty sure they aren’t 4 indexes .
  3. That’s why at my club we always play our carts matches amongst the big game which takes precedent over small matches . Not gonna bang that 10 footer for the half way pst as it could cost you points.
  4. Just watch who gets the unrestricted week to week. There’s a few guys out there who must be really good at writing letters.
  5. all prices are shipped conus . First up for sale is a tour issue spider . Metal insert face not sure about loft and lie $115 head only Next is a tour issue 16 M2 in decent shape 10.5 loft this was my backup TC GREAT BIG BERTHA 3 wood head 75$ Great big Bertha heads non Tour 50$ each
  6. Caddies have been touching fans outside the ropes for decades to clear the way for a shot to be hit . This goes no where
  7. Anyone know what sized insert this has? It’s not the smaller 7 size and not the bigger 9 size
  8. For reference this is my putter
  9. What odyssey putters have the same insert dimensions as the jailbird ? Just curious as I may attempt a quarantine project
  10. Having had one (tournament course record no LCP in play & one at a club that likely was the CR in a casual round with friends. In my opinion they are obviously not the same and I didn’t even bother to go so if mine was a CR in casual play . A because it was casual play and B I picked up a par tap in on the first hole so it wouldn’t have mattered which is where causal play CR’s raise a few flags.
  11. I’d imagine you could strip the black ones similar to stripping the wedges. Just put the heads in naval jelly . Chrome good luck
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