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  1. I’m looking for a new shaft for my u505 3 iron. Prefer 90g or higher. X, or maybe stiff depending on the shaft. PayPal is ready.
  2. Prices are paypal’d and shipped to lower 48. Only trade interests would be a Tsi3 16.5 head, or a nice x flex hybrid shaft, or maybe a cool my spider tour, x or ex. Or a Cameron phantom 7 or 7.5. 1. Bettinardi Queen Bee #7 = Just over 34”. Comes with a leather sim mountain HC. Few light patina spots on head and shaft. Beautiful putter. SOLD 2. Bettinardi Hive Tour Dept HC- $85 SOLD 3. PXG 0341x = Factory 16 degree, HC included, has some hotmelt in it. Ball speeds are unreal. I just need to launch it a little higher. Sound and feels great. Great anti left fairway. SOLD and I will include the adapter. 4. Callaway Rogue 4 wood = This thing isn’t the prettiest, but is an absolute low spin monster. Not sure why. It’s just a magic combo though. 42.5” with Rdx blue 6.5 70g. No HC You will not find a better functioning combo for the money. $65 SOLD 5. Project x 5.5= 7 shafts. See pic for length of longest. .355 taper SOLD 6. Xp95 s300= 6 shafts. See pic for length of longest. These were pulled from 714 AP1 5-pw. SOLD 7. Titleist U505 3 iron- RDX black 6.0 80g SOLD pin 10/13
  3. Looking for the face balanced Toulon Las Vegas with no sightlines.
  4. I’m looking for a Taylormade Patina Ardmore 1. The one with the sight dot. 35” preferred. But will listen to all. Thank you.
  5. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. 1. Fourteen Hi-877M 21- Red model. Way less offset than the yellow. Headcover included. Tour issue x100. $110 shipped 2. Titleist Tsi2 5 wood head - I picked this up out of a used been at a local shop. Pretty decent skymark. I sharpied it, not to noticeable at address now. Prices accordingly. $105 shipped 3. Odyssey O-Works Tour R-Ball - This is a Japan only model. Comes with a really nice headcover. Custom spryevo insert. Feels way more solid than factory. Like a milled putter. 35.25” with a brand new superstroke pistol 1.0. SOLD 4. Miura K-Grind 2.0 54 - Has c-taper 120s and a BB&F ferrule. $135 shipped pin 10/4
  6. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48 except for bag. No trades. I will ship on Friday July 9th. Just giving a heads up on that. 1. Taylormade Sim dhy- 2 iron, nippon modus 105x. Bomber. Just going back to an old trusty. $140 shipped 2. Taylormade flex tech crossover. I just can’t get used to a 14 way top. Love the bag though. I would prefer local pickup on this in Michigan. But will ship if you send a label. $150 + shipping on your end. 3. Golf pride NDMC- 6 new ones with bettinardi on them. $40 shipped 4. Footjoy professionals - worn once for a meeting indoors. 11.5xw. $60 shipped 5. Nike zoom victory tour- size 11. Wide tried her best on these. But too small. Shoes are so sweet. Brand new. I would trade these for the same shoes or similar in 11.5 or 12. Or SOLD shipped. 6. Travis Mathew jacket - new with tags. XL $45 shipped 7. Maide bonobos pants- 35x32. Best fitting pants ever. Just can’t do white. Wife bought them for me with the shoes. Haha. $45 shipped. 8. Accra TZ6 65 M4 - 44 3/4” tip to grip, callaway tip, like new jumbo max lite xs, SOLD shipped 9. Accra CS1 60 M5 - 44 3/4” tip to grip, callaway tip, 1” extension, brand new jumbo max lite small $70 shipped. pin 7/10
  7. A local shop in Michigan does them. Awesome work. Second set I have had done.
  8. Prices are paypal’d and shipped to lower 48. 1. Titleist combo set - c16 5-6, vg3 7-pw, t100 gap wedge. Heads only SOLD 2. Epon heads - just got these back. Raw and like new. Haven’t touched a ball since. 5 iron is af703 bent 2 weak, 6-pw are af502. Can’t believe I’m selling these. SOLD 3. Dg 120 s300 pulls. Played standard length 5-gw in a full set of c16’s. Like new tour velvets. SOLD 4. Golf Pride - NDMC bettinardi grips. 6 for $60 shipped 5. Travis Mathew pullover - XXL New with Tags. $40 shipped 6. Greyson hoodie - XXL, light and stretchy. New with tags. Just doesn’t fit me right. Retails for $170ish, SOLD shipped. pin 5/8
  9. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. No trades. Prices are firm now. 1. Ventus blue 8s- This was pulled from a sim dhy 2. Factory installed from taylormade. 39 1/4”. Brand new align. SOLD 2. Callaway super hybrid 17 degree. Plays at 40 7/8”. Hotmelted to d3. Bomber. Pro orange stiff. No hc. SOLD shipped 3. Titleist u510 4 iron. Atmos tour spec blue 8s. Hotmelted to d3. Feels amazing. Made all the difference 39 1/8”. Sold shipped. 4. Travis Mathew Jacket - XL brand new with tags. $55Half price.
  10. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. Only trade interest would be a good quality rangefinder or Titleist c16 7-pw heads, callaway super hybrid 20* 1. Titleist vg3-718 tmb combo set. Vg3 5-6 tmb 7-pw. SOLD firm shipped. Heads only 2. Sun mountain 5.5ls- used for 5 rounds. Rain hood included. SOLD shipped 3. Graphite Design tour Ad-MJ 7s callaway tip. Was told it came from the tour van. Standard length and tipping for callaway driver.. I can get measurements if interested. $120 shipped. pin 3/15
  11. One of the best guys on here. As good as they get. Steal on the pxg.
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