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  1. I added it to my account but it won't play on my phone... hoping to watch it soon though.
  2. Had a similar experience at Colonial few years back. The Group well in front of us was slow, so they made our entire group, 3 4somes skip holes. Made the skins much more lucrative though :)
  3. I had to work on this a couple seasons ago (and a stronger grip). I had better success just doing practice half swings in my living room and getting to the top of the backswing and checking the wrist. I would also practice keeping it flat or bowed in everyday activities. TO the point where I changed how I crossed my arms so that the left hand is under the right armpit in a bowed fashion. This helped it to stop feeling weird. That and practice it. It's not an easy swing change.
  4. Hope you had a fun trip. We are planning our May trip and I'd love to hear your feedback on Naples Grande, Bear's Paw, Beach and Lely. Also, that is good feedback about FG. I've been a "member" so it's good to get an "outsider's" perspective. Aligns with what some courses we've gone to under reciprocals.
  5. > @MadGolfer76 said: > > @wombat_vortex said: > > Anyone have any good tips for getting over muscle soreness after golf? It usually hits me when I wake up the next morning. I go to the gym fairly often to stretch, lift and to reverse the effects of a desk job. The only thing I've found that really works is soaking in a hot tub after a round of golf, problem is I don't own one. > May want to look at better hydration. The only time golf wears on me is when I haven't put down enough fluids. Muscles sometimes feel sore when they wouldn't otherwise. > > Hydratio
  6. > @highscoreinky said: > Headed to Naples the 1st week of September and would love to whittle down my list of possible courses to play. If you have any input on my list or have another course you would recommend please let me know. I can play get in 10 rounds on this trip, maybe a few more if I play 36 a day or two. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. > > Bear's Paw Country Club > Bonita Bay Club Naples > Eagle Creek Golf and Country Club > Foxfire Country Club > Golf Club of the Everglades - I'm a fan of Rees Jones designs > Hammock Bay Golf and Countr
  7. At the time, I had just gotten serious about golf. Bought a new set of Ping G30 irons. Played with 3 random guys who I told before the round that I was new, playing at about a 24. Snap hooked my first drive. Ended up with a bogey for the hole. Not bad. Fast forward 2 more bogeys and 6 pars. Finished 39 on the front, first time I had broken 40, until a few weeks ago. Hit a great drive on 10. Bogey. After all the sandbagging comments, my true colors came out. Finished the back at 53 for my lowest (at that point) round ever at 92 LOL.
  8. > @SecondandGoal said: > Don't really want to advertise it, but my club went semi-private this year. CC of Halifax, Halifax MA. Worst thing that's happened to the club. Used to be able to get in a 3-hour round on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, not any more. I played CC of Halifax last year or 2017 through GolfNow. Really enjoyed the course and thought about joining. I'm still in the city so it was quite the drive. What are the rounds taking on the weekend now? 5+?
  9. Played Highlands on Monday. Was in really nice shape. Tough course to play for the first time. Lots of undulating fairways and elevation changes. Play about 2-3x the break that you see. Putting was almost impossible. Fun round!
  10. > @mulliganman30 said: > > @jgard320 said: > > Bogey on the third. Par 3 missed green and 2 putt. +4 through 3. > > > > We’re all pulling for you, Monte. Let’s make some noise from here on out. > > USGA site has a par on 12. They must have changed it, i saw it as bogey as well and now reads par. Way to go Monte.
  11. RE: Streaming, not until 3. Can watch coverage on fox sports go app
  12. Yes, great format. As Dsevans8 stated, adjust after each round to keep it relative. Also, we did 90% of handicap for the first year of a trip and everyone came well under their quota. This year we changed to 70% and it was pretty spot on. Would suggest looking at that if you are playing a course you are unfamiliar or different courses throughout the trip.
  13. > @juststeve said: > A lesson or two and then practice until you have some control over the ball. > > Steve This. I struggled the same as you and have finally turned the corner. Keeping it in play off the tee and aligning for your misses are good steps to take. I tend to overdraw longer irons so I line up right with those. Driver two-way miss but have recently been successful with aiming in the middle of the fairway. When the big dog goes awry, take a hybrid or iron out. Even if it means little to no chance of GIR, bogey is better than a penalty. Keep hackin!
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