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  1. https://www.thejournal.ie/us-tourists-travel-rules-5537188-Sep2021/ Article that was published today - encouraging to see that Ireland does not plan to make any changes to its current policy regarding American travelers despite the new EU recommendations (at least for now).
  2. Nothing has changed from what I can tell. Testing is not required for vaccinated US Citizens entering Ireland.
  3. https://news.yahoo.com/fully-vaccinated-american-tourists-allowed-223705835.html Have to think that this is positive news for those (myself included) hoping to make it to Ireland and the rest of the EU later this year!
  4. Would definitely recommend the Whitefish/Kalispell area. I was up there last year about the same time (mid-June) with my dad for a few days. Tons of outdoor stuff being right by Glacier National Park & Flathead Lake. We played Northern Pines, Buffalo Hill, and 2 rounds at the Wilderness Club. I've heard the 36 hole facility at Whitefish Lake is good, didn't have time to play it. Wilderness Club is awesome - most definitely worth the hour+ drive to get up there. Plus they have great accommodations, so you could always stay a few nights up there for a nice change of pace.
  5. I was in your position and had a trip planned to Ireland for the 3rd week of September. We cancelled a few weeks back and were able to reschedule all of our rounds for 2021 with no issue - all courses were very accommodating in that regard. We booked a trip to Bandon instead for the first week of October. Being from Seattle, it's about as safe as it can get seeing as we can just hop in the car and drive down.
  6. https://www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/travel/air-bridges-travel-bubbles-adapted-airports-will-they-help-us-to-fly-this-summer-1.4283418
  7. Lunacy that they are not offering a full refund given the circumstances. I understand a club like that depends on the $$$ of tourists, but have some decency and do the right thing. How long is the credit/rain-check good for at RCD? Would be a little easier to swallow if they at least gave you a few years to use it.
  8. In my experience, the MMC was longer, lower spin, launched lower, and had similar peak height to the 919 Tour. A lot of this is due to the 7 iron lost being 32* as opposed to 34* on the tour, with that amount of tungsten present in the MMC also accounting for a bit as well. Personally found the MMC to be more forgiving than the 919, but preferred the look and feel of the 919. Those variables are all personal preference. 919 just came down in price and is now $125/stick if that makes a difference.
  9. Is there an article or anything about this? I am flying to Ireland in mid-September on Aer Lingus (partner of United) and would love to keep tabs on how this develops.
  10. I will be hoping for that same luck, as I will be there September 15th-23rd. Hoping golf/travel will be open by then with no mandatory quarantine upon arrival.
  11. The G410 is one of the longer utility irons on the market for sure, but not the friendliest (at least in my experience). I definitely hit it longer than my Srixon U85, but I find the U85 is more forgiving and also easier to hit off the turf.
  12. Cabot Cliffs Whistling Straits Kiawah Ocean Course Bandon Dunes Princeville Prince Course (RIP)
  13. Agree that SV and Kohler probably shouldn't be combined if only a 4-5 day trip. If you plan on flying into Milwaukee, you could work Erin Hills in to either your SV or Kohler itinerary. Having played all the aforementioned courses in Wisconsin, I loved it and consider a true must play. The quality of public golf in Wisconsin is incredible and you would have a blast doing either SV or Kohler. I would however be weary of doing Kohler this summer, as they may be doing construction for the Ryder Cup. If it were up to me, however, I would choose Cabot. The courses at Cabot are simply on another level in my opinion, with Cliffs being my favorite course I've ever played. Yeah a few holes are a bit quirky, but I don't think you can find a better setting and more fun golf course. 5 days would give you time for 2 travel days and 3 full days of golf. Day 1: Fly to Halifax/Drive to Cabot Day 2: Links/Cliffs Day 3: Cliffs/Short Course Day 4: Links/Cliffs Day 5: Back to Halifax/Flight Home Or if the Short course isn't open just do 36 per day if you are up for it. Cabot is truly a world class destination. All are good options and you really can't go wrong either way!
  14. As others have mentioned, there isn't anything worth playing in the immediate Seattle area. With Chambers Bay being the focal point of your trip, I would base your stay in the Tacoma area. There is a stay and play package affiliated with CB that also includes The Home Course and the Olympic Course at Gold Mountain, which are definitely worthy options for other courses to play. The Cascade course is the "other" course at Gold Mountain which would make for a fun 36-Hole day when paired with the Olympic. Could also drive to nearby Trophy Lake for an afternoon round as well. Salish Cliffs is a must-play in my opinion, and is generally one of the best conditioned public courses you will find. Washington National is good too, but I would recommend Salish, Gold Mountain, and Home Course before playing it. If you have access to any private clubs, I can't recommend Tacoma Country & Golf Club high enough. I prefer it 10/10 to other Seattle area clubs like Sahalee and Snoqualmie Ridge that have hosted tour events.
  15. Replay rate is $150pp for the Ocean and $95pp for 4 other courses> @pinhigh27 said: > is there a replay rate for playing 36?
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