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  1. Not looking for stock covers unless it’s the red Studio Stainless with divot tool. Would prefer Jackpot Johnny or Dancing Crowns but lemme know what you have. Thanks!
  2. Looking for X flex in low-mid/low, 60 to low 70’s weight wise and playing around 45”. Please include any tipping info as well. Would consider tipped stiff flex as well. Thanks and Happy Labor Day!
  3. Let me know if you have any to part with Thanks!
  4. Looking for a 14 way bag from Sun Mountain, Nike, Ping, Titleist. Would also consider a Ping Hoofer 5 way. Thanks!
  5. If it were up to me...go to town. Unfortunately, the mods probably don’t share the same view. Can always start a thread about said buyers warning others of their shenanigans. Sorry that happened bro
  6. Lemme know what ya got. Thanks!
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