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  1. offer me on everything else I will likely accept
  2. You asked for my reasoning I gave it to you. sure if you can absolutely guarantee you won’t get wet sure but you just never know .
  3. No one wants to wear a wet shirt or pants the rest of their round. I don’t care if you get it for free or not .
  4. M2 tour issue head with specs . Been hit for a couple months . 85$ peter millar masters quarter zip size medium . 85$ bob vokey aim stick cover 45$ shipped (35$ if I can bundle it ) nike golf Ryder cup gloves 55 $ a piece or 130 for all 3 masters headcover 85$ cameron headcovers Santa Claus 55$ Club cameron 65$
  5. I’m struggling to find a 5 wood shaft and love how the Tgi plays. Could I sand a .355 Tgi to play in a .335 ?
  6. BGT might be the best in the business. I have zero intentions of hitting putts ever again without one.
  7. Obviosuly with the soil texture and type changing week to week , what were the biggest things he looked for that will work week to week. Think this is the a big difference that’s overlooked between club golfers and high level players . See many club golfers build a bag around their course versus building 14 clubs that will work in Mexico during the rainy season & st Andrew’s during a drought
  8. That’s exactly where they came from the copper 20’s the cord itself feels softer maybe because paint isn’t there I don’t know they feel much different
  9. Anyone know the difference between these 2 ? The cord on the right feels really good
  10. I’m just trying to point out there are a bunch off options in the callaway ball has a very distinct feeling to it’s cover, regardless off how much they tweak its spin characteristics on the inside. That being said if callaway isn’t paying more than kisners existing ball glove shoe contract he has with titleist why would he change
  11. I just counted 31 USGA conforming versions off the chrome soft
  12. https://www.minorleaguegolf.com/bio.asp Lexi Thompson played some mini tour golf before the lpga started back up. Lots of guys in these events that have or had status . Pretty sure they aren’t 4 indexes .
  13. That’s why at my club we always play our carts matches amongst the big game which takes precedent over small matches . Not gonna bang that 10 footer for the half way pst as it could cost you points.
  14. Just watch who gets the unrestricted week to week. There’s a few guys out there who must be really good at writing letters.
  15. all prices are shipped conus . First up for sale is a tour issue spider . Metal insert face not sure about loft and lie $115 head only Next is a tour issue 16 M2 in decent shape 10.5 loft this was my backup TC GREAT BIG BERTHA 3 wood head 75$ Great big Bertha heads non Tour 50$ each
  16. Caddies have been touching fans outside the ropes for decades to clear the way for a shot to be hit . This goes no where
  17. Anyone know what sized insert this has? It’s not the smaller 7 size and not the bigger 9 size
  18. For reference this is my putter
  19. What odyssey putters have the same insert dimensions as the jailbird ? Just curious as I may attempt a quarantine project
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