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  1. Funny how being long doesn't always work out. Fassi is tied with Bianca for 145th out of 155 in accuracy 60.7%. AVD and A Lim Kim, are even worse. All 4 of them sit at 1,2,3,4 in distance though...
  2. It tends to happen when a commercial is what, 3 years old lol. Which reminds me of the years old Gerina Pillar commercials for VOA. KPMG could at least cut a new commercial and use an actual relevant LPGA golfer,Leona Maguire.
  3. Danielle is still good friends with both, along with So Yeon.
  4. Very difficult not to take Lexi this week, given her history here. So I'm gonna do a split Lexi or Hannah for the win. I'll be fair and only take half the credit if one prevails. This should be the place for Su Oh to shine if she's going to. I don't want to jinx her so I backed off her for a darkhorse pick, even though I wanted to take her. I'll go with XiYu Lin for the sleeper, and Gabi Ruffels taking a top 15.
  5. This will be very interesting to see just how much she relies on big sis.
  6. Yes, Jasmine/ Cydney Clanton again, AVD/ Popov, and I can't believe this one but Maria Fassi and Stacy Lewis. I'll assume it's a Razorback thing.
  7. Congrats to Matilda, great round today. Best part..neither her or Min collapsed under pressure. Solid, unlike my driving lately.
  8. Been a Su fan for years, always rooting and always hoping for a W. Hannah really seems to be a player, glad to see it.
  9. Is it just me that thinks Lucy is going full send on every shot, or is her swing just that aggressive looking?
  10. In all seriousness, how can a player be "back" when they were never really "there" in the first place? Alison had a great am career and I do believe she has the tools to play with the big girls, but is she back? Zero wins on LPGA, hasn't had a top 10 since 2016. Her 11 career top 10's all came in 2015, 2016. Jordan Spieth is back, Lydia is back.
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