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  1. yes sir. the difference between the mizunos i was playing and the new t100 were 2.5 degrees. i had them bent to the same specs as the mizuno, hit two to three balls with each club after being bent and all balls were center contact. huge difference. course that was off of a mat indoors so whatever but i'm sure it will be so much better next round
  2. Yep, I realize this now. Went and had them bent to the same specs and will see how that goes and adjust from there.
  3. Drives me insane. im just going to go get my MBs back and forget it.
  4. oh, i'll be making a trip to the local golf shop within the next 3 hrs lol
  5. i just went to the new sticks as i struggle with the bladed long irons a bit and figured the new t100 with the tungsten would have to be a little more forgiving but definitely something off. may just go back to the blades and forget it.
  6. Previously i had swapped between two sets of MP20 MBs, one with DGS300 and one with PX LZ 6.0. Both were bent 1 degree flat and i hit them just fine as far as solid. I did start pushing them a touch right and divots started thin on the rear entry point so i figured they were too flat. Purchased new T100 set with the stock AMT shaft and standard lie. I like the idea of the ascending weight cause i do struggle to hit long irons high enough. I didnt hit a single iron shot solid this weekend. hit 1 of 4 par three greens in reg yesterday. just absolutely horrible. of course, i wasnt fitted. I did get new vokeys as well and went standard lie with them. i hit them pretty well, just quite a bit lower than i'm used to coming from sm7 bent a degree flat. any insight? and its just so perplexing to me as i'm around a 1 handicap. now thats definitely not due to ball striking but my wedge play and putting is the best part of my game. although, i've played blades for the last couple years and gotten along just fine. just so confused. couldnt even hit a knockdown pw or knowdown 9 iron solid, which is normally a strong point in my game
  7. These have been my gamers for the last year or so. Moved into a combo set for a bit. 7 iron and 9 iron face is shown as they're the sticks I normally warm up or practice with. Still minimal wear for a year. Bottom of 9 iron has small scuff where I luckily found a rock on the range. I changed these out quickly when I received different set, may be dirty as I havent checked. 5-P Standard loft Standard length Stock z cord grips been in headcovers since purchased so very minimal chatter if any 1⁰ flat DGs300 $625 shipped Ping G425 Max Barely used 10.5⁰ Tensie Orange 65x 1/2 in short from ping Headcover included $old**
  8. Not unless I have a buyer for both. Already have a gentleman wanting the shaft as well
  9. Will look at trades on iron set. Srixon ZX7, Mizuno MMC, Ping i210, etc. Normally play 1⁰ flat and something like DG 105 stiff. Got fit for the driver a few weeks back but im a ping guy and have a new stick on the way. Payed full retail at 750 for the setup from Titleist. Its been hit around 5 rounds. $650 shipped obo **sold**34in Stroke Lab 10s putter. Great shape, its just been in a closet since I bought it. Barely used. Prob some free dog hair on the headcover lol. $175 shipped obo **sold** Thanks in advance
  10. Just purchased these last week and although i probably need game improvement irons, my turf interaction and brain wont let me use them. They've played 18 holes and hit maybe half a bucket of range balls. Practically perfect. 5-U Black dot (bent 1 degree flat from ping standard, so effectively red dot really) AWT 2.0 stiff shafts Arccos Grip Sensors, stickers still on them Believe they're in golf pride tour velvet grips $825 shipped Sorry for the trash pics. They were taken in a hurry last night before i boxed the set up and put my blades back in the bag. They were in headcovers in my bag for the time there were in there and will ship with the manufacturer shipping socks on the head.
  11. Just moving a couple things here and changing my bag up a bit. MP20 MB, i purchased them new. Used them for maybe half a season and they've always been in headcovers. I absolutely love these but time for game improvements for a bit. This is my second set of MP20s. 9iron shows the most wear, which for blades is really negligible. I did hit a rock on the range last freakin week and chewed up on the sole just a touch. shown in picture 5-Pw Standard loft and length 1 Degree flat from mizuno standard DG S300 stock shaft $675 shipped obo Ping Heppler ZB3, just purchased last week. Very minimal use, maybe two rounds. Purchased as i wanted to try a sight dot only. Think i paid like 220 for it, cant remember. Adjustable length, will come with tool as pictured $150 shipped
  12. well that sucks, i definitely wouldnt have bought the regular sim either lol. oh well, i've got a Sim2 for sale now. Def not trying to mislead, will change the title now
  13. you're correct, the pictures do look like a sim 2. i'll have to double check. i purchased it as a sim2 max but maybe they sent me the wrong head. holy crap i haven't even checked hahahaha. good lord
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