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  1. PM sent. I'll take the Vokeys for asking price. Send me your PayPal. Thanks!
  2. Can't solicit for Venmo here.. just a heads up, the Mods may delete your ad if you don't edit that part out. GLWS
  3. No idea how this isn't gone already! If you're in the market for a home Simulator, this is deal is insane. I have that country club mat, it's great! You can use regular tees in it. GLWS!
  4. You have to have a price even if you want a trade and your pics need to be in jpeg format. GLWS
  5. That M6 Rocket is definitely Tour Issued, full scoring lines and the * symbol next to the 14 indicates Version 1. I have a Version 2 Sim Max Rocket no * symbol with full scoring lines. GLWS
  6. Early Spring cleaning in progress. All items include shipping(Lwr 48 only)/PayPal fees and prices are OBRO. No international sales. No trades. HI and AK will split shipping. Please PM offers and questions. Combo discounts available. Thanks! SIM MAX 9* great condition Sold SIM MAX 14* Rocket great condition Sold Scotty Cameron Del Mar California 35” gamer priced accordingly HC shown included Sold Titleist TS2 Hybrid 23* Tensei Blue 70 stiff barely used Sold Ping ISI Nickel 2 iron ZZ65 stiff Ping ISI Copper 3 iron ZZ65 stiff Ping ISI Nickel 4 iron ZZ65 stiff
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