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  1. You don’t have to guess, I stated 3.3. Here’s a guess at another invalid reason: you’re playing a shambles format, and thought it was postable even though it’s explicitly not. But you can’t admit you are wrong, so you make some crazy argument that you’re picking up after 1 shot on many holes, thereby somehow completing a postable stroke play round. I dunno though, I’m just some guy that you don’t even care to address directly.
  2. Saw my first PCC adjustment today. +3. Extreme wind (on some holes a ball would not sit on a tee). Two players out of 56 shot handicap or better (37 and 36 stableford points). Looking at the results for other recent comps at my club, it seems like ~20% of players shoot handicap or better on a typical day.
  3. 64 yrs your junior?! Great move, especially if he was acting like you should give it.
  4. Agreed, if it’s abnormal it’s because it’s path. Weirdly ambiguous example for the USGA to include in a basic rules video though, no? It’s almost impossible to tell whether that is artificially surfaced or just worn down from heavy traffic off the actual path?
  5. DQ as soon as you make a stroke with it
  6. I’m not sure you could possibly have more compelling evidence that a choice of swing is not clearly unreasonable, than the fact that the player elected not to take relief and chose that swing anyway.
  7. I’m sure I’m wrong as it appears I always am. But my wording (was the players choice of intended swing clearly unreasonable) comes directly from the interpretation. Your framing of whether it is necessary is different and does not accord with the interpretation, as far as I read it.
  8. You could take relief again! This seems straight out of a rules quiz
  9. Definitely take a close look in that case. The NPCR must be in the general area, not a penalty area. If the penalty area is close enough to the path, then it’s possible your NPCR was to the right of the path. (I kind of doubt this looking at the photos, but it’s possible).
  10. Maybe try hitting lefty off the tee
  11. If it rolls into a penalty area then it is outside the relief area and you redrop, and if it happens again and you place it. As long as there is a point to the left of your ball which allows you to stand off the path and that point isn’t itself in the penalty area, then that’s where NPCR is, not 15 yards back. As you already concluded, it’s probably not a good NPCR.
  12. I think both those things need to be true to get relief - the left handed stroke can’t be clearly unreasonable (see the interpretation from earlier), and the path needs to interfere with the left handed stroke. I basically think your handling was 100% correct.
  13. I think relief was available. The test is not whether the right handed stroke is unreasonable, it’s whether the left handed stroke is unreasonable. He actually ended up hitting the left handed stroke which is pretty compelling evidence it’s not unreasonable?
  14. Interesting idea. Presumably you’d have to declare your settings in advance of the round? Otherwise, starting with 13 clubs and the ability to adjust one, you really begin with a lot more than 14 clubs (until you “lock in” the second setting).
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