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  1. Modus 105 X is a bit heavier than 105 s 112 grams vs 106 grams weather that will have more of a bearing on your swing than shaft flex testing is the only real way to find out
  2. Superstroke Traxion tour club grips have proven durable for me so far weigh as much as a standard grip in the larger sizes, easily get a season out of them
  3. So more companies going Tungsten forward weights like Cleveland has been doing for a few years now
  4. I have a new spider ex and somehow managed to chip the bottom of the face using it indoor on my putting mat, don't know if the paints more durable than previous models but you definitely have to be careful with them.
  5. Black and white Pics of the cbx zipcore wedges were posted ages ago, think they were from the confirming list no idea when we will actually be able to get them though.
  6. Funny this topic popped up I have always played 50 56 60 but went with 52 58 this year had an extra spot in the bag so added a 64. I'm going to pick up a 46 to see how it goes against my PW a srixon zx5 Bent to 45, for some reason I have been, struggling hitting my PW no dramas with my other irons so it's time for a change. I will say that I actually find the 64 pretty useless and it actually cost me shots the 58 can do everything with more room for error so I will most likely drop it and put a 2 iron back in for tee only shots. On course I really don't find the larger gaps between wedges a problem I just don't seem to find myself struggling with distance gaps at all.
  7. I had the 4 hybrid for while, previously had the mavrik only changed because I wanted the adjustable neck. I just never got on with it, I actually hated how it felt had a really muted dead feel to it, I don't know if it was because of more carbon in the construction of the head. To me the mavrik felt miles better.
  8. Got my smooth shaft in the post today was pretty excited but it looked a little off gave it a roll on a flat surface and it's not even straight/round, will be sending it back for another one asap, I would never have known if it was installed in the putter by someone else glad I'm building this one myself and noticed it. I know fujikura make quality shafts so was a little surprised on this one. I'm in Australia an this was through an authorised dealer it's definitely legit not a fake. Anyway hopefully the next one I get is on spec.
  9. I have the er5 midlock and have owned a ping and Callaway armlock, if I was to ever go back to armlock I would go straight for the sik putter for the upright lie angle. All the previous putters mentioned were around 72 degrees lie angle and they just never felt comfortable kinda like a longer standard putter the sik comes at 78 as standard I feel like you really need to be more upright like Bryson does to really feel locked and able to just rock the shoulders. Best bet would be try to get to retailer to roll any armlock you will know pretty quickly if there lie angle will work for you, if you feel you need to be way more upright sik is the only option. On a side note if you buy a midlock and end up not liking it you can always change out the neck like I did and convert it back to a standard putter.
  10. Im in Australia and got a er5 midlock off an eBay seller and wasn't sure if I liked the midlock concept so message him to see if you could buy the necks seperately and was told yes just just let him know and he would send whatever I wanted out no problems. You might not be able to get them directly from evnroll but you can definitely get them separately though other distributors.
  11. Reviews from TGW are on YouTube of both lines look pretty good plenty of tech and a lot of different options including armlock
  12. Really can't believe there not a standard release in the states you can even get them from a big box retailer in Australia they come stock here with the PX LS shaft.
  13. Any more info regarding using older adapters in the new heads, specifically lie angles. Is the flat setting on the new driver built into the head itself rather than the adapter? Thanks.
  14. Hopefully it hasnt taken 10 years to find them.
  15. Bunch of reviews a few days ago on YouTube
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