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  1. I had a rough financial year in '09 and had to sell all my sticks. Philly Mick's flatstick would be a good place to start over...as would any of the clubs you are giving away...might as well give to the needy...
  2. This is the absolute worst excuse ever....PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ------> "Dang, I just didn't get under that one..."
  3. Well, I am still at it....selling off everything I own to keep the family afloat..... This is a pair of Oakley M-frames. They are blue metalflake with black ear soks and a blue/red iridium sweep lense. These are well used, but still in good shape. If you look on the frame directly between the eyes you can see where it is skinned up. The blue finish is scraped off. They were in my backpack when I crashed my motorcycle a while back. The frame is still straight and is not cracked. It is just a flesh wound. The lense is has some surface scratches too, but they are clear from the inside and that'
  4. Well, it has come to this. The one club from my now non-existent bag that I absolutely did not EVER want to sell is on the market. I want to keep it, but I can't. I finally accepted the selling off of the other 13 clubs from the golf bag formerly known as "my golf bag." Now this. My flatstick, the only putter that has ever made me feel like I couldn't miss. Here it is guys. It's not mint, but it is in awesome shape. Once you buy it I will no longer be considered a golfer because I will no longer be in possession of a golf club. Today I am sad, but you can vanquish a fraction of my grief by sen
  5. There is a chance you can win a single hole against any player in the world. That's a fact. It is the nature of the game. Especially the nature of match play. That's like asking "Can a 13-15 handicapper make a hole in one?" Obviously the answer is yes. Anybody can make a hole in one. Is it likely? Not really. Is it possible? Absolutely. Same goes with winning one hole against a tour pro. Though it is unlikely, it is possible.
  6. Everyone who has purchased clubs THANK YOU! Believe me when I say your money was well spent and you have been very helpful to me and my family. I will ship your sticks friday so I can get 'em all out in one fell swoop. I hope you like what you get. I really think you will. I am very particular and I try hard to take very good care of my equipment. With the exception of the 5 wood which has a few dummy scars from the previous owner. Anyhow, just wanted to express my gratitude to those of you who traded your hard earned money for my beloved golf clubs. You have been helpful, but I still kinda ha
  7. [quote name='em6901' post='2008109' date='Oct 15 2009, 01:06 PM']sorry to hear your position man, I know it hurts to watch it all go. But someone may as well take advantage right? I just bought the new j36 pocket cavity irons and really love them, just need to change my wedges up. 100 for the 52 56 and 60 right? And the woods are sold already?[/quote] Yo, I'm sorry I missed your reply. I was going by PM's recieved. The buyer contacted me early this morning though, so he had dibs anyway. I just didn't want you to think I ignored you. That's no the case. I simply didn't see your post till
  8. This is bad. Looking at these clubs and packaging makes my eyes well up. Seriously. As I have gotten rid of different things I kept saying at no point will I sacrifice my golf clubs. A few weeks ago I axed the big Bridgestone Staff bag, but I held onto the clubs. I downgraded the bag, but the contents were stone solid. The bag was set. Bill helped me build this bag. It was good. I was working the ball both ways. I was making more birdies than ever. I broke 80 and my game was steadily improving. Several mid to upper 70's in a row on different courses. I was driving the ball better than I ever h
  9. A sincere thanks to those who have bought clubs. It is really painful for me to watch this stuff go. This was MY bag. It was concrete. I finally had everything exactly the way I wanted it driver through putter. Now I have to sell it. I hate you for buying it, but I am thankful that you did. At this point I need every penny and they make golf clubs everyday. They are replaceable, my family isn't. Thanks guys, I don't really hate you hate you, just kinda in a way hate you because I'm heartbroken.
  10. Dooney & Bourke handbags added so you can buy something for your wife, mom, aunt, girlfriend, best friend, playing dress up, grandma, favorite teacher, neighbor or any other person or reason you desire. They would make excellent shag bags....Just a thought.....
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