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  1. if this is such a revolutionary shoe comfort, tech, grip, etc, then won’t some iteration of this be made next year? and the one after that?
  2. dunno about you guys but the two pairs of reg 270s I have both feel like they are built crooked on the last. like my foot is spilling off the outside near the forefoot but my heel is slipping off the inside of the heel to the inside... I could only hope the golf version doesn’t do this
  3. I won some balls from bridgestone and picked the RX with my driver SS topping out at about 102 on a good day. been playing (and been happy with) z star for the last couple years especially since you can stock up @ some really good prices with 6-packs, etc. Glad that the RX compares well with the Z-Star!
  4. react infinity pro up on the site now but not the infinity tour...
  5. they FINALLY dropped the polka dot hat that thorbjorn had been wearing all last year (or was it TWO years ago??)
  6. Intrigued. got 2 pairs of vapor storms but golf in the PNW means prep for rain!
  7. chicago is now in the garage. tough pill to swallow to pay 700 for a plumber’s neck chicago when you could get a custom lajosi or whatever else for like 550.
  8. did you ever figure out a good way to keep this down? i’m also a 30” waist and just got my PM. I can get about 5-10 hip high to hip high swings in before it slides up. once it starts to slide up I have to totally take it off, move it back down and cinch it as tight as I can again. my hips are just bigger than my waist so no matter what it’s going to eventually slide up. maybe attach the PM belt to my pants belt?
  9. Didn't notice it before but do now. The xtreme review did not show that club had a crooked marker That said, I think you'd have the ability for an exchange from just about anywhere you bought one if you end up getting a crooked alignment mark
  10. nearest authorized dealer - Club Champion - Portland What do you love about the VeloCore Technology in the Ventus? anything promoting center-face contact is a plus in my book of wild shots. Why are you excited to try Ventus Red? I can use higher launch from my 3w and make dispersion smaller (hopefully!) What weight / flex Ventus Red you want to win? Would love to win a Red 7X, set up for my epic flash 3w
  11. also played 13 holes out at langdon yesterday. course was in great shape. it was interesting using GPS distances and not seeing (on phone) what my eye matched because the satellite imagery is pre-alteration. only thing to me was around the greens the closely mown areas were still so tight but the ground was soft, so it made it EXTRA difficult to use the bounce, as the soft ground acted like a suction cup on me. more a me issue i think than a course issue. I should have been putting or doing a hybrid-putt instead of trying to put loft on it.
  12. I don’t think my stores stock the 2.5+ unfortunately. the site says only ship to home and not in store pickup.
  13. dicks online isn’t taking discount on the sun mountain 2.5+. dang it. anyone see any retailers where that might be discounted?
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