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  1. They are definately quieter than the SQ2, but still annoying. Not for me...
  2. Not golf- Ice Box Big Bore for my YFZ 450 and a Boondockers NOS kit. I'm looking at Les Paul's right now too. Golf- Balls. I'm not going to switch clubs for a while, these are working for me. And I do have 2009 decided already- KTM rc8 1198 or Ducati Sport Classic 1000S. I need a crotch rocket to get around at college next year....
  3. X-flex isn't really that much stiffer than a stiff. Its about feel.
  4. Well I can't say from experience but it can't hurt. Hey bladerunner, I'll take my Titleist set up to any tee with you any day and we will see who gets the better performance.
  5. Maybe I'm out of line here... but how can you call titleist a clone company? Sure they stick to tradition and don't buy into the flavor of the month until its been proven to work, but does that make them horrible copy-cats? I love their clubs, only drivers that spin low enough and don't hook on me, and I think they know what they are doing and they are doing it well. Titleist has a huge following in the Amateur ranks for a reason. Their stuff works. And this is probably going to be locked bw...
  6. I'd feel stupid if I didn't atleast submit my name. Oh, I'm in.
  7. I've hit it for a while now and I still like it. When I am swinging good I hit these high flat draws all day long.
  8. If you can't find a Cameron you can putt well with, the problem is you. Hell I can't put with any putter let alone my Cameron. Does the Cameron help me? Its mostly just for comfort (I've played it for 5 years). I think they are just putters. Not amazing or horrible just a putter. But that is just my stock SS NP2. I think some of his "tour" putters are pure works of art. Hell people criticize Picaso for his "abstract" paintings which appear "ordinary", but there is undeniably something special there. I'm not saying Cameron is crazy, but I think he does good work and is a great marketer
  9. Not even worth the drive, maybe if it were a chalupa or gordita then yes, but not their standard Taco. Its not even good.
  10. I didn't say this, but smoking on the golf course just makes it harder. Especially if you are walking. One time I was just throwing back Mirror Pond's and lighting up Romeo y Julieta's. I was walking and I fell asleep on the 12th tee. I was out at on the course late in the evening so nobody found me until the morning mowing crews. I was like wtf happened? I just went out cold. Last time I did either on the golf course.
  11. Doodoobutters65 I don't like Halo 3... but i play it almost everyday...
  12. I came down wrong on the MX track a few weeks back and messed up my wrist. Its been painful to hit golf balls since so I think I might have hurt something internally. Hitting that tree out on the dunes yesterday didn't help it either...
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