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  1. It was a shaft from a bitting cart but that was the older bike adapter before the covert line with the flex loft adapter but the str8 fit one
  2. You got the OG whiteboard. That’s an old Nike str8 fit adapter
  3. They are a beautiful set and I agree with you. I bagged 3 different sets of Nike blades before buying p750s and then decided to go back with the p7mbs and I never hit the ball so bad in my life and I’m a + handicap. Went back and bought 2 sets of 750s
  4. I’m back to gaming p750 4-pw where I was gaming p7mc 4i/5-pw mb. I felt shorter though the whole set with the mc/mb combo compared to my 750s. Both clubs had my standard TIx100s. Now that’s not to say that the mc/mb didn’t feel amazing which feel wise TM did a great job but consistency the P750 do it for me.
  5. I’m pretty sure DJ and tiger just tour issue x100s. DJ soft steps his and I think tiger tips his 1/4
  6. Would want that repeated consistency so in return I’d get better dispersion. p750 with TI x100s
  7. The Nike VR Tour driver 420 was legit. Loved that driver and with a diamana whiteboard 83x was a helluva combo.
  8. Had one but in a 3 wood that I loved but it broke. I was so pissed.
  9. Vr Pro II we’re the best irons then the vapor pros. Still game my Nike method 001 when I bench my Scotty.
  10. Sim udi 3 with a tensei pro orange 90tx for sale. Gave this a try to see if it gave me a little more off the tee but doesn’t fill the void. Great club and solid. Asking 220 plus shipping
  11. 6’1” with a 6’5” wingspan and I play my irons standard lie and +.25 which came from Nike standards when I bagged vapor pro blades so they are +.25 over TM standard in my P750s. I naturally stand a little upright
  12. I got to get my back up set of 750s in my standard tour issue x100s and the set I’m playing right now has 120g x100s
  13. These irons are amazing. I gamed them for 3 years and then sold them to go back to playing MBs. My MB were awesome but I ended up back with the p750s just because they are consistent, great feel and I know what I’m getting out of them. When they first came out they were expensive and I didn’t like that aspect of them but bought them anyways and don’t regret it. One of the best feeling set of irons I have had. Great turf interaction and has good workability.
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