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  1. Srixon 965 4-pw - Stock length, loft, lie 4 iron and 7 iron both have small marks on them I've included photos but irons are otherwise in good condition. MCC plus 4 midsize grips were installed at the beginning of this year. Asking $420 or best offer GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver 9 Degree Head only - Crown is perfect. Two chips on back edge of head sole does show wear but otherwise in good condition. Asking $100
  2. they just killed themselves then retail arbitrage love it. Find a forwarder from canada it'll cost an extra $20 in shipping but if you buy 5 who cares.
  3. Ah so now they've gone from a limited edition model to a distribution model. If you're going to lie at least make it believable.
  4. Spencer Levin made a switch for the money and it didn't work out so hot for him and went back to his old equipment. Justin Rose another one who made a switch for money but also went back to his old equipment. Bubba Watson also the same. The ferocity at which trolls are attacking this is proving my point it's all fake. You think scotty cameron hires a bunch of internet trolls to defend his prices? Please keep going because I have no problem digging deeper into fakes sales on ebay.
  5. I agree with everything you're saying. But to foment a market create fake demand so a bunch of paper plate cleaners buy head covers at 3000 percent margins is sleazy.
  6. If you can find it pro v1 right dot closest ball I ever found to this was the last version of the rzn black. snell mtb black is probably the winner for what you're looking for
  7. So to my point why on earth do they have esoteric shipping insurance? Do you need an emotional support creature to deal with the pain of my words? and comparing cameron tour issue to this whatever it is isn't exactly apples to apples I can't recall tiger woods ever playing them. What kevin streelman did them a sold once then went back to his ping. If it was so good tour pro's would use it. it's just glitter a bunch of hackers use because they think they look cool.
  8. "calling all flippers" a comment on one of their new releases. When the music stops and it will you'll be left with a dust cloth in the lost and found bin
  9. standard size grip. Shaft in excellent condition a few light scratches. Measures 43 1/4. Asking $150 shipped.
  10. I just wanna throw this out there. The guys done an absolutely fantastic job of fomenting a market but those headcovers and whatever else aren't worth the price. It's been a while since i posted but i'll point out a couple of things. First almost all ebay auctions aren't auctions they're buy it now items and the ones that do start at $0 almost never make it to the price they were sold at. Next lots of items mysteriously end up in wholesalers accounts that live close by to chicago area. Moreover, they literally have insurance for shipping should someone refuse delivery. I have never in all my t
  11. Accra N3640 Jspec 44.5 grip to adapter, gp tour velvet grip- asking sold Titleist T300 4-gw Tensei red r flex shaft stock length and lie - $800 Pin 10/30
  12. bought this for the shaft didn't need the head. practically brand new! asking $270 [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/67/d3z4vq4a2xdh.jpg "")
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