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  1. I have a Aldila rogue white 70tx with a Taylormade adapter. It’s been tipped 1 inch and shaft measures 42.25 and plays 43. Shaft is great and game the 60tx in my driver. Tried to go lighter this year and it’s not going smooth like it did with the driver so switching back to 80g. Asking 150 obo.
  2. That shaft in the driver is the truth. I haven’t gotten along with it in 70tx form in the fairway but the 60tx in my driver has been great. Normally play 70/80/90 and switched to 60/70/80 this year and the driver has delivered more than I could have hoped. I think if I had got the 80 in the fairway I would of been good.
  3. You just gaming it in just the driver or was it good enough to make its way into the fairway wood?
  4. Look for a tensei raw blue 85tx. Looking for it to be tipped 1.25-1.5 with a Tm adapter or no adapter at all or with a TM adapter playing atleast 42.5 to 43
  5. That happens to everyone. I play to a +3.5 and once a year it seems I catch one high either trying to squeeze a little extra off the tee or out the rough. I did that to my 5 wood last season with a bad lie out the rough. I knew I should of hit an iron but I was playing good and went for it.....and it didn’t work out in my favor.
  6. 45 for the last 2 season and will keep it there. I’ve played 44, 44.25, 44.5, 44.75 and then 2.5 seasons ago I switched back to 45. I had better control with 44 so I played it for years and slowly backed up to the longer length. Finding the best shaft for me made it easier to go longer and still be accurate but it took a little adjusting to. I couldn’t game anything longer than 45. Tested 45.5 at a fitting and I couldn’t get comfortable with it at all.
  7. Awesome shaft. Currently game it and if it was tipped an inch I’d buy to have a back up.
  8. Sim 3 woods with a fujikura atmos red 7x. I think the shaft was tipped 1/2 but not 100% sure. Club is in great shape and is solid. Has about 4 grams of hotmelt in the head and plays 43. Asking $old sim 5wd head. In perfect shape and also a solid club. Prefer smaller head profile is why I’m selling these sims. 220 obo (pending local deal)
  9. Certain line have looked both to me. I have my sim set to open but in standard setting it looks square to me. Now my sim woods I have set atleast 1 click open because they looked closed to me and I’d rather them look like they are wide open then closed to me.
  10. Someone in the wanted section is looking for a 10.5 I think so that may be your avenue to acquire the 8°
  11. Probably regret selling this but if I sell it I can’t play musical shafts anymore so it’ll be a win win. Kuro kage dual core 70tx with TM adapter. Tipped 1 inch and play 45. Built by will people a while ago. Askin 185 obo shipped
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