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  1. @Argonne69 and @Shilgy, of course the long hitter has an advantage everybody knows this, but it takes more than big drives and a hot putter to win or contend regularly. There's always that second shot into the green. Bianca should take a page out of DJ's playbook and work on that approach shot, dial in those numbers and putting becomes easier as well.
  2. Thanks for confirming to everyone that just because you can out drive your competitors by 30 40 or almost 50 yards, it doesn't guarantee a win each week. What's really impressive is her combination of fairways hit and distance. Looks like Carlota was poking it out there pretty good the first two rounds considering she averages 265.
  3. Congrats to Ally, obviously from her interview that was a tough round. She did a great job staying in it.
  4. That looks like 3 picks for 1 winner...we shall assume you meant Ally It looks as if your safe from the AA
  5. Umm..I sure hope not...Michelle didn't quite live up to the hype you media types bestowed upon her.
  6. I like Lexi this week. Chella Choi and Celine Boutier...hmm. Let's go Su and Yu!! I still have faith in them, more so Yu than Su.
  7. Yessss..finally she gets it done. Big congrats to Sei Young, hopefully many more to come.
  8. Man, everybody give up on SH Park already? Going all in on DK this week. Although Nasa is heating up again... Anyone reckon Mel Reid notches a top 10, or MC?
  9. Congrats to Mel Shall the theme stay the same for next week? Calling Bronte..Jodi...Charley...Charlotte...Dame Laura
  10. I'm going with Carlota and frankly I have no clue why lol. Rooting for Lexi and Yu also. Maybe Anna shows up this week, she seems to enjoy this course.
  11. Are you ever gonna just come out and tell everyone that you are Beth Ann Nichols?
  12. Not a fan, but I like Stacy this week. Austin Ernst, and Nasa should play well too. Hoping Su Oh turns her game around this week. Mirim has had a few top 10's here..who knows..
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