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  1. Stock off the shelf Titleist T200 4-PW with stiff AMT S300 black shafts. Standard loft, lie, length. Bought these on a whim and hit the range twice and played 9 holes but not really for me. 9.9/10 condition! $900,$875....$850 shipped. Sold
  2. Hair was washed and combed, had a bit of shadow, big deal. He's a super good guy and actually I think he would be great for GC. ...and he wasn't attacked in Hawaii. Even twin brother Robert ( not related).
  3. Amazing blades in my opinion only set you can get pretty much "designed" for Tiger. I had them side-by-side with my buddies P7TW and they are almost identical. So pure.
  4. Nike VR pro blades with PX 6.0 and standard loft, lie and length. 3-PW. Very good condition. Regripped last season (20 rounds) with Golf Pride MMC +4 standard with logos up, 2 wraps of tape. $300USD shipped in Canada, USA add $15. Thanks!
  5. Any interest in a trade (690's) for a set of Nike VR pro blades?
  6. If anybody's looking for a backup set at a decent price I got 4-pw heads and 3-pw with PX 6.0. both in 8.5/10 condition. Will likely post in BST soon. Left handed. PM if interested as I will likely put up in the next couple days.
  7. Best irons I've ever owned. Gets a bit "small" once I get to the 4 iron, but for me the 5-pw blades are deadly. I never feel like I'm going to miss the green standing over the ball and love how they cut through the turf. Slices through the rough like butter. I wanted to like the MP-20's more, but even they couldn't beat our my pros.....I have 8 sets ???.
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