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  1. revisiting an old thread. what did you decide here? Also any further insight from the White Manor guys how 2020 has treated the club? I assume it's been mobbed with people given the covid/work from home situation. No one ever brings up Chester Valley either, what's the deal on that place?
  2. Can you share a picture of the front of the face of the Stroke Lab 7? This is the face balanced version correct? Thank you.
  3. Kobe - how you making out? Revisiting an old thread here. Still with AMG? i like their content and like your swing improvements.
  4. Definitely still hittable - I've had it on my skytrak producing the same numbers it always has for me - no reduction in performance. Does not sound or feel any different. I don't know about the glue seam question because I don't know where glue seams are but the 6th photo of the driver shows the spot I'm talking about. Yes it comes with the shaft.
  5. Odyssey Arm-Lock Putter. Never been used on course. Head still in plastic. Custom ordered at 43”, and 3-Degrees Upright. $190Titleist Vokey SM7 Wedges - $SOLDLike NEW 50 degree 8 bounce F grind. KBS Tour 130 X Wedge Shaft. +2" over standard length. Golf Pride MCC Midsize Grip. Never hit on course USED 54 degree (bent to 55) 10 bounce "S" Grind. Plenty of life lift used about 15 rounds. HEAD ONLY. USED 58 degree (bent to 60) 10 bounce "S" Grind. Plenty of life lift used about 15 rounds. HEAD ONLY. Like NEW Black 58 degree 10 bounce "S" Grind. Stock shaft & length KBS C Taper 130 X. Never h
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