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  1. The release dropped yesterday. The chances of them doing a release the day after is highly unlikely
  2. I59 are mid-late summer and i525 late summer or early fall. Got that from a sales friend who talked with their rep the other day
  3. They did make the new Prov1 go higher but still kept it lower than the 1x. There was lots of discussion on this in the 2021 Prov1 thread.
  4. They have the videos with the gears swings and data around it and dive into technical aspect. To go along with that they have their pros vs ams videos showing side by side on gears. These videos IMO are there for demonstration and learning what the best golfers do and what the large majority of amateurs need to do. They have plenty of video content on drills and teaching the swing that go into the bows and feels about what golfer need to do to get to what they show in their more technical videos. But they also run a teaching business so to give away all the magic in a 10–
  5. I was told yesterday that it’s going to be mid-late summer for i59 and late summer or early fall for i525
  6. But people like him and will still pay to go see him play. Rickie isn’t playing well but he still gets young kids and fans to go watch him play
  7. You need world ranking points or some other form of exemption. If you are playing in a league that offers neither you miss out pretty quick as your world ranking drops
  8. If they lose the top tier players they won’t be around long. They have a proposal for some pool of cash to payout to players based on their influence on social media, how much they impact fans coming to tour events and so on. Just like with UEFA and the super league they know losing top teams will weaken UEFA so they threatened the teams that were going to signup.
  9. Are they going to constantly refresh for 24-48 hours? Last drop came on Monday closer to noon. Also from what I’ve experienced and seen this year refreshing actually partially logs one out of the site and despite being shown as logged in the site shows for members only on each item so the refreshing doesn’t seem to be as helpful as in the past
  10. Actually like the random release times. Kind of how things used to be in the beginning from what I’ve heard. Also takes the bots out of it for the most part.
  11. As someone who is aggressive in transition the hzrdus feels better and has worked better than the evenflow line for me. PX designed the original hzrdus line of performance and didn’t take into account feel. When they designed the evenflow line they wanted the performance factor to be maintained but accounted for the feel aspect. This is directly from Don Brown at PX
  12. I’ve been using the ones from samyi golf. Same ones morikawa’s caddie uses and several other pros and caddie. They are comfortable in all temps and keep the sweat off
  13. Thoughts and prayers to Monte and his family
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