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  1. Not a bad way to start this year off, minus Annika dusting anything off other than her clubs Congrats to Nelly for her first win on US soil.
  2. Jill hasn't played Symetra since 2019, played LPGA 2020. Tough transition to the big leagues, as many players find out. It's terribly tough to gauge how well a player will perform from one league to another or from college to pro level. Different animals all together, pressure to make cuts, travel,etc... Some adjust quickly,some need time, some just fail completely. Golf's hard.
  3. She killed it with the driver today 272yd, 5/14 fairways. Bombs away Maria!
  4. Well, looks like you definitely did not jinx her in round 1.
  5. I wouldn't bet against her, but to answer your question,Pernilla Lindberg. Remember her, neither does anybody else.
  6. Man Arg, I thought for sure you would have came out swinging with Lydia.
  7. JYK, lets see if she gets rusty or not. I expect some native Floridians to finish near the top. Be great if Annika was to dust the field.
  8. Maybe Alison will finally come around, must be hard seeing your old party pals become a mother, and world a no.5. I thought you considered 26 old and washed up?
  9. I'm genuinely curious as to why you find it boring? Is it lack of distance off the tee, lack of skill, poor announcers, pace of play..
  10. lol, well of course parents have to pay for their childs needs. I know you know what I meant. Some kids do pay for their own sports gear, or hobbies. Not everyone is handed everything they want, I personally had to cut grass, wash dishes, rake leaves as a child to earn an allowance so I could buy baseball cards, new bicycle tires, my first aluminum baseball bat from K-mart. Of course the money was given to me by my parent (single mother) who worked for minimum wage to support us. But, she made me work for what I got. It sucked as a kid, but I know and understand the value of a dollar, and u
  11. Even billionaires can be "modest" by definition. I think what the OP meant to say was "Players who didn't have Mommy or Daddy's money to pay for new clubs, balls, shoes,belts,swing coaches, country club memberships, etc... Real deal blue collar folks whose biggest daily struggle isn't which color of shoes or tie looks better.
  12. I'm convinced there are a handful of players who could keep up with Bianca, I believe they choose not to go full send because accuracy is more important.
  13. Considering Lydia was born in Korea, maybe she wanted to give a Korean company a chance to grow their brand. Unless you know a different clothing company named Renoma this stuff looks like pretty typical golf attire, I don't see the cosplay aspect http://www.renomasports.co.kr/main/main.php
  14. Maybe the amounts of media attention has dulled her game, it ain't easy to live up to all the media hype.
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