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  1. Madison, WI 104cc Prefer a pistol grip and have always considered the one SNSR grips in the past but the feel in the hands hasn’t been there. Have used golf pride grips on my others clubs for a long time.
  2. Mainly I've been using the Pelz Putting Tutor to get start line right. I also track how many putts and which side I miss on to see if any trends. I sometimes use my Eyeline Mirror to get set up right and have used a metal yard stick in the past. For tempo I'll use the Metronome on Google.
  3. 716 TMB which I've had for about year and a half
  4. One more for Studio Stainless. Had both back in the day and not sure the Studio Style would have ever happened if my Stainless wasn't stolen out of my bag. Was to young to realize I should have just replaced with the same putter.
  5. The retail store I frequent had three (one 6.5 and two 6.0) and they were sold within the week, maybe even a few days. I think I saw them the day they went on the floor and they didn't they had them sitting next to their TM iron sets. Doubt they'll have any anytime soon either. If you find them in a retail store and want it, grab it right away.
  6. Putting mirror. Has helped with a consistent day in and day out set up/feel over the ball along with starting the ball on the correct line. It really is the only "training aid" I use if you don't count tees, alignment sticks, and gloves. Can pretty much work on any drills given those items.
  7. Hybrid/4 iron and 9 iron/PW...I'm comfortable with "blading" a short iron to replace having a putter and actually do it as a drill sometimes during practice. Sometimes the lowered expectations and not caring will make up for not having a putter.
  8. I switched from a 56 S grind to a 56 F grind this year. Went away from S since I never opened the face of my 56, really just use it for full shots and straight face chips/pitches. Went with the F for a bit more bounce which I prefer on the full shots and have not seen any difference from S grind when using around the greens.
  9. I got back into playing tournament golf last summer after stopping after high school so about 9 years off. Night before, visualize your best shots you've hit on those tee shots, approaches, putts you've made on the greens, and your best chips. Also accept that you're going to hit a few bad shots or hit some bad putts and think about how'll you accept that and get onto the next shot. For your warm up, know it will be different than your normal rounds (more players around on the putting and range, better players around you warming up, etc.) and accept that you'll have some nerves (focus on y
  10. My personal opinion would be not consciously think about connection during the stroke. A simple drill that I do to feel "connection" while putting is to put a glove under each arm pit. Usually do from varying lengths but mostly 3-12 feet but some longer ones as well. After 5 minutes or so, everything feels "connected" again then back to basics (eye position, stance, etc.)
  11. Tried the P790 on a launch monitor in the local store and hit about 10 or so balls. Looked great behind the all and felt solid off the face basically everything I was expecting. Big difference from my 716TMB that I currently have was the shaft. Play a CTaper 130x and the Hzrdus 85 was verily light in comparison, which I knew going in. Would of liked to try a black 105 and given a more comparable test. Seemed to have a bit less offset than the 716TMB but didn't have both to actually compare side to side. Distances seemed similar after accounting for the difference in loft. Won't be changing in
  12. No Sight Line Currently use the TM Spider Black and was my first putter without some type of line on the flange or top line. I was skeptical going in but had my most consistent season putting last year. Wanted to incorporate more "feel" into my putting, focus on the target, and "free up" my stroke which having no sight line helps me with. Contemplating going away from using a line on the ball during the early season and seeing what results are.
  13. Driver Driving Iron 5i, 7i, 9i 52*, 60* Putter I have an old Titleist with one strap that has worked pretty well when I've used it. I need to start doing more practice rounds with less clubs to get out of playing golf swing and get back to manufacturing shots. Might also help getting around faster during the cold spring rounds haha.
  14. Apex Pro is best anti left I've hit yet. I do prefer a driving iron but have the apex pro as a back up.
  15. Which hybrid? Apex with ADDI. Recently picked it up and early in the season up here so very little course play so far.
  16. They replaced mine with the same shaft (flex, weight) and stock grip. i had a Kuro Kage which was stock in 17' so no issue. Not sure their policy if an upgraded shaft or a shaft they don't offer stock anymore.
  17. Had the same exact crack on my 2016 M2 3 wood early in 2017 and they replaced with the 2017 model. I went through the place where I bought it with no cost for shipping.
  18. All my putter grips are pistol grips but not all the same. Don't mind having a different feel/texture if I'm putting bad enough to switch putters.
  19. 2 or 3. Titleist driver, driving iron, irons, wedges. Taylormade fairway wood and putter. Will swap in a callaway hybrid for driving iron.
  20. 1. Gamer - Taylormade Tour Spider Black 2. Backup - Scotty Cameron Select (Black) Newport 1.5 3. For show - Scotty Cameron Tei3 Newport 2 4. Girlfriends/Old Gamer - Odyssey White Hot Pro #3
  21. I'd say I'm a two club user around the greens. I go with a 60* for most shots around the green and will use my PW if I have more green, chipping from the fairway. I usually default to using a putter instead of a 7 iron for longer bump and runs. I'm a scratch and would say my chipping is a solid B for a scratch. I could be a little more consistent and tighten it up a bit. I like to see a spot where I want to land the ball. Visualize the trajectory, spin/grab of the first bounce, and roll out from landing on that spot then let it go.
  22. Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 35in until it was stolen out of my bag after a high school match... I was fortunate that my parents helped me replace it with a Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2. IMO the Stainless was much better looking back at it.
  23. If I'm swinging well, no second thought of hitting a full 60. If I'm not 100% confident, I tend to default to playing a flighted 56. I do hit a high ball so full 60 can be a moon ball.
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