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  1. With Costco's breadth and involvement with being in the club game , it is only inevitable that they sign a staff player that plays their equipment. With their deep pockets and the amount of visibility that it would generate, who would be the most effective ambassador of Kirkland golf?
  2. Once member access is liquidated is there still some for general release or is it completely sold out?
  3. Id say McCord in the Booth! At least some comic relief for these boneheads. Or Bob Menery!
  4. Sorry 765 I posted this based on memory. thanks for catching. The other thing I would like to state is that if there is a junior in need of a set of irons I am willing to let these go for a good price for the intent of growing the game. If a junior wants these irons give a brief backstory about your progress in golf et
  5. Up for sale is a great set but definitely a mishmash. Srixon Irons all shafted with 130 Stiff with Multicompound white black irons Configuration is 3/4/5/6/8/9 iron 745 PW is 945 7 iron is 785. Asking 175 shipped USPS priority. Open to trades for stroke lab putters, George Gankas Gbox, Tour Strike Plane Mate, Labradoodle (cash on my side)
  6. interested in trading? I have some stuff but it looks like you swing faster than me based on your shaft choice. Was the planemate good to you?
  7. I wonder if he'll get shorter term in fed pen for selling these at costco
  8. VR Pro Limited for sure. I have TW Vapor Pro as well. Sound off of Pro Limited is way better. The pro limited 3 wood is awesome I have 3 backups. Can't beat the price either.
  9. I'm all for playing what you want to play recreational basis . If a tour player says its too hard hit for him I'm thinking its too hard for me. https://www.golf.com/gear/irons/2020/04/11/kevin-na-callaway-apex-cavity-back-iron-fully-equipped/
  10. Nike Victory Red Pro II are money for me. can't beat the price either.
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