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  1. Hello all, Today I have a SIM TI 15* 3 wood w/ Accra Tz5 75 m5 plays 43.5 from end of grip to middle of club face. Newer Midsize mcc grip. Club is in good shape see pictures below. Any questions pm me. No hc. Shaft alone was $300... asking $300 shipped and pp for whole club.
  2. PXG does sell replacement putter grips, you must call and order over the phone... and for those that are worried about them charging you $30 to ship for a putter grip, it was $7 to ship
  3. Use your phone it actually works better then the computer. Need to refresh the page at 6:59.53. That is how I and all my pals have gotten tee times in the past... helps if you have 4 people trying too... getting ridiculous that it is a science now
  4. I got this info from a very well respected member on here.... “Swingweight should be determined with a standard size grip of 50g. Once that is determined any grip installed afterwards is meaningless. The midsize grip will incorrectly cause the swingweight scale to read light compared to the 50g grip. The grip weight being in your hands does not influence the feel of the clubhead, ie swingweight. Check the SW with a standard grip...that is your swingweight. You can estimate the Swingweight as follows: for every 5g more grip weight that will reduce the SW
  5. The toe on all PXG irons are a flat satin like finish. NO polished chrome
  6. I have played all major brands blades from miura and titleist, to lesser known brands like sub 70 and such. They perform just as well as any other brand blade. At this point I think it comes down to asthetics and if you like the look of one companies blade over anothers. Not much “bad” equipment on the market from any brand big or small. Pic is a 6 iron
  7. No they will not rust unless you strip the chrome/satin plating
  8. Hello, For sale is a set of Edel Vari Length Irons. 6iron -Gap wedge. Standard loft off a traditional 34* 7i . 2*up and 38.5 inch 6 iron with .5 inch gapping. Shafts are project x 5.5 with golf pride z grip cord logo down. Condition is pretty good. These are forged but dont chatter like traditional forgings. Some irons do have minor bending marks nothing that effects play. Looking for quick sale. 275$ shipped and paypaled! Any questions pm me.
  9. people like you are the reason I use the site, have answers you cant find on google and explain it so it makes sence. Again thank you!
  10. Learn something new everyday, thank you, I appreciate the info!
  11. I posted this in another thread but ... Haven't seen many in depth reviews, so thought I would do one as I now have a few swings under my belt... BUILD: I ordered the clubs 2* up 1* weak with standard shafts from PXG knowing that I was going to build them to spec. I did not get off to a good start with these irons. BEAWARE that the heads are very light. The shaft I play is ctaper 130X with midsize golf pride mdmc grits with +1 in the bottom hand. Since the heads are so light it is near impossible to get these heads any heavier then d1 sw. I talked w
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