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  1. It’s def a way to get some lodging off site and spread out tje rounds more. I imagine the unprecedented demand is really making life hard for bandon supers.
  2. Heading out there on Monday- hope conditions are great!
  3. I have weird feet and sizing didn't work out. Only worn in house to try on. FJ Premiere Packard with BOA. Size 11 wide. Black $185 (retails for $230) FJ Flex XP . Size 10.5 medium. Green $ 90 (retails for $120) Will send out Monday AM.
  4. usually do $250 for 36. ive never played just 18
  5. It’s one of the newer ones on the lineup. The neck wasn’t offered or available for me to try but I just trusted JH and he did what he does. Could not be happier, never knew a slight slant would make such a difference
  6. I was using mine until it’s recent benching. In a honeymoon period with another at the moment but it will be in the bullpen ready for action when the current gamer misbehaves.
  7. I don’t. I asked for something I could put to use on tight lies and places like Bandon, Streamsong etc and they basically took over and said MT knew exactly how to address those needs. i also like to use the “links” 58 when it’s been raining and the bunkers are expected to be concrete-like regardless of the turf conditions. Definitely nice to have those options. as others have said, it’s all about the tools matching the player. You want variety or specialty with your wedges, it can be done.
  8. Few pics of my Allendale. Has been with me for about 2.5 seasons, and it’s aging nicely. Pays tribute to my daughter, and hope she rolls it well when she picks up the game. could use a bit of love and some pampering, but #toolsnotjewels.
  9. If you can- go see JH in Ft. Worth. Listen to what he says while he sees you putt, and then let him build you whatever the hell he wants because that man knows what he’s talking about! unbelievable experience, will be hard to top. Went for a fitting early April and received my custom build mid June. OF THE SAME YEAR. True professionals through and through.
  10. The equipment is obviously fantastic, but the “fitting” by MT, JH and JP is priceless. Fortunate enough to have been out there a few times and picked up some beautiful toys. First duo of wedges (55&60) are probably 2 years in. This is a satin finish that has rusted over time and use. Made for my daily play course and it’s specific conditions. second pair is a 54&58 with Mikes version of a links condition grind. This is the patina finish and ironically has rusted a lot less than the satin finish. they all get complimented by a 50 degree that will NEVER leave the bag. And just last week I received a beautiful 0820 built by John that is absolutely perfect for me. Was fitted for it early April so the turnaround was incredible for a total custom build. Pleasure working with professionals and quality humans. looking forward to visiting again for irons once they work their way down to my player number.
  11. Brand new in plastic directly from EVNROLL- ER7B in Black with black matching shaft. 35 inches and standard L/L. Looking for $275 and not interested in trades. i don’t have a brand new head cover but will include an used evnroll one
  12. My weight loss is your gain. Assorted polos. All size M/L and used to fit really well on a 5’10 200LB man. The Ping one is a long sleeve. Smoke free home, no tears. Looking to make it quick and easy and get $175 for the lot.
  13. Still here. Hit the weather jackpot and next week looks even better. 36-36-45 thus far and getting ready for 36 more today.
  14. Yesterday was incredible. Sun was shinning all day
  15. i have both types of the ones posted above. to be honest the best one is the tube bc it fits in your bag and is longer/taller so u have to crouch less to pick the balls up. lower back saver.
  16. It’s a toss up this time a year. Pretty sure there was a frost delay or atleast frost warning yesterday. im heading out on Monday so ive been doing the same recon and it’s a toss up. check out the course cameras.
  17. So i have had terrible luck with rangefinders lately. I had an old nikkon that died on me, and nikkon CS is pretty terrible. They basically said it wasnt worth fixing when i shipped it to them for a repair assessment. They didnt offer any sort of help. It was out of warranty, but some effort to retain a customer would have been nice. I said let me go for bushnell, top notch brand and famous all over and bought what i thought would be my last range finder in a while. . bought a $400+ Tour V4 Shift and was extremely pleased with its performance. fast forward 2.5 seasons, and it died. it wont turn on, no matter how fresh the battery is. I called Bushnell and they offered me a 15% discount and didnt even let me ship it back to them for an assessment. So i have a non working piece of equipment. I am convinced that they are easily fixable. Why? because i never dropped them. I always kept them dry, always used a case, changed batteries out periodically, etc. I have decided to move on to a watch and try my luck there. But what should i do with these two units? throw them away? seems a shame as maybe someone that took the bother of opening it up might find its not as terrible as the customer service people say. Any suggestions? any tech savy guys out there that can suggest at home fixes? throw em out and forget aboout it? thanks
  18. absolutely in! you my friend are an angel. love the poster you got me a few years ago! hanging on my office wall
  19. It’s a tough call. I’d love to tip more when earned, but when you are on a trip and replaying and going 36 a day it’s real hard to keep handing out $40/$50 on top of the $100 recommended fee. Adds up quickly.
  20. How late can one stay at the Punchbowl this time of year? Sunset?
  21. Check out Bandon page on “getting here”. They recommend a few car services I believe. Not sure about shuttles but I doubt it.
  22. You can probably skip tje rental and use a car service in and out of OTH. Don’t really need a vehicle if staying on the resort.
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