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  1. Found this. Looked cool and I checked the patent and the inventor is local. Don't know if this is just a prototype. Will have to roll it and see how it works...and take it apart and change the settings. And next to it was this...and I had to buy this too....
  2. Swing, swing, swing....first step. Have your swing checked as suggested already. Slice is a pretty common feature in the golfer population. After that. Is the Aeroburner stock? Could be too long and cause a slice. You will probably get the same thing from a new driver since they are the same length. I marked my driver at 44" on the grip... :| Better control. But check swing first before dropping dinero.
  3. Over the top eh? I know something about this. First...fix your swing. Second...then buy something you can hit and afford. I went through a TM 320 for $5, a Wilson D200 for $30, a Ping G10 Draw for $10, and finally eBay'd and GolfWRX classified'd and got a G400 SFT with add-on GD AD DI for about $300 along with various other shafts I tried and sold when they didn't work. Total cost was about $250 after trading, selling, and being nit picky. Picked up some $30-$40 woods and hybrids along the way and repeated the same "fit myself"...does it work...keep it...does it not...sell it. Am I at the best I could be? Maybe...maybe not. Like you I was in the 150-160 range with a driver...now I am at 220-230. Swing WAS the issue....slice-o-matic, over the top, ground banging, sky marking swing gone. WOOT! So swing + what you want to accomplish are your goals. Start there with the easy to hit "old" drivers and then build on it. I prefer my G10.
  4. I've never met a blade I didn't like ~~wouldn't hit~~.
  5. GoLo should be 350 (5r dual is 400) with stock weights (according to GWRX reviews). Evnroll is higher than what is considered normal putter weight imo. You can also change the weights in the GoLo so trying out the GG you can change the weights to your feel.
  6. The impossible often has a kind of integrity which the merely improbable lacks. After many months of preparing...learning new ways to stand, grip a club (correctly), swing (somewhat correctly), and tons of other stuff it was time I made a concerted effort to bring my gaggle of coworkers together and put on at least a not less than zero performance. At this same time my normal group had started to change and we picked up a ringer (fingers crossed). On to the charity scramble we went. Out of the gate we were hard charging. Just not very good...still...however I was 100% better than before. Considering I was somewhere near zero it was definitely a positive. For once my shots were starting to be played (most times I just picked up and went with one of the other guys spots). I was generally the one playing the "safe" shot for this round. While others were swinging for the fences (and getting behind them) I was tasked with keeping us aligned. My driver was still a bottle neck but I did manage a few straight shots, just very short, and my slice was impervious to the dogleg right (yes...it does come in handy from time to time). Best of all...my years of Mini Golf were definitely paying off. A 30 footer off the fringe came to rest only a couple feet by the pin. So close! Our ringer...not so much...not sure why but he just couldn't bring his game up to the level he had quoted before. Shouldn't we be -10 by now? But enough about the ramblings of the mundane. Yes there was progress! What is progress though without a little Congress (LOL!)? On one particular hole the staff was taking pictures of players on the green. We were about 40 away in the trees on the right. Horrible lie and lots of tree poop. I vigorously mentioned to the camera group to take cover before my swing. They seemed to play it off that they were safe...being 20 yards right of the path to the hole. Then my whole group was yelling at them to find a bunker...made of concrete. I took my swing and the nearest golf cart had a new dent in one of metal parts. My bad. The heads looking out from behind trees...we warned you. Of all the things that can go wrong...we will make it happen. We put a drive straight down the middle of one of the longer straighter fairways on the course. Excited we rushed up to our next shot. Less than 50 yards in front of us was a marker pole with 150 emblazoned on it. So going to birdie this hole. Our first attempt was from someone at my skill level. With a swing and a clang it was on to the next guy. The yardage marker must of moved? Of course laughing as we were it makes it a little bit harder to get that swing off. Our ringer (stinker) sets up and off it goes...over the pole...YES! We watch it trickle into a bunker next to the front of the green. Up next its the guy who made the drive. Just get it on the green we are thinking. CLANG! Holy jumping sausage pancakes! Same pole? Damn thing keeps moving. I got this! We know the distance...I know what I can do and already had someone take a shot from the same spot. I swing away and a perfect strike...too perfect...way to hot...and over the green and into a bunker it goes. Disaster strikes! Bogey! All in all it was a much better showing...and I being the diligent one had been keeping score per hole. And...wait for it...TWO HOLES WERE FOR PAR! A miracle!!! One of them from my super long putt that helped save par (took 3 of us from 2 feet). At last we were not dead last. No...this time we were tied for next to dead last! Miracle I say! Our ringer had helped drag us up out of the brown pool of excrement we had been residing in. And of all the things I learned on this outing...game improvement irons don't necessarily improve your game. It was time for another change. Stay tuned for next week's episode when our hero gets a set of Wilson Staff FG-59 Irons (oh the sweet joy). Learning tip: Hit what you can...not what they say you should have. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1754576/true-stories-of-a-super-high-handicap-golfer-part-1 https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1757578/true-stories-of-a-super-high-handicap-golfer-part-2 https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1759360/true-stories-of-a-super-high-handicap-golfer-part-3
  7. > @howellhandmade said: > Obviously “next week’s episode” was a figure of speech. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1757578/true-stories-of-a-super-high-handicap-golfer-part-2 https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1759360/true-stories-of-a-super-high-handicap-golfer-part-3
  8. I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. Craigslist up to this point was my friend. As I learned about this game I also learned about equipment. The difference lie makes...the length of a club...face angle...open closed. However clubs are only as good as the person swinging them. More importantly it is better to get clubs that you CAN swing. My first lesson...(sort of) So I decided it was time to go with a store bought set of irons. It was end of season and the discounts were huge. I was finally hitting irons well enough but I was still getting mishits and not a lot of distance (the distance issue was probably the 1970-80's model lofts or so I thought). I ran up to the PGA Tour Super Store and asked to try out the Wilson Di11's...regular flex and Game Improvement...a must for me...and cheap. I had never hit in one of their bays so a nice gentleman set me up and pulled the demo's out. I did of course let him know I wasn't very good...and to stand back a bit just in case. I started hitting the 7 iron and it felt extremely clunky...but it was going fairly straight and I was getting my normal distance of 130-140 max...with run out. We tried a few more clubs in the set. I was doing the same as with just about every set I had used up to this point be they blades or cavity backs...just more accuracy and that key word...forgiveness. Hmmmmm.... "What is wrong with your feet?", he asked. My feet? Nothing wrong with my feet? Every since I was a child I could rotate my lower leg more than 90 degrees outward below the knee...while my knee stayed completely still. If you want to try...stand up and put your heels together with your toes pointing straight out to the sides so you make a line with the your toes 180 degrees apart (hard to stand like this). Now do a knee bend but keep your knees together. Can't do it? Knees want to follow your feet? I can...all the way to the ground. Great party trick and makes people want to vomit. However with my feet parallel my knees tilt in. Makes you run funny too. "Well you need to do something about that...", he said with a smirk on his face. ???????????? I stared down at my feet glumly. "Point your left foot towards the target. See how that works", he said. I pointed my left foot out...took a swing...whoa...wait...whut? YOU SIR ARE A MAGICIAN! I felt as if I had come out of a tiny box. I felt like I was...in a word...released (key word!). A simple adjustment...looks weird...works! After some more swings I bought the Di11's and left looking like I had just won two tickets to Augusta. Fast approaching was the charity tournament so it was time to work on my swing with my "magic legs" (my name is Forrest...Forrest Gump). Out to TG I went to fling some balls. Up and until this time I was hitting a 7 iron the same distance as a well seasoned 13 year old. With just a little foot turn I was getting an extra 10-15...carry...I was now an older teenager. Wow! Not only that but I was hitting the other irons where you would think they should go... (in reality I could barely hit anything 6 and longer almost the same distance as my 7 iron...so this was awesome). Finally I was getting some where. After many swings with irons I happened to notice my trusty slice-o-matic TM 320Ti staring at me. "Hit me", it whispered. Nope...hitting the Adams 3W I picked up with a burger and fries. SWING! SLICE! Bah! Back in the bag... The voice was louder, "Hit ME!". "Shut up driver", I stated aloud. "Going to hit hybrid." Pulled out the Adams 2H. Swing it like an iron...works Ok. Not that far but at least it is somewhat straight and it doesn't like to kill worms. "HIT ME YOU PANSY!", screamed the 320Ti. "Fine!", I muttered. I yank the big stick out of the bag. Trundle over and shove a ball on the tee. Grip, stance, deep breath, turn foot towards target..........SWING! I watch the ball heading down the range...like an arrow from GoT it flies right into the.... LEFT SIDE OF THE WHITE TARGET! STRAIGHT...LONGER THAN EVER...NO SLICE! MY GOD...IT'S FULL OF STARS! Stay tuned for next week's episode when our hero actually writes down his score. Learning tip: Weird swing? Accurate and long? Just do it! Part 1 https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1754576/true-stories-of-a-super-high-handicap-golfer-part-1 Part 2 https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1757578/true-stories-of-a-super-high-handicap-golfer-part-2
  9. Depends on price and "actual" condition. If not enough pictures or fuzzy I say no. Cast always better than forged. Rusted club face is a no go. Some pitting may be of concern on certain finishes as the pitting can be a sign of rust underneath that will get worse. Browning is a sign the finish is wearing off and I stay away from. Black marks and black dots are rust marks cleaned up. All the big name 2nd hand guys are usually above their stated condition but not all have pics. Most have pretty good customer service when it comes to an "oops" moment. Lengths, lie, and loft if available is nice...and you know if you are good to go or need to get them adjusted. I don't really care about "new grips" as that just means more cost and expense for something I may have to change anyway. Sets with traded out clubs or reshafted due to damage or lost are a no. How and why is a question which is very important? They may no longer match as a set...especially if they don't know if factory or custom irons. Imagine getting a Ping retro lofted set with the 7 iron being replaced with a power spec. You may end up with two 6 irons at different lengths with no 7 iron. I have seen a "sub-Ok" condition come out as near mint and I have seen "like new" come out as Goodwill rejects. I have bought scratched up drivers and irons that were perfectly fine for play and more importantly super cheap. They work well and I don't care about adding more dings. I do not buy wedges unless "near mint" or "new"...I like my wedges pristine for me to ding up.
  10. Twism86 said: But did you factor in that diameter of the shaft increases as you get further towards to top due to the taper? Yes...and trying to figure out how to cut the tape length wise to narrow from one end to the other. Currently I have to adjust as I am going and put space in between one direction and put the edges together the other direction to make sure it is as smooth as a baby's butt with no overlap. I have a formula to measure out how much tape I need to cover a full and half grip pass but I need a backing board of material like the tape...maybe a 2 inch tape strip of backing to place on a board and then measure and cut...but it is a small cut so not sure if X-Acto knife or scissor it. :)
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