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  1. Tensei blue line has a stiffer handle, ventus red is really stiff handle and a great feeling shaft. Some in the diamana line are stiff in the handle
  2. Someone snatch this stuff up. Willing to listen to offers
  3. You won that? I was watching that one lol. I tried the red 8x 1.5 and it felt great so I’m sure that setup will be legit.
  4. I have a few shafts for sale. ventus black 6x. Tipped 1inch plays 45. Used for 1 round about 5 holes. Shaft is great as everyone know but it doesn’t work better than my current shaft. 250 shipped Tensei AV Raw blue 85tx. Solid solid shaft and really like the shaft and still could game it but I’m switching to the same shaft I use in my driver. Shaft is tipped 1.5 and plays 42.5 in my sim 3 wood. Asking 165 shipped
  5. I haven’t hit the xd but have used the 2.0 75tx and currently have a LTD 60tx. Loved the 2.0 and was stiff and heavy which I don’t mind. The LTD has a little more feel to it in my opinion, a little softer feeling than the 2.0 but could game either shaft and be happy. I got to 2.0 to be anti left which for the most part it was but since it was 80g raw weight if I wasn’t swinging as fast on that particular day it could cause some pulls so I think I probably would of loved it more in a 65tx. LTD has more life and feel to it enough where I can work it both directions. I don’t think you can go wrong with either option
  6. First CB shaft I used but no I don’t bag it anymore. I sold it to a buddy of mine so it’s still close by lol. I don’t think it played lighter but I moved to a av raw 2.0 then a D+ LTD 60tx
  7. I doubt it would be tipped in the fitting cart
  8. I don’t use a set 3i anymore as I use a p760 3i with a graphite shaft (p750 4-pw) but I use only 3 wedges. 47° pw 56°&60°. I have tried a 52° in the past but for me I find it easier to knock down my pw down to 130 as my stock pw is 150. I guess ive done it so long it’s normal to me and when I add in a 52° I just can’t dial it in. It’s a comfort thing with me. I thought maybe it’s the shaft but ive tried it with my standard TIx100 and then a TIs400 but same results.
  9. I can’t disagree with you. Seeing so many people switch says to the product Fuji put out. I like the red 8x I had but didn’t love the head it was in. I’ll eventually try one I’m sure
  10. Wish you said you hated it…lol. I’m happy but my setup but it’s comments like that that make me want to say F it and get one
  11. Same here. I wish I held on to my p95 but seeing Rory in a VB 8x has me wanting to try one. @Fujikura Golf your product ls have been making a lot of noise and gets more and more tempting to try the VB 8x. I know the red 8x felt good when I had one
  12. Couldn’t of said it any better. I was the same and got the p7mb and switched back. 750 felt so much better
  13. It is alot of work. If my second set wasn’t brand new I’d buy these in a second. You should be able to sell these pretty easily
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