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  1. Just a couple items up for grabs today, as always first to PayPal gets the goods. If you need any additional pictures, please don’t hesitate to ask! Paypal: [email protected] • SIM Max 3 wood: This 3 wood is the bonded head version set at 14° and is an absolute bomber! Selling this as head only with head cover included. Asking $SOLD/shipped • PXG 0311XP 3 Iron: This is the Gen 3 0311XP just ordered direct from PXG a little over a month ago, gave it my best shot but just couldn’t hit it consistently enough to justify keeping it in the bag. I ordered it 2 degrees weak to play at 19° and it’s shafted up with an TT Elevate Tour X-flex and PXG grip. Save yourself the insane shipping costs from PXG... Asking $125/shipped
  2. Hey guys, have a couple items up for grabs this evening. As always first to send PayPal gets the goods, and if you need any additional pictures just ask. Paypal is [email protected] • PXG Gen 2 0311X 4 iron- Ordered this directly from PXG a couple months ago. Standard length/lie and it’s got a True Temper Elevate Tour X flex shaft. Had it ordered 2° strong so it basically plays like a 3 iron. This club is a awesome, honestly the only reason I’m moving on is because it bugs me having two 4 irons in the bag even though I know this is a 3 iron( I know, OCD problems). Asking $SOLD/shipped • Accra TZ6 Proto 65 M5- This shaft is in good condition aside from the small scratch in the graphics which I tried to capture. Has a Taylormade adapter and measures a hair over 44”. Pretty sure this is a steal considering what I paid for it. Asking $SOLD/shipped • SIM 9° Head Only- Recently sold one of these only to have this one make it’s way back in the bag and now it’s out again. Help me stop the madness! This is in great condition, minor paint chip on toe. Asking $SOLD/shipped
  3. That’s where my Tsi3 is right now! Rogers, MN is killing me. I’m hoping for the best out of this but honestly expecting the worst at this point.
  4. Wow I’m surprised to hear FedEx has been the most reliable as of late. I just sent 2 items that sold on the BST through USPS last Thursday and 1 arrived Sat the other today. I guess I’ve just had good luck with USPS (knock on wood).
  5. Morton’s reached out to me a couple weeks ago and told me personalization was required, I just added my name to them. My balls were actually delivered Saturday though with no shipping notification whatsoever. It was a good surprise!
  6. Hey everyone quick question. I recently ordered a new driver through 2ndswing. Long story short, the order was placed last Wednesday the 31st and was supposed to be delivered yesterday 4/4 through FedEx. Well ever since the package arrived at the FedEx location in Rogers, MN back on the 1st it hasn’t moved. No scans or updates since last Thursday and now the tracking status has changed to pending. Anyone ever been in this situation before? Just wondering if situations like this typically end in the package being lost. What is typically the next plan of action and how long should I wait until I reach out to 2ndswing for a refund? Thanks in advance!
  7. Good info everyone thanks for the input! My home course is extremely dry and I’m definitely a sweeper when it comes to my wedge play. I typically just bruise the ground, no divots at all. I’m very tempted to try the T grind especially after reading more on them. Love the idea it would sit flat on the ground when the club face is open. $200 a wedge just seems crazy to me though. Maybe I can find one used on the BST.
  8. Awesome great info, what would you say the difference is between the Vokey L grind and the T grind?
  9. Hey guys, I have a quick question on grinds. Right now I play the Callaway MD5 C Grind 62°/(8°bounce) bent 2° strong so essentially 60°/(6°bounce). Love the grind on this lob wedge, especially with how firm my home course plays. With that being said, any wedge experts know which Vokey grind would be most similar to the Cally C grind set up I am currently playing? Really interested in switching back over to Vokey wedges but I want to make sure I have the same confidence in my lob wedge especially.
  10. Alright guys we’ve got a few items up for grabs tonight. As always, first to PayPal gets the goods. Tried to capture the photos as best as I could, if you need additional though please don’t hesitate to ask. PayPal: [email protected] • SIM 9°: This club is a low spin monster, unfortunately just too unforgiving for me. It does have a small ding in the paint by the toe and a couple superficial scratches in the carbon crown, tried picking them up best I could, let me know if you need better pics. Asking $SOLD/shipped • PXG 0311T 4-P: These are gen 1s, selling heads only. I feel like the pics speak for themselves but once again if you need better ones just ask. Asking $SOLD/shipped • Callaway MD5 60° T Grind: This wedge is raw, has a little bit of rust coming through. Shafted up with a KBS Tour 120 S. Asking $80obo/shipped
  11. No problem, glad it worked for you too! I did not personalize my order, I keep my ball pretty simple with just a Sharpie line.
  12. Definitely more mixed that its ever been before! I'm considering going back to Vokey's for my wedges as well, so it could be even more mixed in the near future. Driver: Taylormade SIM 3 Wood: Callaway Epic Flash Subzero TC Driving Iron: PXG Gen2 0311X Irons: Mizzy 919 Tours 4-P Wedges: Callaway MD5 Raw Putter: Byron Morgan 711 Ball: Bridgestone Tour BX
  13. Morton’s Golf, they offer free shipping for everything over $50.
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