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  1. Thanks for posting - just ordered a 58, always liked that club
  2. The SD's are only available in 54 and the Forged in 50 right now.
  3. Well I don't dislike it but certainly screams SIM from the look of the crown
  4. First reason would be the $90K I pay a year in tuition and apartment for my daughter!! That aside I just don't think anything other then aesthetics is changing in clubs and the incremental advancements don't warrant the expense. I'm more intrigued by new wedges and balls. I will try out the new drivers each year and I do have a Callaway Rogue ST Max on order but the FW's, Hybrids, or Iron upgrades aren't going to have a material impact on my game at this point.
  5. I have the P's and just got a T for my GW. I found the P in the 50 to have too much bounce on full shots. I was great for chips, punches, knockdowns but on our turf conditions I wasn't getting clean contact and losing a few yards with the wider sole.
  6. Same - liked the previous version as well and actually just ordered a new 54 and 58.
  7. I like the new full toe in the 54 but much prefer the performance of the PM grind 58 around the greens and out of the sand.
  8. While I'm interested in seeing it, I'm more interested in seeing if I can find those 10 extra yards PXG seems to be behind the Callaway and TM offerings, in my hands. I have no complaints on PXG's dispersion in their drivers, my issue is I just hit Callaway and TM drivers longer, spec'd that same.
  9. I'm not lying, I'll be bagging it. I just want to hear more about this high launch to make sure I fit into the right head.
  10. Didn't Todd have some deal with the Lil Rat after he got let go by Taylormade? Seemed alot of the Y-Cutters started showing up just before his departure. I also seem to remember they equated a good meal with going to Claim Jumper
  11. Kind of hard to bet the original SIM MAX, that is just a long and forgiving driver. I've put it back in the bag recently and as much as I like my PXG sticks, they don't make a driver longer then the SIM in my hands.
  12. I just got my Gen4 P's with MMT 80g, on the short irons I'm noticing less distance on well struck shots, 5-6 yards. Before I overreact I'm going to chalk it up to the ball, the Vice Pro Zero hasn't been a performer for me with irons play. I'll put a ProV1 in play next round and see what happens. Look, feel, dispersion, flighting - all excellent but I need to figure out the distance short fall - kind of a big deal when you are bringing one in high to a front pin with trouble.
  13. 2 rounds with this ball and I find it slightly longer then the Chrome Soft I was playing with a noticeably higher ball flight. It's spins enough around the greens and I found the feel pleasing off wedges and putter. My one concern with the ball is how well it holds up in the wind, I was definitely seeing it not hold its line as much as I'm accustomed to with other balls I play - could be tied to the higher launch as well.
  14. Mine showed up, will put them in play today and tomorrow. Will report back.
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