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  1. Makes sense. Both numbers look great but the launch and spin numbers in the red are real solid. I might have to give one a look if I get rid of some shafts I have
  2. That gets my attention as I game a kk dc 70tx and the red peaked my interests. I have 2 Aldila rogue white 60&70tx to test but seeing your numbers coming from the kk profile is something to take notice in. Ventus red staying in the bag now?
  3. I see your point of view also. I’m just trying to create a baseline for the majority just from what Aldila relayed to me when I reached out to them.
  4. Thank you for your e-mail. With the TX being slightly firmer, the is aslight material difference. We would suggest a 1/2" to 3/4". We hopethis helps you out.Best Regards,Aldila Sales that was their reply to my question of how much would I tip a 80x to play like a untipped 70tx
  5. It’s not that they were making it simple but them produce the shaft. I know the TX is different as I own a 60&70tx but when I reached out to them I ask about the 80x tipping to to play similar to a TX. I know the EI charts would be different but with the construction adding materials would change things in the shaft but built off the same profile.
  6. It’s the real deal shaft. It’s on Aldila site but the TX flex isn’t listed which is the typical better materials deal. The TX is still based off the same profile but is slightly firmer according to Aldila
  7. In Taylormades photos they posted you can tell it had a ventus. Curious to see if it stays in this time
  8. I hope the injury doesn’t take long to recover from. I had tommy John’s about 3 years ago and said I wouldn’t play for a year and made it happen in 6. I think my new setup will be the 4 mc and 5-pw mb. I’m switching back to the man from 750s. Loved the 750s but felt I couldn’t move it like I wanted to in the short irons like I could in all the Nike blades I played. Debating on adding a 790 udi or sim 2/3. I use the 3 iron a good bit off the tee and not so much into greens so I might change that around and try something new.
  9. Have you pulled the trigger on new irons yet? I just made the switch to a sim 10.5 head turned down with a rogue white (testing 60&70tx). I just sold my irons to get back into some MB’s but I’m curious with how you had a 4 iron MC if you switch to the new MB why not a 4 iron MC instead of the p770? The 770 is solid as I have a 770 3 iron but curious why that switch. Love the bag setup.
  10. It’s a great head and I love it but I’m just switching head/combo. Hopefully someone snags it soon.
  11. Prices for the head and irons have been dropped. Looking to move them today
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