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  1. A local shop in Michigan does them. Awesome work. Second set I have had done.
  2. Prices are paypal’d and shipped to lower 48. Only trade interest would be a 70g stiff ventus red or blue callaway driver shaft, tour ad vr 7s or maybe and addi 7s. Must play 45.5 or longer. 1. Titleist combo set - c16 5-6, vg3 7-pw, t100 gap wedge. Heads only SOLD 2. Epon heads - just got these back. Raw and like new. Haven’t touched a ball since. 5 iron is af703 bent 2 weak, 6-pw are af502. Can’t believe I’m selling these. $575 3. Dg 120 s300 pulls. Played standard length 5-gw in a full set of c16’s. Like new tour velvets. $80 Would sell them both fo
  3. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. No trades. Prices are firm now. 1. Ventus blue 8s- This was pulled from a sim dhy 2. Factory installed from taylormade. 39 1/4”. Brand new align. SOLD 2. Callaway super hybrid 17 degree. Plays at 40 7/8”. Hotmelted to d3. Bomber. Pro orange stiff. No hc. SOLD shipped 3. Titleist u510 4 iron. Atmos tour spec blue 8s. Hotmelted to d3. Feels amazing. Made all the difference 39 1/8”. Sold shipped. 4. Travis Mathew Jacket - XL brand new with tags. $55Half price.
  4. Looking for a set of Titleist c16 iron heads. Only need 7-pw. But I know that probably isn’t going to happen. So will listen to all offers. Thanks.
  5. I’m looking for a tour ad tp 7s driver length shaft with a callaway tip. Standard length and tipping. Nothing short. Let me know. Thanks.
  6. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. Only trade interest would be a good quality rangefinder or Titleist c16 7-pw heads, callaway super hybrid 20* 1. Titleist vg3-718 tmb combo set. Vg3 5-6 tmb 7-pw. SOLD firm shipped. Heads only 2. Sun mountain 5.5ls- used for 5 rounds. Rain hood included. SOLD shipped 3. Graphite Design tour Ad-MJ 7s callaway tip. Was told it came from the tour van. Standard length and tipping for callaway driver.. I can get measurements if interested. $120 shipped.
  7. One of the best guys on here. As good as they get. Steal on the pxg.
  8. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. No trades at this time. Will listen to all reasonable offers. 1. Scotty Cameron Futura x- 35”, bought this off of here from a great member who had it made at a machine shop. It is great work and rolls awesome. He had big money into this, I had to have it, but fell in love with the new mizuno m craft. This thing is awesome. Steal it for SOLD Way less than half of what he had into it. 2. Nippon Modus 120x pulls. 4-pw, or 5-gw ssx1. Lengths are written in the pics. 4 iron is new uncut, but prepped. $110 shipped. 3. Sha
  9. 2 items for sale. Prices PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. No trades please. All offers considered. Cobra F6 baffler- tour ad-dj 7x 41 7/8”, brand New Iomic grip. $125 shipped Bettinardi SS #2 35”- headcover and new betti sink grip. I got this from a great member on here and it just didn’t work. $205 shipped.
  10. No trades please. Prices are paypal'd and shipped to lower 48. 1. Tour Issue M6 driver head - See specs sticker, Super high CT, small nick in the finish, never noticed until I was taking pictures. Can't see unless really close, had to take pic at angle to show. SOLD shipped 2. Tour Issue M5 fairway - See specs sticker, pretty much like a 4 wood, awesome head, just sticking with my old beat up rogue. SOLD shipped 3. Titleist 818h1 - 21 degree I sold this and bought it back, but figured out I am just better off with utility irons. Atmos tour spec blue 8s, SO
  11. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. Bettinardi ss28 slotback center shaft- Used one round, 35” headcover included. SOLD Taylormade Milled Grind 2 wedges- 50 degree raw with nippon modus 120x SOLD 54 black with tour issue s400 PENDING
  12. Prices are PayPal’d and shipped to lower 48. All failed experiments. 1. Handcrafted Evenflow Red max carry - I was told this was tour issue 6.5 65x, Taylormade tip, ferrule slid and cracked. Does not effect performance at all. 44” tip to grip $75 shipped 2. Xp115 s300 - 3-pw no grips 3 iron measures 38.25” SOLD 3. Project x 5.5- 5-pw Brand new lamkin crossline with reminders under the grip, 5 iron measures 37” SOLD 4. kbs tour stiff 4-pw golf pride tour wrap, pure’d, 4 iron measures 37”, 1/2” short or standard 5-gw ssx1 SOLD
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