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  1. Thanks for the replies thus far. Anyone else able to provide input? Feel free to PM me. Thanks
  2. Did a search but information was a bit dated. I’m thinking about joining a club in Westchester County, NY. Can any members here give me a sense of what the cost would be? I realize they may vary depending on the club but just want to get a range. Thanks
  3. Wow, sounds awesome. I instead installed some extra Recoil 95 prototype shafts into my GW and SW and like them so far. Going to see how these perform long term and then decide if I want to pick up the wedge proto's. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  4. Forgot to update. The cover that comes with the Bettinardi BB54 is no longer available. As such, pricing updated. Thanks
  5. Stuart! much appreciated. For now, I think I'll keep it simple. Use the extra recoil 95 prototype for the 52* and pick up Recoil wedge proto's F3 (115 gm) for the 56 and 58*. Cheers!
  6. Many thanks Stuart. Your advice is always insightful. While I have you here though... one more question if you don't mind. As mentioned, I softstepped my irons. Recoil 95 prototypes have individual shafts for each iron except when you get down to the short irons. So 9 iron shaft went into PW head (43*) wedge shaft went into GW head (48*) I have an extra recoil 95 prototype wedge shaft. Does it make sense to install that into my 52* wedge since it will be a full swing club. Keeps it consistent throughout. Or, should I have taken a 9 iron shaft and installed into the GW head (48*) so that it
  7. I've never really paid much attention to my wedge shafts until now.... Currently have Recoil 95 Prototype F4 shafts softstepped 1x in my irons. For my wedges (52,56,58), I'm looking into the recoil wedge proto shaft but need some guidance. In terms of flex, would you recommend F3 or F4 in the wedge proto? From what I understand, most seem to gravitate towards softer flex in wedge as most are used for delicate green side shots. However, my 52* wedge will most likely be for full swings. Looking forward to the feedback. Thanks!
  8. All prices include shipping. CONUS only. On items I'm interested in trading for are the following: 1) Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag (preferably black) 2) Ping Glide 3.0 wedge (52* SS) 3) Ping Glide 3.0 wedge (56* WS) 4) Ping Glide 3.0 wedge (58* TS) Thanks • Bettinardi BB54 Prototype Like new. Only carpet rolled. Fit face 34” Super Stroke Flatso 1.0 (air compressor) Base color is black and blue with light blue splash. Comes with under wraps cover $265 With NYC Major Mallet cover (see below), $350 • Taylormade SIM Rescue 3 Hybrid (19*) Like new. Never been outside. Only used a few times
  9. Can’t wait to see 100mph data. I’ve been gaming Ping G410 LST with Tensei pro White since last summer. Had my best season driving. Tried SIM 8* with Tensei pro white and just couldn’t get along. Still want to try a 9* head. just last week, put an Accra TZ5 into the Ping G410 LST and wow, what a combo. Picked up about 10-15 yds over the previous setup. next up, Sim 9* head with Accra TZ5.
  10. What I've found is the bristle brush drill bit is useless for bottom of hosel as the tip is metal. Great for the walls of the hosel. I like the carbide reamer suggestion. Going to try that.
  11. Thanks for that. Right now, using a Ping G410 LST 9* turned down which is opening the club face. Hoping the 8* without any loft adjustments will be perfect. But having the option to turn loft up and closing the face a bit, I don't mind one bit.
  12. Is SIM driver similar to the SLDR from a few years back? I'm a high spin / high launch player and saw that the SIM was super low spin. IIRC, SLDR was super low spin and so fitters had folks loft up. Hope that's not the case here as I just ordered an 8* head. LOL I also heard SLDR wasn't very forgiving. Hoping the SIM is much more forgiving.
  13. While on the TGC2019 website, there is a disclaimer that Foresight is not supported, plenty of folks are enjoying GC2 and TGC2019 using the GSX interface. Check out https://golfsimulatorforum.com/forum tons of useful information.
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