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  1. In 2019 PXG had $79 million in sales and had seen a 280% growth over a 5 year period. I’ve the next 3 they had a 138% increase and have been on the inc 500 lost twice. They may not be on the level of TM, Callaway, Titleist, Ping and some others. But they aren’t close to going out of business or struggling. https://www.wfmz.com/news/pr_newswire/pr_newswire_sports/for-the-2nd-time-pxg-appears-on-the-inc-5000-list-of-americas-fastest-growing/article_2f9216c6-9bcd-5ea0-83fd-263eed947c1f.html
  2. They do have a large supply of heads however they are now faced by the same shaft issues others have and it’s hit or miss what shafts you can get each month. Last time I looked they had 1 or 2 shafts in x flex
  3. One of several new ones coming. They have one planned in Tampa and another in king of Prussia, PA. I’ve heard 25 total is their current goal
  4. The i525 was initially going to be released this year which came from the Ping rep. Because of supply change issues they pushed that and only went with the i59 release. The i and G releases are typically opposite years so an i230 with a g430 probably wouldn’t happen. Also Ping has done some funky things with naming convention like the ie1 release then back to numbers.
  5. Other than a trademark for i230 there’s been no mention of it from the reps. The i525 is confirmed for next year. Where are you getting the i230 information from?
  6. I’m pretty sure Bob talked about he didn’t get into the business for market share. He wanted to create a product for people that weren’t concerned with the cost of a product that was top notch. Not debating people’s thoughts on how good or bad the product is. He created that product and people bought it to the point that after about 5 years from the start they paid off the initial startup costs. Bob unlike the brand you mentioned doesn’t have anyone to answer to. He doesn't have to appease a board, he’s got nobody saying we are or aren’t getting enough market share and need to change things up. He’s not in release schedules. He’s doing his own thing and in the mean time has gained market share while doing things his way. That much market share is worth quite a lot of money. There’s lots of golf brands that would love to have 3-4% of market share. Way too many people thing pxg is trying to be lie every other brand or has to do things like every other brand. That’s not Parsons approach. I won’t post the link but you and some others should check out the no putts given podcast with him as a guest host and hear what he has to say about his approach to the business
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/erikmatuszewski/2019/01/02/pxg-lowers-pricing-for-new-line-of-muscle-car-inspired-woods/?sh=26e4e2416600
  8. You would be wise to look at market share and see that PXG is right in line with cobra and Mizuno and ahead of Wilson and iirc Cleveland last year. I have seen any numbers from the first 3 quarters of this year but I expect them to be about the same
  9. People can play whatever semantics they want with playing length or measured length or anything in between. She increased the length of her driver and gained significant yardage while choking down. She plays a 48” driver choked down or not. My driver is 46” if I choke down for any reason it’s still 46” and still plays 46” even if at that point my hands are at 44.5.
  10. Exactly. I bought gen3 0311T earlier in the year. Not long after that the price dropped. Didn’t change how the clubs I ordered performed or have me pissed if I paid more for something.
  11. Call it whatever you want. She uses a 48” driver
  12. She’s always choked down on every club since she was a kid. She played 45/46” driver until 2016 when she shifted to 48” and continued to choke down on that. Playing length is 48”
  13. She’s been playing 48” since 2016 https://www.golfchannel.com/article/golf-central-blog/henderson-adds-power-extra-long-driver-shaft https://golfweek.usatoday.com/2021/10/12/lpga-plans-limits-driver-length-brooke-henderson/
  14. I can tell you haven’t listened to Parsons talk about the company or read other comments in this thread or others about why they can discount prices. The initial price range was to recoup costs for what it took to get the business up and running to include everything needed to actually make the clubs. He said himself for the gen2 driver that he lowered the price at release because they recouped all the money and he was giving back to the consumer. They switched to a dtc brand with gen3 and now control distribution and can lower the costs. They also carry a lot more stock than other brands and they Are carrying older models that allows them to sell those at lower prices than the original offering. Its a smart business decision. They got companies to raise their prices then they drop theirs a bit. They come out with the 0211 and charge less than everyone else. With the lack of golf club inventory that most brands are experiencing pxg isn’t other than with shafts. They’ve been shipping clubs out within a week for most heads while others are backorder for 3+ months
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