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  1. Any more info regarding using older adapters in the new heads, specifically lie angles. Is the flat setting on the new driver built into the head itself rather than the adapter? Thanks.
  2. Hopefully it hasnt taken 10 years to find them.
  3. Bunch of reviews a few days ago on YouTube
  4. https://www.justsaygolf.com/cobra-radspeed-driver/ Found this googling little bit more info Looks like 3 colour ways although one does say custom colour.
  5. No adjustability on the picture that was posted, but it has been mentioned in previous posts that there are 3 models.
  6. Anyone else see a pic of the epic flash speed posted earlier today in a new thread? Got taken down pretty quickly still managed a look though. Not sure what epic flash speed model it was but had a fixed weight at back, colour was green white and yellow looked better than the mavrik for sure, also noticed something interesting around the jailbreak area at the front there are now 2 smaller metal discs in between the 2 larger ones maybe they have added more bars to jailbreak guess we will find out soon enough. Wish i saved the pic now.
  7. I had a similar problem with a set of TM sim max irons the finish durability on them was terrible after 2 9 hole rounds they looked like they were 2 seasons old i couldn't believe it.
  8. Avalible to purchase in australia as of today, interestingly the G425 irons have a standard black ferruel the previous pics may be only for the asian market. can also order the new mizuno irons feels strange to be able to get this stuff before America, we usually have to wait months.
  9. Ize

    Stroke Lab shaft

    I had a stroke lab black putter and the weight in the butt end on the latest models in no longer epoxied in. The weight had a rubber oring then was just pushed into the end of the shaft it pulled out with pliers easily.
  10. The line was just released in Australia $830 AUD for the driver seems overpriced considering the mavrik max is $745 AUD cant see them selling too many down here, im sure they will be heavily discounted in 6 months time.
  11. Has anyone had a chance to roll the piper armlock?
  12. I purchased a stroke lab black big 7 armlock and the counter weight actually had an Oring holding it in place i just used pliers and pulled it out no glue in sight. Odyssey may have changed to this design to allow easier removal as i had an original stroke lab double wide and the counter weight was glued in.
  13. As the title suggests has any one rolled one of these? Might be a bit of a long shot just looking for feedback before i order one, been wanting to try the whole arm lock thing for a while now and liked how the stroke lab shaft felt on the normal putters but i cant find one to try locally. Thanks.
  14. I replaced the oversize grip on my SL double wide it weighed 65 grams, replaced it with a lamkin sink fit PU straight at 60 grams
  15. I ordered a double wide with double bend shaft and the oversize grip, i have been using various pistol grips over the years but wanted to try an oversize grip. I ended up not liking the oversize so i cut it off and weighed it ( 65 grams ) and see what was going on with the counter weight in the shaft. Odyssey decided to glue the counterweight in the butt of the shaft and with the shaft being carbon fiber i was hesitant to to try and remove it, if it was a steel shaft no worries heat and pull it out, but carbon is definitely a little delicate. So basically i left it in and re griped with a l
  16. I have both f9 19 degree and f8 22 degree, definitely prefer the look of the f9 i feel the shape is a bit easier to align and no aerodynamics on the crow either, they both feel the same dont think there is much in it apart from looks and price.
  17. Ize

    Edel e-4 & e-5

    Got an email from edel there adding to there torque balance putter line interesting they went with a milled face instead of the pixel insert this time, there up on there website now i cant seem to post images
  18. Golfbox has reviews up of all three irons Watch "Mizuno JPX 919 Tour Irons Review" on YouTube
  19. Thanks for the insite, guess its probably a little early like you say.
  20. As the title suggest have taylormade solved the issue of the faces caving in on previous face slotted irons with the release of m3 & M4 irons with ribcor. Im seriously considering a set of m3 irons, just wanted to see if anyone has had any issue yet.
  21. Ive got a tour x3 waiting for me when i get home from working away cant wait to compare it to my cx2
  22. Ize

    The Cure Putter

    I picked up a cx2 cheap on RBG a while back swapped the grip to a tour SNSR 140 straight, played with the weights a bit ended up leaving them all in very forgiving rolls nicely only problen is now everything else looks way to small. I actually liked it so much i just pre ordered a cure tour x3 cant wait to roll it
  23. Well i just pre ordered one, i have cx2 i like but prefer more of a mallet look cant wait to get it
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