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  1. Just purchased these last week and although i probably need game improvement irons, my turf interaction and brain wont let me use them. They've played 18 holes and hit maybe half a bucket of range balls. Practically perfect. 5-U Black dot (bent 1 degree flat from ping standard, so effectively red dot really) AWT 2.0 stiff shafts Arccos Grip Sensors, stickers still on them Believe they're in golf pride tour velvet grips $825 shipped Sorry for the trash pics. They were taken in a hurry last night before i boxed the set up and put my blades back
  2. Just moving a couple things here and changing my bag up a bit. MP20 MB, i purchased them new. Used them for maybe half a season and they've always been in headcovers. I absolutely love these but time for game improvements for a bit. This is my second set of MP20s. 9iron shows the most wear, which for blades is really negligible. I did hit a rock on the range last freakin week and chewed up on the sole just a touch. shown in picture 5-Pw Standard loft and length 1 Degree flat from mizuno standard DG S300 stock shaft $675 shipped obo
  3. well that sucks, i definitely wouldnt have bought the regular sim either lol. oh well, i've got a Sim2 for sale now. Def not trying to mislead, will change the title now
  4. you're correct, the pictures do look like a sim 2. i'll have to double check. i purchased it as a sim2 max but maybe they sent me the wrong head. holy crap i haven't even checked hahahaha. good lord
  5. Practically new setup. Used it two rounds and I need a driver with a head the size of a basketball i guess. This is a great setup, I just prefer Ping and crazy of me to think otherwise. Sim 2 10.5 head Oban Kiyoshi White 04 Flex Stiff as shown in pics MCC 4 align grip, brand new Plays 45in overall length about a 750 retail setup as new $650 shipped obo, expect a little more for shipping to Western US
  6. That is awesome and sounds jusy like what im going through. Thank you sir.
  7. I'll say it this way, im a 2 at my home track and not a "traveling" 2 lol. There's a big difference of course. I think you hit the nail on the head for me. Teed high, too far forward and flippy. High right if not flipped, low left if flipped. Makes a ton of sense thinking about it now
  8. I dont think its soft. I believe it's definitely me. I did notice Sunday that on the single tee shot I absolutely hammered, the ball seemed more back in my stance. Could be too far up cause me to slide or catch it on the bottom. Def going to pay more attention to that in the near days
  9. Henrik lol. Yeah really. Yep, i get it. Zero information with no conclusion. Appreciate yall just listening and bouncing some stuff off of me. I'll work on it. thanks again
  10. if i cut a half inch off that tensei orange, will it mess with the counterbalance? I do have an extra weight for the ping head but 12g would be too much for half inch i believe
  11. Burk, thank you for that. I would imagine my alignment, like other things, is awful. This year i've had the least amount of range time so far than the past few so i'm certain i need to clean some stuff up. thank you sir
  12. hmm thats a solid point, i'll mess around with it. i definitely tee it on the high side as my initial thinking is that will help me hit up on it. who knows
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