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  1. Looking for a rogue white 70tx. Tipped 1 inch with a TM adapter would be ideal or one without an adapter would also work. Looking for it to play in a 3 wood.
  2. Man if the dc was tipped. One of the best shafts ever. Glws
  3. Well damn. I was wanting the tw grind but I looked and it’s a 5/4 ship date now so I don’t know what I’m going to do now.
  4. I didn’t order p770 but I ordered p7mb 5-pw and 4 iron mc and I ordered it 1/4 and said ship date 3/4 and I received them about 2 weeks after I ordered them. All the times I’ve ordered things from Tm it’s been sooner but I also a tw mg2 4 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything from them about it yet.
  5. Yeah, I don’t know why they even put a paint job on it.
  6. I thought I read somewhere that tigers iron shafts were tipped 1/4. I’ll have to see if I can see where I found it
  7. Throw me out offers. Ready to move all these items. 5 wood can include ripx85tx for 100 shaft or 175 with the m5 head
  8. Those shafts are great once you find the right tipping but once tiger switched to it it was game over. Lol
  9. Just added another. Zoomed in as much as I could without it getting blurry
  10. Give me a few and I’ll add it to the post. Also have an 85tx ripx that played in the 3 wood if interested.
  11. Aldila rogue line is solid along with the RIPX line
  12. I have a tour issue m5 3 wood head up for sale. Has a slight mark on the paint line and isn’t really visible at address. Specs are 58.4 15.4° and 1.4° open, spec sheet included. Asking 120 obo Aldila RIPX 65&95TX shafts for sale with Taylormade adapter. 65 is tipped 1 inch and plays 45. I bought the shaft brand new and was never used once I received it. $115 obo 95 tipped 1.25 played 41.5 in a 5wd. Great shaft but just trying 10g light in each shaft so I’m using my 85tx ripx as my 5wd shaft now. Asking 100 obo ripx 85tx tipped 3/4 and played 42.5 in a 3 wood. 100 obo picture
  13. Mine last all season. The wedge will start to get slick because I hit the most balls with the 60. The red ones were cool but I stopped trying to find them anymore.
  14. I play them and played them for a long time now. I don’t like change honestly so I’ve games the red ones for a bit but always switch them out at the beginning of the season
  15. Now that makes me want one more than I already did but I’ve never had a chance to get one.
  16. How you like that pxi shaft? 6.5 flex? I’ve looked at them before but haven’t done anything at this point.
  17. Someone who isn’t trying to be the alpha in the topic. I’m close to your yardages with 3 and 5 wood. I feel like the 3 iron for me gives a level of versatility on the course. Do you use a 3 iron that matches your set or do you use a DI 3 iron? Always curious what others game
  18. I haven’t been able to test the new 60tx I built which is 45 tipped 1 inch but I had one before that was tipped 1/2 and played a little under but with that being said the rogue to me felt similar to my kk dc tx gamer. The ripx had a similar feel as well that it isn’t loose but has some feel to it as well which I like. It launched flatter for me but that could be a few things I was trying to do. I’m wanting to test the rogue that’s playing my normal length and tipping. The ripx felt stiffer in the hands which I like and the rogue felt a touch softer but both felt smooth but not loose with any s
  19. The ripx being higher torque is to help it not feel rigid. It’s a good feeling shaft as I have one currently in a 65tx and had a 75tx. I’m only selling it as I went with the rogue white 60tx. For being a less expensive shaft it doesn’t perform like one.
  20. +3.5 and I just switched to p7mb 5-pw and a p7mc 4 iron with a p770 3 iron. I wasn’t gaming p750s 4-pw before buying these. I switched to p750 so if I was off a ball striking wise it wouldn’t kill me but then I lost a certain feel I like. I could work the 750s but not the way I could all the Nike blades I gamed before. I very well could eventually switch to a mc 5 iron but I’m struggling to find that 3 wood I have 100% confidence in.
  21. I’ll think about the sim head but the weight difference it probably because they measured it with an adapter in the head and you didn’t.
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