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  1. All, I genuinely appreciate the responses and they all make great sense. I will keep these in mind as I move forward in my swing and the game of golf. I do want to ask though for educational purposes, would you prefer to see a downswing trigger on the trail side or the lead side?
  2. lol wtf for some reason this drill has helped me a ton with EE and getting stuck: watch from the beginning I appreciate the response! I’ll have to give it a try. As I mentioned in my original post, I think the key for me is some sort of right knee trigger since in the past I have been known to hang on my right side causing a whip effect on the club face
  3. Hello All, I have been struggling with consistent ball striking and with a push/hook. I quickly realized through video I was losing spine angle and early extending due to my hips moving forward. I looked online and found several articles/videos on fixes. The two I like are driving the right knee towards the target instead of towards the ball. The other refers to Rory’s trigger of bump/turning the left knee out to clear the hips. I have been working with the right knee driving to the target, and I notice that my left knee clears out naturally (probably because it has to in order to avoi
  4. Does anyone have anymore insight or pictures?
  5. What differences did you notice in the two "feel" wise? Coming from stainless steel blades, I've always loved that "buttery" feel
  6. This! I'm in the same boat and going to try this
  7. Thanks for the responses y'all. Yeah if you could remember to send some pics afterwards it would be greatly appreciated. Having played a blade for so long, with that double bend shaft and being face balanced and all, I tend to miss it left. I was hoping this would be a viable outlet to get it more like my blade.
  8. Has anybody ventured down this path? If so who did it? How much do it run you? Worth it?
  9. Lmao yeah I intentionally keep it up. So far so good....the wife wants me to hit it because she wants new hardwood...so far I have not had to replace them...knock on wood
  10. So I am trying to get more consistent after a month of either extreme hooks or pushes. I have always been known for taking it too far away inside (over-rotation) of lead arm and overswinging---recipe for non-consistency. So I've been working on trying to feel like the club is more in front of me and only bringing hands up to shoulder level. Can anyone help? http://www.hudl.com/technique/video/view/ZVuiYoya?e=8707585 Let me know if the link worked. First time sharing on here.
  11. Appreciate the responses y'all. When I get back from my out of town assignment for work Monday I'm gonna head over to where there is a TM. Length, grip, SW all the same. Curious to see what the difference in ball data is going to be. And I have found as well that it does take some effort in order to get the Diamana to kick as well
  12. I have the 2017 M2 and for quite some time I've used the Diamana W (fitted into it on Trackman), however when I bought the driver it came with the stock Fujikura XLR8 56X. So while I'm at range pounding balls with the Diamana, I decide to experiment with the Fujukira (just too see how bad it was gonna be right?), well it ended up going straighter and noticeably longer. Additionally, from visual judgement (just visual), it appears to roll longer as well. Can anyone enlighten me on the differences in these shafts, if they're comparable but one is 4 grams lighter, yada yada. I find it hard
  13. For me, the SZ is a hook machine. Sold it and have went back to the M2. I just could not get the Epic to even try going straight despite trying many many different methods. That's just my experience, we all hit them different!
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