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  1. Literally has no impact on me or my feelings. I bought gen2 then shortly after getting them they put them in the heroes pricing which would have saved me money but I wanted the gen2 so ordered them and gamed them and didn’t care. the price of the gen3 didn’t just drop to the current price of $179 or even to the $249 or $199 price til roughly a year after they were released. Had I bought them at the original price I wouldn’t be upset again because they would have been something I wanted. I bought them at $199 and the price dropped to $179 within a few days. Didn’t even concern me.
  2. Just to note selecting 2 day shipping doesn’t guarantee they ship in that timeframe. Just means that once that order is packed it will be delivered in that timeframe. but there really is no rhyme or reason to how long it takes for them to ship from order date. A couple friends of mine and myself all ordered the kit within 20 mins of each other and we received them weeks apart. For the hula girl release one of them and myself ordered within a min of each other and got them 5 days apart
  3. If you are fast enough to add the putters and put for them you should be able to add more than 1. They do not release anything randomly, everything is done on the release day.
  4. you are correct that titleist or any club manufacturers isn’t spending $300 on the shaft, but that’s because they are buying them in large quantities and that greatl reduces their cost. It benefits the shaft manufacturers in getting their product in more people’s hands and benefits the club manufacturer because they aren’t paying the standard price. Club builders like Will People’s, Dallas golf co, fairway jockey and others aren’t buying in those same large quantities so the price remains the premium to account for everyone’s cut of the pie. based on conver
  5. They are offered at the same price if you buy them from an authorized account. The difference is the shaft manufacturers are buying the non tx versions in bulk. Since it makes no financial sense for a club manufacturer to buy a large quantity of a tx shaft they don’t offer them in any sort of upgrade. As for materials changing the orientation or length of a flag will change impact how a shaft is designed. PX can use the same materials in their shafts along with the TX version and can simply add or subtract a layer or multiple layers of the material or change from a certain type of pr
  6. The TX version is a tour profile and trike a small batch because it’s a profile that fits a small segment of the non tour golfer while the the rest of the 5.6/6.0/6.5 are the standard offering. The difference is in the EI profile but all the materials are the same. The ventus velocore and Tm version are different and the Tm version lacks the 70t flag.
  7. The chances are pretty low IMO. It’s a ball that used by very few pros and even though they say it’s going to be more available at retail this year it doesn’t make sense to spend the money to do a yellow version
  8. There are no production shafts made in San Diego anymore. PX moved all operations to Asia when they expanded their r&d facility in 2018. The small batch and non small batch just like with the handcrafted and non handcrafted are built to the same specs. This is direct from Don Brown from PX/True Temper on pretty much every forum when this topic has been discussed
  9. Works the same way as club Cameron releases except putter inventory is 1 for each putter listed. They will be found under the gallery tab for Wednesday’s and the creations section iirc for the Moto Monday
  10. Lot of the price drops were extended because of covid Sbd allowed them to sell clubs. I think another part of it has to do with messing with the other companies. Bring new 0211 at cheaper price than other brands similar clubs after many had raised their prices due to the pxg effect. Then after all the new releases were announced for this year drop prices again to make the pxg lines more appealing.
  11. Lots of discussion has been going on for awhile in this thread
  12. This is what matters. Find what works for your swing.
  13. Call them and order and you save $5/ club and they have a couple grip options not listed.
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