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  1. Cirian (Kirian maybe? Irish Lad who is quite the golfer in his own right) Gus (Alberts may be his last name- big beard and long hair) im not looking for bandon facts and resort gossip- I’m there for lines and wind guru’s. If you want a golfers looper I’d recommend these guys. If you are looking for more of a chat and a buddy, I’d look elsewhere.
  2. Good to know. If they have a 20% on top of the buy 3 get 1 free deal they’ll have me hooked for life
  3. Only Morton’s I’ve heard of before sells steaks! will be on the lookout and following this. Going to switch over to Bridgestone after some testing this past season.
  4. It would probably take you less time to go to their website and see for yourself than making a new topic on here. just saying. All depends on your wants so hard question to answer. can be anywhere from $300 to $700+a day
  5. Im confident you will be happy if you decide to send them back.
  6. Im quite aware that these are tools, not jewels- but it’s nice to keep them looking clean! what are some of your maintenance routines for your NCW’s?
  7. I’d always bring it along atleast the first day when you meet your looper and see if he has one. However I find myself using range finders less every time Im there since the wind is the boss. and id also always take a looper. Tweaking your back will ruin a trip real quick so its a no brainer for me
  8. Brand new, never used The Golfers Journal Premium Scorecard Holder in brown. Quality is great and the leather is soft and has great texture. Pencil holder looks classy and functional. These bad boys retail for $100 but you can have this one for $75.
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