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  1. "If I pick up 10-15 yards with my TS3 over my M2 and hit 66.7% of my fairways I won't care if it feels and sounds like a wet fart. It's going to be a keeper." I`m with you on that JStang. I need all the help I can get. :taunt:
  2. I have about six rounds on mine (Raw 58 XLOW and 54 MID) with a little range time. They are looking just fine. Finally played in a bit of rain the last couple of days and they are starting to show some rust. I like the rusty look.
  3. Two head styles. AP2 and Ap3 like. Cast heads. Lofts similar to AP3. More ball speed. Longer distance. 8 piece set $4000.00. More info to come as I get it. (Subject to change)
  4. $4K a set. Two different head styles. Lofts same as the AP3`s ?
  5. . You are so right. Free agents bags are the best. Love it.
  6. I have played 3 rounds with the XLOW 58 Raw and the 54 Mid Raw. Great wedges. Feel so good and spin is very good. Put them on your must try list.
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