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  1. Sim 3 woods with a fujikura atmos red 7x. I think the shaft was tipped 1/2 but not 100% sure. Club is in great shape and is solid. Has about 4 grams of hotmelt in the head and plays 43. Asking $old sim 5wd head. In perfect shape and also a solid club. Prefer smaller head profile is why I’m selling these sims. 220 obo (pending local deal)
  2. Certain line have looked both to me. I have my sim set to open but in standard setting it looks square to me. Now my sim woods I have set atleast 1 click open because they looked closed to me and I’d rather them look like they are wide open then closed to me.
  3. Someone in the wanted section is looking for a 10.5 I think so that may be your avenue to acquire the 8°
  4. Probably regret selling this but if I sell it I can’t play musical shafts anymore so it’ll be a win win. Kuro kage dual core 70tx with TM adapter. Tipped 1 inch and play 45. Built by will people a while ago. Askin 185 obo shipped
  5. Looking for a rogue white 70tx. Tipped 1 inch with a TM adapter would be ideal or one without an adapter would also work. Looking for it to play in a 3 wood.
  6. Man if the dc was tipped. One of the best shafts ever. Glws
  7. Well damn. I was wanting the tw grind but I looked and it’s a 5/4 ship date now so I don’t know what I’m going to do now.
  8. I didn’t order p770 but I ordered p7mb 5-pw and 4 iron mc and I ordered it 1/4 and said ship date 3/4 and I received them about 2 weeks after I ordered them. All the times I’ve ordered things from Tm it’s been sooner but I also a tw mg2 4 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything from them about it yet.
  9. Yeah, I don’t know why they even put a paint job on it.
  10. I thought I read somewhere that tigers iron shafts were tipped 1/4. I’ll have to see if I can see where I found it
  11. Throw me out offers. Ready to move all these items. 5 wood can include ripx85tx for 100 shaft or 175 with the m5 head
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