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  1. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. Bettinardi ss28 slotback center shaft- Used one round, 35” headcover included. SOLD Taylormade Milled Grind 2 wedges- 50 degree raw with nippon modus 120x SOLD 54 black with tour issue s400 PENDING
  2. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. All failed experiments. 1. Handcrafted Evenflow Red max carry - I was told this was tour issue 6.5 65x, Taylormade tip, ferrule slid and cracked. Does not effect performance at all. 44” tip to grip $75 shipped 2. Xp115 s300 - 3-pw no grips 3 iron measures 38.25” SOLD 3. Project x 5.5- 5-pw Brand new lamkin crossline with reminders under the grip, 5 iron measures 37” SOLD 4. kbs tour stiff 4-pw golf pride tour wrap, pure’d, 4 iron measures 37”, 1/2” short or standard 5-gw ssx1 SOLD
  3. Prices are paypal'd and shipped to lower 48. NO Trades. Found a putter I have to have and need some quick cash. Will listen to all offers and bundle deals. 1. Epon 302's - Heads only 4-pw, just got these back from being stripped. Haven't touched a ball since. Show some few dings from before. This was my dream project, but hitting my Titleist combo set to good right now to tempt myself with these. Somebody has got to want to build these. SOLD shipped. 2. Bettinardi BB56- I measure it at 35", Superstroke pistol tour, super super small knick pictured, HC incl
  4. T100, 718 Ap2, 718 tmb 50 degree wedge. I’m looking for one of the above 3. No other models please. Shaft doesn’t matter. Also still looking for an Epon 502,702,703 5 iron.
  5. No trades. PayPal and shipped to lower 48. Perfect to make a combo set. Apex Pro 19’ 8-aw Heads only. Standard loft and lie is what I was told. Seems to be correct. Small knick on sole of the aw. SOLD shipped firm.
  6. No trades and prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. Nike vapor fly pro 5-aw w/ engage toe sweep 56 and 60. I might regret this, but gotta move on. Clubs are in good shape, with just honest wear to the black finish. Wedges have small initial stamps on them. Were ordered 1 degree flat, standard loft. Never checked since. $290 shipped.
  7. Prices are paypal'd and shipped to lower 48. Trades now welcomed. Really want a u510 4 iron or Titleist 23 degree hybrid or Maybe a gapr hi 4 or 5, Titleist c16 4 iron head, epon 502 5 iron, epon 7 series 5 iron, Epic flash 3 wood head, iron shaft pulls (s or x) will listen to anything though. ALL SOLD!!!! 1. Titleist TMB 718 4 w/ kuro kage stiff. $110 shipped 2. Titleist TMB 718 5 and 6 iron heads only, i will remove lead tape if you want to see more pics and are interested- $140 shipped $225 if you want all 3 tmb $175 for just the 3 heads, no shaft in
  8. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to the lower 48. 1. Callaway apex pro 19 - heads only, great for a combo set. 8-aw $250 shipped 2. Epon AF-502 - heads only. Won’t find many this clean still. 8-pw $135 6 and 7 iron not included now.
  9. Prices are Paypal'd and shipped to lower 48. See pics for condition. Would prefer to sell, but looking for Nike vapor pro combo or vapor pro 8-pw, Epon 7 series or 502 5 iron head, high launch driver shafts, will listen to any trades though. 1. Taylormade Vault itsy bitsy slant - 35", superstroke pistol tour, weight kit. Aluminum insert. This was super expensive before they released the retail versions. This had some 4 gram weights that were stripped, ( im guessing thats where the scratches came from, I got them removed and have the current 8g weights in and out numerous times
  10. 2 items today. Price is PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. 2019 Big Bertha 4 Hybrid. Steelfiber hls 880 f4 shaft, has hc. Ferrule needs turned down. This thing feels great and is long. Just staying with my old trusty 7 wood. Will include factory recoil zt9 f3 also. $75 shipped Taylormade Truss TM2, 10g weights, just over 35”, brand new Winn pro grip. Has a few very small dings due to poor hc design. Which is included also. $130
  11. Prices are paypal'd and shipped to the lower 48. No trades at this time, besides maybe a callaway super hybrid 20 degree, rogue 7 wood head or a nice stand bag. 1. Toulon Columbus - 35" brushed finish. 100% honest. I received this putter in a trade. It obviously has the horseshoe on the bottom, which i was going to cover with lead tape. But it shipped in a Michigan State headcover. That is to much negative for this Michigan fan. Just couldn't do it. Never even rolled a putt. Take it for SOLD 2. Taylormade TP Ardmore - 35", superstroke claw 1.0 grip, few slight nicks
  12. PRICES ARE PAYPAL'D AND SHIPPED TO LOWER 48 (BESIDES BAG), ONLY TRADE INTEREST IS VAPOR FLY 5 AND 6 IRON HEADS, POSSIBLY 7 TOO Ping combo set - Heads only - G700 5-7, IE1 5-pw, glide 50, glide stealth 56. Selling for the price of the G700 and wedges. I will throw the IE1's in for free. $205 shipped.Ping Hoofer and headcovers - Merica' set up. 4 Sunfish headcovers. Slight wear on bag, really good shape though. PENDING for all plus actual shipping. Taylormade M4 5 hybrid - Tour issue head, see specs sticker, speeder 9.8x, SOLD shipped.Taylormade SLDR 5hl - Has tp 8.3x shaft, $50 shippedFourt
  13. Prices are paypal'd and shipped to lower 48. No trades right now please. Would sell it all for $180 shipped Titleist 917f2 16.5 - Tour ad mj7x $100Titleist 917f2 21 - Tour ad mj8x $120 Only one 917 headcover, I will include with the first one that sells if separated. Titleist 915h 24 - DG Pro s300 w/ headcover $45Odyssey 2 ball versa - Tank v model, cut down to 35" and brand new lamkin grip GONETitleist Headcover set - Driver and fairway knit $30
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