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  1. Absolutely, I look at new clubs often because they intrigue me. A real example of this that actually turned into a positive equipment change for me; I saw many of tour player game the TM Spider and was reminded of JDAY when seeing this putter (I like JDAY, I think he's a good lad). Granted, I did not splurge right away and buy this putter. But within a year or so after I was in search of a new putter and tested 5 different models that day. Did the Spider look better than the other putters with the black shaft and JDAY look alike scheme? I thought so in some ways. However, it also happene
  2. A lot of the time it depends on the time of year and how the greens are rolling, generally my 52 or 56 though..
  3. Im 30 in 2 months and just put 5 hybrid in the bag for what its worth.
  4. I have AP3's and I don't mind them. These two irons you are discussing are both very comparable in my opinion. If I was to switch from the AP3's I would most likely end up with the 919 Forged..
  5. A couple of pieces to my new home gym purchased. Decided to go through Rogue Fitness. Rogue looks to have solid equipment for home gyms based on my research. Ready to improve my overall health as well as re-gain some distance and control in my game.
  6. I was thinking on the same lines. I have a 5 hybrid to add (ordered this morning) that I am quite certain will make me better off than my 5 iron. However, other than eye candy and my passion for equipment; I can’t say there is anything else I could add to my bag with certainty that would make my scores ultimately better. I could certainly think up a dream bag of equipment I’d wish to hit if I was one of the best players in the world. The same bag would not work for my game, however.
  7. Very nice. I understand its player preference and about getting preferred results. Neutral conditions (no wind behind, 70+ degree day, etc) 3HY/19 degrees is a 190 club, 4HY/21 degrees 180 club, and the soon to be purchased 5HY/24 degrees would be an expected/hopeful 170 club with my 6 iron at 28 degrees.
  8. How many Hybrids do you have in your bag? I have a 3 and a 4 however I am going to pickup a 5 hybrid as well. I hit my 3 and 4 hybrids solid and my 5 iron (technically the equivalent of a 4 iron loft at 25 degrees) can give me headaches at times. On a side note (its been close to 10 years ago now), I played with a pro in a small mini tour event that played Hybrids 3 through 6 then graphite shafts in 7 through short irons in his bag. I thought this was interesting at the time and never thought I'd consider a 5 hybrid till in my older years. Most younger players I see carry no more than 2
  9. You're right, it isn't rocket surgery (whatever THAT is) but the topic is the AVX. Your concern for the forum is admirable if a bit misguided but how about on single replies ? Personally I would rather have my post be CLEAR to others rather than worry about something the board didn't even worry about when they made up their posting rules - but maybe that's just me. You don't keep a handicap. OK, so I notice you didn't bother telling us approximately what you shoot for 18 holes which might have been a logical addition to your reply but whatever,,,,,,,,,,, And you were "pumped to try it af
  10. Is what it is. I could care less if he (Chamblee) was/wasn’t playing it. Simply shared it because a player playing in a tour event has not been seen playing this ball yet (to my limited knowledge). Is it a tour caliber ball? To the majority of tour player no, it’s not. Should it be in more amateurs bags then a ProV? Absolutely.
  11. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/what-brandel-chamblee-had-in-the-bag-at-the-senior-british-open?mbid=social_facebook Chamblee had it in play per the article. Article calling the AVX, “tour caliber”
  12. Just curious on Henrik's ''pushing'' of the club head back and ''into the ground'', in other words, ''pushing/pulling of the club head away from the ball and into the ground'' before his swing. It almost looks as if he pushes/pulls the club head down and back away from the ball before swinging. Is this the case or is he doing something else I'm not seeing? It's classic Henrik and curious what this does for him. Great player..
  13. I thought the same thing when I first picked up the Rogue Hybrids (too large of a head). However, they are very solid hybrids and so forgiving on mishits. Super long.
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