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  1. One of the best drivers of all time. As long and low spin as anything today. Nice to see one this new. GLWS.
  2. Any background on the Chicago Classics? I can't find anything about the company on google.
  3. > @njspence said: > Members only crooked stick headcover come with? I've realized now I probably should not sell that headcover. I will ship it with the original TS Titleist headcover.
  4. Selling my precious TS3 set up. Need funds to offset new car I just bought. 44.5" Untipped w/ some chipping of the paint. Pured and built by Club Champion - open to offers. Let's start at $450
  5. Freaking missile launcher of a setup. I still game this club. GLWS
  6. Beautiful putter. I love the protype series. GLWS!
  7. That needs to be redone. With a new ferrule as well.
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