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  1. I really think the lofts and lies are standard. I dont remember having them changed at all when I got them. I just had them shafted with my old sets shafts. Im sorry but I really dont want to deal with pulling the shafts. Also apologies for taking so long to respond to your comment.
  2. Bump for a price drop. I want these moved. Will accept any non insulting offer.
  3. I will also be willing to budge on price. I'd ideally just like to move on from these irons. TIA
  4. For sale is a set of 5-PW Maltby DBM's -- These clubs are very lightly used. Played a maximum of 10 rounds. I got them before I took a two year hiatus from golf. ] They're shafted with Project X 6.0s. They are also lengthened by 1 3/4" the 5i is 39" the pw is 36.5" Shipping included in price -SOLD PP goods and services only.
  5. Sheesh this thread making me absolutely want to stay single. The current gf constantly complains about my weekend tourneys (like 7 or 8 this year) and just imagining that progress sounds like a hell I want no part of.
  6. That weld bead really could have been a smidgen nicer but all things considered it'll game and that's all that matters. Love the look of these.
  7. Have you given thought to equipment consistency could help you in the areas you're struggling with?
  8. This seems really odd??? Besides hot to cold days with the swing what else could cause this? 3 bad trackmans in a row? Bad balls?
  9. Jeez lol you a Titleist staffer? Jk Jk but seriously nice bag!
  10. Didn't he win the Northern Trust with the blade? You're correct. Made a 20 footer on last hole to send it to a playoff with said "shaky putter" lol. Some guys on here, sheesh.
  11. Any idea on a release date? Great news about the EvenFlow shafts; I knew I should have went to the Callaway Demo day even though it was raining Saturday You probably didn't miss much. I work for Callaway as a demo tech, and we don't have any of the new stuff in the demo range yet. Sorry for the off topic question I'm about to ask. Is there any hope whatsoever of us still seeing a pm grind wedge? Haven't seen any word of it at all.
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