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  1. Your money back guarantee is called “bst”
  2. If you are looking for something to hit off the tee and keep low the driving iron is the way to go. I have both a driving 4i and my set matching 4i. I will play one depending on weather or length of the course. Like you mentioned my set 4i I can launch and get to land softly whereas the driving iron is more for off the tee. I prefer graphite personally but think it is also what you would prefer. I feel with graphite I have more control and feel when it comes to flighting or shaping shots. The main reason I don't play solely the driving iron is because it is a little more chunky and not as appe
  3. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/929166-can-i-fit-a-350-shaft-tip-into-a-335-hosel/ Not the best idea but ton of info through that link.
  4. Tip size for regular head is .350 If the head is the tp version it is .335 per golfworks Global golf and 3balls have 25% off shafts rn and you can get a decent shaft for a good price
  5. Sounds tough. I hope you find what you are looking for.
  6. or you can be that guy who sells it on bst for $140
  7. Might as well have him pick up both so I can stay married
  8. To answer your question imo “yes” the 125 is “stiffer” then the 115. But not by much. I think much of that is also due to the extra weight, and that weight adding to the stability of the shaft and your ability to manipulate a heavier shaft. I have played both and echo what you said in regard to the 115 not feeling loose. Much may also be in relation to the types of shots you hit with wedges... i.e. chips, pitches and not as many full swing shots where flex would be as much at play
  9. Glad you finally got out! The thud sound that it gives off makes it feel/sound awesome imo. Prefer it now over the pinging sound of other drivers after playing it for a while
  10. Sad but... I wait 364 days a year to see this thread on Christmas... never gets old happy holidays to all!
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