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  1. If anything I could see it getting moved to 48 so they don’t suck up kft starts for veterans getting ready for champions tour
  2. this is how 6x was ordered. I am under the understanding the 8x was only tipped .25”
  3. Aldila rip 80 x flex 43.5 tip to grip 90$ shipped Hzrdus black 85 6.5 43.5 tip to grip 145 shipped ventus blue 6x 43.5 tip to grip tipped 1” 190$ shipped kali 80x 42.25 tip to grip 90$ shipped hzrdus red 6.5 75 41.25 tip to grip 90$ shipped even flow hzrdus black 85 6.5 40.25 tip to grip 90 shipped ventus blue 8x 40 1/8 tip to grip .25” tipped 160$ shipped
  4. Title says it all . Please send pics . Would love head only
  5. 16’20 grooves 4&5 iron . Willing to sell these for 60$ shipped
  6. Good afternoon all , hope everyone had a great & safe December brand new Mack daddy forged 52-56-60 wedges . These were great clubs they are all 35.5 and 1 flat with your issue s400 blacks in them 270$ shipped one of a kind odyssey with CH neck and pro insert along with dots on the top line 250$ 2 extra odyssey covers 60$ shipped for both 35$ each or 50$ if you add on to the 7 club Cameron backpack 100$ 2016 us open cameron cover 100$ nib
  7. Looking for a black 8x or 7x for 3 wood . I want it tipped 1” and playing 43”
  8. Higher MOI with the weight backwards lower moi weight forward think epic sub zero more forgiving weight in the back less forgiving weight in the front this is achieved through spin
  9. A few of them he did receive after testing positive for covid -19 and Monday qualifying , just like many other people who have gotten sponsor exemptions this past year and half . sure he does get them because of his brother. Would rather that then someone’s who father has a ton of cash….
  10. -11 at first stage . -16 gets through . Assuming you played finals or caddied unsure which but you know golf is a fickle game if you run your mouth about others talents.
  11. Chase can play. Just saying he’s not being gifted these exemptions out allusions of grandeur
  12. Not that we’re on the topic . What would be the equivalent to a spinner shaft. I play tour spec s plus tour v (125gram ) tour v
  13. Misunderstanding on my part . I’ve had stuff sent from them before but I forget I have different access sometimes
  14. Well that doesn’t matter so much then hahaha. I play in south Florida so a lot of my gapping is done based on wind and not flat stuff
  15. Unless you play in the dessert . Those numbers vary so much . back pin 195 you hit 190 your fine diwn wind though so subtract 10 really a 185 shot your trying to hit 180 stock 6 or into wind etc . I’ve never really found flat numbers to be a good judge of gapping more how they gap into and down wind . If they don’t gap properly into and down wind your set is useless because you’ll never know what shot is gonna come out
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