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  1. Dude, you aren't right. You're so entrenched in these players, that you're upset because Bianca chose to play a possibly once in a lifetime event. Her life, her choice. I`m sure she knows very well what her immediate future may hold for her.
  2. Must be safe to assume Anne van Dam is easily averaging 300yds.
  3. I think the idea of Major Championship golf should bring out the best in everyone, but it doesn't always work that way. We've also seen many players in contention at the start of a final round go on to completely fade away. I think Hinako's win was a great example of no expectation golf. She just seemed to be so happy, so in the moment, just freewheeling right to the record books. Hands down one of my favorite final rounds to watch.
  4. They are also quick to mention how Lydia has gained 20 yards off the tee multiple times per telecast, sad thing is she hasn't. 2021=257 2020=254 2019=245 2018=245 2017=243 2016=246 2015=250 2014=249
  5. I don't expect a reply from you, but would appreciate opinions from anyone else. So if you use Instagram as a measure of who moves the needle in golf, could someone please explain how Charley Hull who has one lone LPGA win "moves the needle" more than 10 time winner Brooke Henderson. Charley has 166k followers, Brooke has 125K. Anyone who follows Charley on IG, knows exactly why she has more followers than Brooke, and it has nothing to do with golf. This is a terrible way to gauge a golfers "needle moving abilities" from a golfing standpoint. Belen Mozo has 102k followers...cer
  6. I consider it a Major because the powers that be made it one, I certainly don't like it though. I see zero reason to have 5 majors.
  7. Obviously this my opinion, but her youth is likely the culprit causing the nerves. Lack of experience due to being 19.
  8. Sounds like normal pressure and stress on a Sunday when in the hunt for a win, let alone a Major win. Some can handle the nerves and some crack. Best way to learn how to deal with it, is keep putting yourself in that position.
  9. If this weekend was an example of a "fiery" Rose, she better not get "fiery" too often, 11 bogey's on the weekend as opposed to Atthaya's 3.
  10. Congrats to Minjee, hopefully this will give her back the confidence she has been lacking as of late.
  11. What, no love for Fassi? 10/13 FW hit, 29 putts and wait for it.....1 bogey.
  12. Not sure how many people know this, but the LET has a regular tour stop here. So, Atthaya along with the handful of other LET players were just here in early June. She finished T6 at -1.
  13. Looking at those greens and pins, this guy would be setting records for 3 or 4 putts per round.
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