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  1. Stay on site if you can, not a lot of good options nearby, a lot of open space and what is there is pretty sketchy
  2. Of the two at LWN, the Piper is far more forgiving, fairways are nearly impossible to miss and the greens are big. The Commander is the test of your game, amazing how different these two courses are.
  3. Definitely don’t sit on a good house if you see one. A lot of demand out there. We just sold our house north of Tampa, on the market 48 hours, 31 tours, 23 offers, 17 over asking. Granted the house was pretty updated but we are seeing homes move very quickly if its a good neighborhood with strong schools.
  4. Do you have an “in” for Concession? I have a buddy who is an out of state member and I play it when he comes down to visit.. Typically need a reciprocity call.
  5. Lakewood Ranch (Bradenton) could be an option. It’s not 55+ but it might as well be. It’s 40 miles south of tampa and a series of gated golf course communities, still building golf courses in this area as well. It’s far enough from Tampa that it caters to retirees and 2nd home types (snowbirds). Glad to see CDD mentioned, basically a tax that is supposed to go away but that generally takes 20 years. Couple the CDD with higher HOA dues in gated communities and you have some bigger monthly bills. We pay $390 a month for our HOA but we get our lawn cut, chemical treatments and
  6. Do you have to be in Tampa for work, if not I’d recommend you look south of Tampa if golf is important to you. Lots of low quality golf in the Tampa MSA but as you go south the quality and quantity of golf improves exponentially.
  7. Looks like an updated Sure out with Mac Daddy grooves
  8. I foolishly bought the + sight unseen and struggled with it, the 0811xf was consistently longer and straighter. This past weekend the PXG rep was at our club and I had the chance to work on trackman with this club and he got me dialed in and it now exceeds the performance of the Gen2. With the weighting system in this club a fitting is key, trial and error didn’t work for me.
  9. Hackberry has some nice elevation change on it, rare for the area. Course has some challenge and will keep your game sharp. I was at Timarron when I lived in Southlake and would head over to HCCC for a change of pace for a weekday round. I much preferred it to Los Colinas CC.
  10. For the most part my V3 has been preforming quite well. The only thing I have to be careful with is that I end up having to delete 3 to 4 chips per round, I believe it’s picking up when I drop the butt of the grip down on the ground and counting that as as shot.
  11. Anyone compare these to the 0211’s? They seem to have similar profile and offset throughout.
  12. I’ve had this happen post firmware update and had to drop the round I was playing.
  13. I’ve been wearing my FJ rain golf almost every round due to high humidity and have not experienced this issue.
  14. I only played it once when I lived in the Metroplex but was really impressed by the course, you can post a good number if you play smart and pick your spots. Conditioning was really good, the course was lush when I played it (July timeframe if I recall correctly).
  15. North Palm Beach CC is a good option, it’s their muni that was redesigned by Jack recently. I played it in season (February) and really enjoyed, much more elevation change then you would expect so close to the beach.
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