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  1. Not sure if this is the correct forum. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with a quad tendon rupture and their return to golf? Unfortunately it happened to me. I had surgery and I’m getting about on crutches but the recovery process is slow and there’s no speeding it up. Of course, all I can think about it getting back out the course hopefully in the spring. Any Golfwrx’ers unfortunate enough to through this and have any insights? I appreciate it.
  2. A little late but Novo Golf in Tappan is excellent.
  3. The Links at Unionvale is top notch, you won’t be disappointed.
  4. Don’t try to beat the course, play your game. Swing smooth and find fairways and greens. The more rough you avoid, the better you’ll score, that’s where you lose strokes. It’s long, but so are you, it’s more mental and being able to stay within your game than anything else.
  5. I don’t know much about north of Middletown, but in the area is Wallkill. It’s always in good shape and a nice layout. Mansion Ridge in Monroe is about 30 minutes south and a solid track. Downside is it’s a bit pricey and pace of play can be a little slow. You’re probably about an 1:15 from Crystal Springs resort in Jersey which is a great golf destination, I’d play Wild Turkey and Ballyowen there. They’re the most expensive but worth it. The Crystal Springs course can be a little unfair, moguls in the fairway and you can be punished for a good shot, just be prepared for that.
  6. How was pace of play? It’s always been a little slow there but I know they spaced out the tee times a bit more.
  7. I play there occasionally, it’s usually in good shape and a fun place to play. They struggled with the greens two seasons ago but last year they were in better shape. Expect spring conditions but it’s a good track. Downside to the place is price, I only play there during the week, and pace of play which has always been a problem there. With the spaced out tee times and a weekday, you’ll enjoy it.
  8. My regular group certainly advocates ready golf, however we do give honors for birdies. Mostly so we can heckle.
  9. Only 5% of golfers can break 80. Shooting 72 puts you into an elite category. Congratulations on the accomplishment.
  10. I’ve played the Pro+ and Cut. Cut didn’t leave much of an impression but I really liked the Pro+. Prior to this I was a huge fan of the Nike RZN Tour Black but unfortunately they’re no longer in production. I haven’t played anything from Snell.
  11. I got a time on the 5th. That was the first day the online tee time system was back in effect after the PGA. Tee times went much faster than they usually do, people probably want to experience conditions as close to the tournament as possible.
  12. I go to Hilton Head annually and you’re making the right choice playing Harbour Town. It’s pricey but it’ll be in immaculate shape and when you watch the RBC in a few weeks you’ll remember all your shots on those holes. That being said I only play HT every few years now because of the price. Take a look at HH National, it’s always been great. Old South is a true low country course and I really like it, but only if conditions are good. If they’re struggling with the greens, skip it. They were in rough shape late last year.
  13. Warwick, NY Nike RZN Tour Black 10 Vice Pro Plus Thanks for the chance.
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