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  1. AirBnB Maybe somewhere around Wachulia? probably 20 min drive to resort from there ive stayed at the best western and it’s nothing to write home about but Got the job done. If I might add, that same best western is where coore and Crenshaw (and I’d assume the rest of the crews) stayed at during the construction of the course. If it’s good enough for a masters winner... it was good enough for me.
  2. Rangefinder is gone. I’ve had a few “ill take it” messages for the scotty and then proceed to disappear. scotty is still available let’s get this thing sold and shipped. paypal is [email protected]
  3. Selling two items, hoping to move them quickly and ship them out (from Florida) same day as payment is received. Not interested in trades, cash only. Pictures tell the story. 1. Scotty Cameron Special Select Flowback 5 putter. Putter is brand new, still in plastic and has never struck a ball. 35 inches, all stock. Would like to sell for $300 + shipping. 2. TGW PRO rangefinder with slope. Comes brand new, still in plastic never been used. Comes with all parts direct from manufacturer. This unit retails for $300, I would let it go for $150 shipped.
  4. Heading there for 54 next Monday/Tuesday Hoping the conditions are solid
  5. I wear an L in the same model, i think i have a 42.5 inch chest and the fit is great. Its not tight but it isnt loose, either (i usually will wear only over a golf polo so not sure if you layer etc).
  6. Hunting for this deal again... anyone see anything interesting for kentwool for the 4th of July ?
  7. Would love to know how to proceed w getting one directly from Ping. id go custom PLD 100% especially considering most boutique guys only do blades
  8. Did u talk to nikon? Any idea how their customer service is?
  9. DD at 108 I might order a backup set.
  10. There’s lazy and then there’s this.
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