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  1. It will make it shorter, maybe a quarter inch. Cannot remember exactly how much but the shafts are shorter for those sensors. Hub
  2. I have to log in every time I come to the site and then it tells me I is some kind of error and to contact WRX. But when I go to my profile it states that I am logged in and I have access to everything. Ideas? Thanks, HubLee
  3. That is the adapter made by BillyBob for the R1, it will work just cannot remember the conversions. GolfWorks has an all metal adapter like like that but with settings like the stock ones, I have a couple that I use the most. If they still have them.
  4. Pfau will be open June 15 and taking tee times starting June 11. It was in the Bloomington paper yesterday or so.
  5. I just take the specs sheet or look the specs online and then add with the "old" machines gauges. But the spec gauge would help a lot.
  6. The shims will most likely stay in the hosel but will come out when you clean out the hosels with a drill bit or however you clean out the hosels.
  7. I think it was 1999. Bradford Creek in Greenville, NC. A hurricane was coming in and it was a blast. Course was empty and played with some guys that worked there. Same as everyone else, driver 200 one time and 400 the next. Last hole was around 425 from tips found my ball barely in bounds over the green!
  8. Skied shots, one of my buddy's says higher than a bus load of hippies. And we say for a shot that needs to go, skip and go naked or run like you stole something.
  9. I was not concerned with paperwork since I watched the guy put it on the computer and the guy doing was a guy I have known for years and played many tournaments with. The store manager was on the computer for about 30 minutes and could find nothing. He was the one that was supposed to call me back and never did over a month ago. Thanks for the suggestions.
  10. So I had an Epic Subzero driver that one of the composite pieces on the bottom broke loose. So I took it to Dick's to send it back to Callaway. They told me they would send it in and see what Callaway would do and that Callaway would most likely send me a replacement or a new one. That was early June have made repeated trips to the store and no one knows what happened to the head. Even had the store manager tell me he would look into it and call me back the beginning of the week when he found something out. That was over a month ago! So I am guessing that it was stolen or thrown away because t
  11. For the original RBZ, that you have, you need the Red or Green adapters and make sure they are for drivers or woods, not hybrids.
  12. That sounds like my college days but we usually were not playing golf!
  13. > @GSDriver said: > I played the iLines (made by Iomic) when they were on clearance, not quite same as Iomic but for the price worked just fine. Man, I wish they still made those! I still have 2-3 and they usually go on my driver. Gonna have to not be as tight and buy some Iomic.
  14. Check to see what package you have at Disney. Sometimes golf is included in your package as an activity or something cannot remember. Disney courses are not bad not great but ok. A lot of fun places to play around Disney if you can drive.
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