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  1. I recently purchased a Callaway B21 Driver - mainly cuz of the great looks, said to myself " Self, if that guy hits anything close to how it looks , we got a killer deal here, if not I can always Ebay it!" So, fast forward, bought it with a Black Helium shaft with a +2 inch shaft.- I have played 47-48 " drivers for many years, cannot hit a short 44 "driver. I then Added Callaway adapters to shafts I have laying around and began to experiment on the course. Played the Helium guy for a few rounds, everything went ok but it hit a bit too high which was kind of expected by its specs. So next was a
  2. USE THE Callaway Handicap formula for everyone - - do a search on the internet and it will tell you how to use 1 round of golf to establish a handicap. works well in most cases.
  3. 74 and still swinging Reg Flex in everything. Now and then in the winter I use a senior flex cuz I have too many rain clothes on and it is 40 deg.
  4. play about 160 rounds a year -- about 100 of those are tournament rounds. Not married and kids are grown up and gone. No job retired long ago. Enjoy every morning I get outa bed. Shot my age 3 times this year already.
  5. I have always wondered about Club Champion with this hypothetical situation. So lets say Clint goes to his local Club Champion for a full fitting taking his 2 year old clubs. Finds out they recommend quite a few changes in lie angle and shaft specs. So Clint gives his credit card over and he gets new clubs made to his NEW Specs.. plays them for a week or so, then goes to a different Club Champion with his new clubs and gets a new club fitting. How much you wanna bet they sell him a new set of clubs cuz something is not right.
  6. Ping Woods because of those UGLY Turbulators... wont buy wont even hit them. gone over to Callaway B21 cuz those guys know how to build a beautiful club that performs as well as it looks. Was a die hard Ping guy for years until those Fugly Bumps showed up.
  7. mygolf course has 2 18 hole courses -- in the winter the swap the start hole on one course to hole 10 because one Starter guy can do both courses at the same time cuz Hole 1 on Course A is next to Hole 10 on Course B.
  8. A friend has a gift card value to be used at my Golf Club for golf merchandise only. it has a value of about $1500, He nor I need any need equipment so he is thinking maybe just buying a bunch of clubs and putting them on Ebay or Craigslist at a good discount like 15 or 20% off. so i ask all you smart and inventive golfers -- what idea do you guys have ???? BTW the card value has to be used by Dec 31st 2020. hope this one does get moved to Golf Rules.?
  9. ODD - somehow this thread got moved to the Rules Section THere is nothing about Rules in this thread.
  10. Maybe you just have not hit a 48" Ping K15 - no Turbulators.. K15 has always been a fairway finder... in fact one of the guys I play against often at my club swears he is going to send it in and get it tested - he thinks there is something illegal about it like a ancient Samurai Sword maker built it. I say - go ahead -- I got 4 more just like it. We get back to drinking or playing more golf.
  11. you are correct in that assessment.. just ordered a couple from Golfworks.. I'll have to extend it about 1.4" myself but that is easy. Cant stop experimenting for some reason even tho in the above 36 hole tourney I hit every fairway with my 48" Ping K15?
  12. nice link - I checked it out and it is X stiff. was asking for a supplier of Long 48" Regular - I checked all of Ebay and they have all been cut down. So Like I say -- Shafts longer than 46" , probably not going to find much available,
  13. We had a 2 day 36 hole tourney this weekend. 65 players and I took 4th gross with a Quad Bogie on hole 17. Oh Well. But the Side Games we had made up for my potential loss with logging 2 KPs, 5 Deuces, 3 Gross Skins, for a total $565 cash. not bad for few hours of fun in the sun.
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