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  1. ALL ITEMS XL. SMOKE FREE HOME, KEPT ON HANGERS. 5 blue polos - 4 Greyson, 1 Matte Grey. $30 shipped each or $100 for the lot. Item 2- Blue Peter Millar q-zip with Karsten Creek logo on left sleeve. XL. $45 shipped Item 3- Blue Puma q-zip with President's Cup log on Chest and Liberty National logo on left sleeve. XL. $45 shipped
  2. yup, i play the iCWT 95 through the bag 1-P since that's what i got fitted for, and the iCWT 105 in the wedges
  3. I have them in 95g graphite shafts which is going to be pretty similar to the driving iron ad di you are talking about
  4. Talk to a builder, it's just an iron head not some mega-unicorn. I have 95g shafts in there and have thought about going to the ACCRA 85.
  5. i have a 1 iron and its built, i just put the matching shaft into it with the rest of my set, i had accra 95 and previously had dg pro
  6. no, the 4-5-6 are long gone. just 7-p left. stripping was done through golfwrx, a few small dings but nothing that might affect play
  7. @cmagnusson They are .355" and I will update the [email protected] I played a set of BestGrips Micro-Perfs on my wedges all of last season, I haven't gamed these, they are just a set of pulls that I took the heads from. I would highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend playing with leather. So tacky, but not "sticky".
  8. (1) Bettinardi Studio Stock 8, Copper, 35". SOLD (2) True Temper tour prototype Monaco shafts, 3-PW. Pulled from a set of baby blades. Gamed for a season, got fitted, they're way too heavy for me, so that was useful. Midsize MCC Align grips. +1/4". $175 shipped OBO, don't really know what a fair value is for these shafts. (.355" tip size) (3) Miura Raw Forged Wedge, 56. KBS Tour 130x shaft, +3/4". $125 shipped, OBO. Got used from another member on here as a set of 4, never gamed this one, traded the other 3. Patina is developing (as you can see, it is a raw wedge). (4) Project X
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