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  1. Had no issues checking out right away. A few friends were good too.
  2. They posted in one of the threads they sold thru their first phase allotment in 5-6 days the second phase is what ships in October and guessing their phase is November and so on.
  3. G425 hit conforming list this morning but they won’t be available in North America and probably Europe til after the new year. Asia-PAC should see them later this year iirc
  4. The good thing is you don’t have to worry about ping releasing new irons until after the new year.
  5. 2019 version released in feb 2019 expect the 2021 version to be around that time.
  6. Yeah i took the names from titleist interview with Pgatour website around the release. Outside of that they never really say what model of a ball their tour staff plays including the year.
  7. Luke Donald, Scott Piercy, Lucas Glover, Jimmy Walker and Ryan Armour have used, or still use, this golf ball.
  8. Probably tour seeding of the new driver expected to be released soon
  9. It’s not something that’s unique to golf or even shoes/sneakers. They were olympics release. They also released this colorway in squat shoes and those sold out just as quick.
  10. I don’t think the issue was mentioned in here. I learned about the issue from friends and had to go thru this process. It took the staff a couple days to get back to me but once they did it was resolved quickly
  11. You need to reset your password, best way would be to click forgot password. Hopefully they fixed the issues with the link and it sending you an email, if not send them an email.
  12. It was in his car and not the tour van. The fortunate part what that players were parking on site and not off site as planned. Tour vans are gone after Wednesday
  13. The courses around here aren’t enforcing it for water. They have it stated on their website there is no water on the course. It’s been hot and humid in the dc area and there’s no way one could manage without water. At least one course I’ve played has no beverage cart in service so you only get to grab something at the snack shop before the round and at the turn.
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