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  1. It's a good thing I have to use captions and they are mostly of poor quality. But I still don't pay much attention to them. I think it was just his way of talking. Not to hijack but since PA is not so well liked can anyone explain why Roger wasn't given that position? This might be old news as I haven't been around much? But I think with his personality and love of the game he would be very good. He also has an appealing look that would go well in contrast to all the stuffiness. But I also have a feeling he may enjoy the field work and being up close to the action. Does anyone h
  2. What a ridiculous thread. I know I'm coming around on Bryson. Once it became obvious Justin or Rory were not going to win I started rooting for Bryson. He seems like a decent guy and I think he has matured some. I'm glad he won. For the haters he is nowhere near anything like Patrick Reed. He is certainly changing the game. Not sure if I'm just getting older or just not that interested in the game as much as the way they kill the ball. I just don't care. They made the decision long ago to let them hit it a mile so I say bring on the 700 yard drives evenif it means most classic courses are toas
  3. Lagavulin62

    2020 US Open

    Anyone know how to change video settings in Peacock? The stream is not great. Its not lagging but not totally smooth and it needs to be adjusted down some. I would opt for 1080i if they had the settings option. Irritating.
  4. Well maybe going early Phil can make it for the weekend? That's a decent group, even if they aren't playing their best. Too bad I won't see any of it.
  5. I understand and I agree. Most cable providers will not offer a high speed internet only option even when they have it. They want you buying their cable package. You opt for the alternative providers and you are looking at 10 mbps service for all your streaming pleasure. Nothing worse than watching live sports and getting that irritating loading circle. So like you I keep my cable with the high speed internet. I refuse to buy those "+" services. Not going to get nickel and dimed by the same chanelsI pay over 200 a month for.
  6. Disagree. We are paying for everything we have. Paying through the nose! That's not my idea of being spoiled.
  7. In other words it doesn't look great to swim in? I did not notice but will pay more attention this afternoon. Didn't watch much. Was landscaping around the house all day. I plan on watching most of Tiger's round today.
  8. I predict this thread will be closed soon. You guys are making reference to the CV19. Of course my mentioning it now might close it. Let's get back on track. If Phil discovered all his clubs except his wedges were infected with the virus and all he could use were 14 wedges with none less than 50 degree left, which lofts would he use and why?
  9. Golf is disappointing as this is when I get back into it. I was going to buy a 60 inch tv, been thinking of it all year, just in time for the Masters and NHL Playoffs. Without sports there is no reason to buy it now. The difference will be in the evenings. I don't watch much during the day unless its golf or the Bruins have an afternoon game, so that won't change much. Last night on Showtime they still had boxing, just no fans. Usually after sports are finished in the evening if it's the weekend I will watch a Tubi movie or something On Demand. I'm a member of the "can't watch sports rerun
  10. A lot of forum members, myself included, are seasonal. These are my first posts since The Open or shortly after. If a decent tournament is not happening I'm not coming here to talk about DJ's new wedge. But the cancellations due to this CV is interesting but I guess somehow it's political and so is off limits. Well I probably won't be hanging around much until golf resumes. In fairness though I'm sure the developers of this site could care less.
  11. Brooks is just looking for something to say. That hockey bit was ludicrous. Golf is golf. And I see a huge distinction between CC memberships and just playing golf where you can find it. If you don't like waiting for a member don't play club courses. Really a wasted few paragraphs of an article.
  12. This is all so stupid its becoming funny. So NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB, Even the little leagues. Lets all just go into our caves and come out this time next year. We are beyond mentally challenged.
  13. well I don't know what to say. I guess the question, how do we talk golf when there is no golf or other sports for I guess 30 days? No work, we will be out of basic supplies soon but the mods want this to be a golf discussion only. so I will start. will this be Phil's final year to win the Masters? He is playing so well I believe he will spend the next 30 days working on his game and will lead all 4 days of the Masters.
  14. Holy Cow, I just posted this but it says it happened 6 days ago? I wonder if the developers would be willing to redesign my horse betting site? This makeover has been a slow go. Hoping by January when most posters are back full time this gets better.
  15. I don’t see the big deal about this. I’m commenting as a sometime follower of golf though. Norman is just a guy that needs to stop taking everything so personally. It does make him look needy. He needs to concentrate on his love interest, if he has one. Sounds lonely.
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