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  1. If you have access to Stanford through a university affiliation that's a great course and they just finished with some awesome renovations. Will you have time to travel for both rounds? If so, I'd play Pasatiempo in the Santa Cruz mountains - as others have said about an hour south of Palo Alto - as my first choice. Tough to find a better course in the area that will give you a little bit of everything and have all the storied history inherent in Mackenzie courses. It's a special place. Half Moon Bay that time of year should be pretty nice too and of the two tracks out there, Ocean is ea
  2. What brand is the 3.5 iron you are using? I like the idea which is why I'm asking It’s an Edel CB head. I have the C-tapers in my other irons and going to the KBS Hybrid shaft in that “four” juiced it just enough to fit properly in the gap at the top-end of my bag. Next iron is a 5 which is what I’d pull for a 195 yard shot and you saw how the hybrid I play gaps above.
  3. I use the following set-up: Driver 10.5* playing at 44.25" 4 Wood 16* playing at 42" - just short of 240 carry, bit longer off the tee, slightly shorter from fairway. Extra loft lets me hit it better than most 3 woods I've hit. 2 Hybrid 18* playing at 40" - right around 220 carry and with the Oban white hybrid I have in it I use it as much as a "driving-iron-esque" club from the tee as I do from the fairway. From the tee, it can occasionally run up to where I hit the 4 wood with a lower-flighted draw that hits the ground like a pissed-off squirrel; or hit a high, banana cut with much m
  4. Course 1 of 3 on a buddy's 30th birthday trip to Palm Springs: PGA West Stadium Course
  5. Metro is actually a pretty good comparison track. The range is mats only as far as I know at Baylands, which would be the only downside compared to Metro or Mariner's. What side of the bay do you live on?
  6. I've been out there a couple times since the renovation and like the changes they've made to the course. It plays like much more of a links style track now since they've removed a lot of the trees and vegetation that were previously present. They have some shared greens, massive tiered greens and blind par 3's hidden behind dunes that make for a good change of pace from most of the other offerings in the area. Bunkers are almost too fluffy since they're still so new and haven't settled yet, but the riveting they incorporate on some of them looks fantastic. Morning times tend to be more
  7. That’s interesting. I might have the give that a shot in my 4 iron That's exactly what I did. It's sort of a 3.5 iron now - slightly strong 4 iron head (23*) playing on a 3 iron length KBS Proto 95x. It sits well between my 5 iron and 2 hybrid - which I have shafted with the Oban I mentioned above.
  8. Agree with Albatross85 above, KBS Hybrid Proto - while a fantastic shaft - is not low/low. I use it in my longest standard iron as its higher launching than my C-Tapers. Would second the Hzrdus Black and Tensei White hybrids and also throw in the Oban Kiyoshi White which comes in a 95g option.
  9. The move to milled on E-4 & E-5 was due to lack of real-estate on the face while keeping the putter torque balanced. You also have the option of getting the E-1, 2 & 3 with the milled face through custom fitting.
  10. I'm someone who's accustomed to the versatility of a 4 wedge set-up and would be more hesitant to change-up what I'm confident with from 130 yards and in. The top-end of my bag goes from driver at 9* to four wood at 16* and then an 18* hybrid between the fairway and my strongest lofted iron at 23* My hybrid is a Callaway Apex and plays the closest to the feel of an iron I've found from a hybrid - not like a hot-faced-mini-fairway that so many others seem to be - and fits my gapping well. I have it shafted with an Oban Kiyoshi White 95/05 and from the tee it offers me the versatility of a d
  11. When you guys say The DF is there for now only due to me being more confident in the non-left miss. If I had an XD 70TX, it might've been my huckleberry. When you guys describe the confidence in a non-left miss, where does that feeling come from in a shaft? I'm fighting a case of the odd snap-hooks that no doubt is a face/path swing issue, but would want to boost confidence with equipment as much as possible in addition to lessons.
  12. Throw in another vote for Seamus. Their stuff is fantastic and they've got options for just about every style/taste it seems.
  13. Doesn't sound like they'll be doing lefty wedges anymore. Custom orders were rare and it made the price point for forging blanks steep. No word if lefty will be offered on newer iterations at a later date.
  14. Thanks, sorry for just now seeing this. I did the finish myself, and its an easy touch-up every dozen rounds or so so keep them looking fresh. Let me see about getting some comparison pics of the SL next to the Variable length. Where would you be transitioning the set you think - as in SL to what iron?
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