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  1. Definitely more silver then white - I have about 6 rounds on the driver, FW, & hybrid now and I can say with confidence I don’t even notice it at this point.
  2. Good luck, I’m 2 rounds into the new Gen4 0811XF and loving it. Once I got the weights dialed in it’s proving to be a great addition to the bag. Though I will say the real star of the Gen4 family is the hybrid, I thought the Gen2’s where good, these have really blown my mind on how reliable they are.
  3. I have these coming later this week with Nippon 850’s - wanted something lighter weight but didn’t want to go graphite.
  4. Mine is somewhere, probably fell off the back of a truck. Taylormade doesn’t know where it is (nor do they seem to give a crap), FedEx doesn’t know where it is and I’m about done with it all. My last few interactions with Taylormade CS has been pretty poor, not what I experienced in the past.
  5. Putting my 425’s through their first range session and round this weekend, looking forward to seeing how they perform. I was also going back/forth between these and the DCB’s, ultimately the 425’s just fit my eye better.
  6. I was expecting to put the Epic Max FW in play as I’m playing the Mavrik Max with some level of success. Not sure if it’s the optics but the Epic Max FW just screws left with how closed it appears, The Mavrik is slightly closed but it’s easy to open up, this doesn’t appear to be so easy with the Epic Max.
  7. When they get strokes gained fully rolled out it should prove to be helpful, right now it just tells me how awful I am compared to a touring pro
  8. Gen3’s will most likely be on an 18 month schedule for replacement - very in line with Ping’s schedule
  9. Good to hear, my 3W, 7W & 5H are showing up on Thursday. New 0211 irons (6-GW) are also in that shipment
  10. This is what my local guy is saying but who the heck knows until we see the release. I would like to see some more forgiveness in the FW’s. I get along great with the hybrids but the FW’s and I have not been a good match.
  11. It’s the most accurate driver I’ve played, nothing can beat it for FIR’s, the only thing close was the Sim Max, less FIR’s but a bit longer.
  12. Looks like the GEN3 irons are down to $249 now and the all the woods took another price drop - something definitely seems to be coming.
  13. Believe LWR is $30K. All 3 properties offer good golf, IMO UP is the better golf experience. Esplanade wants to go private, the course is good but still needs to grow in a bit. It’s tough IMO to differentiate it from Lakewood National Commander and Piper. Lots of folks moving into that area right now and more to come. A 2nd Esplanade course, Azaria, opened this summer and I believe one of the new neighborhoods has another course routed. If money isn’t an issue The Concession is the play and call it a day.
  14. Wait, I thought they honored embargo’s? Check must have bounced
  15. It’s been a long time since I played it and only 3x at that, a few good holes with some really awful holes is my memory.
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