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  1. Has anyone cutdown their Sim Max to play at 44.5 or another non-standard length? I’d like to cut mine down but am worried about adding that much weight to the back port to get swingweight back up. I’ve previously cutdown Cobra drivers successfully but have had at least 2 weight ports to work with. Has anyone found an optimal combo for the Sim Max in terms of weight added to the back versus lead tape upfront or elsewhere?
  2. I got a shipping notification already.
  3. North Ridge Country Club, Oaks Course, Raleigh, NC
  4. I’m leaning towards the 7W now based upon what I’m looking to use it for - the occasional fairway shot out of a juicy lie and then a long par 3 on my course. I think the 5w would be too long. The question then becomes 75G or 85G shaft? The 75G in the 3 wood feels plenty heavy; not sure how the 1 inch shorter shaft and smaller head size on the 7W will impact my opinion of that though.
  5. I’m considering going the 7W route too but I haven’t figured out my exact build yet. I built a Cobra F7 3W last year at 42 inches with a 75G Diamana Thump shaft in it and it is money off the tee. I’m conflicted between 5W lofted up a bit or 7W to replace hybrid. If I do the 7W, I’m thinking 41 inches but not sure between 75G and 85G shafts.
  6. I’m a bit worried that the 5/6 will end up being too long for what I’m looking for which is why I was initially leaning towards the 7/8. I’m looking for something to replace my 20 degree 3 hybrid that has a bit larger head and would be more reliable off the tee and from the fairway. I love the 3/4 off the tee, but can’t get it up from the fairway.
  7. I’ve got my F7 3/4 dialed in with a Diamana Thump at 42 inches. I want to add another to the mix at around 20 degrees. I can’t decide between the 5/6 playing at 19 or the 7/8 playing at 21. It looks like the heads are almost the same cc’s. Any thoughts from someone who’s played both?
  8. I’ll also add that it would be going out as a single, but not during prime time, probably late afternoon around 4. It looks like ACCC doesn’t allow singles through online booking.
  9. I’m currently playing a 44 inch driver at D4. Grip is a Winn Dri Tac. If I were to change to a Dri Tac Lite for example and lose about half the weight of the grip and then take weight out of the head to achieve the same swingweight, what pros / cons do you see?
  10. It was a custom order, playing at 44 inches.
  11. Ive had a Thump in my driver for about 4 years. Does anyone know of a comparable shaft that would be a stock or upgrade in newer model drivers?
  12. Probably. But I haven’t spent a lot of time up there in recent years as I’ve been busy. I’m not as busy now so I’ll be up there longer this summer. I’ll ask around among my neighbors and friends. AC looks like the top choice though. I don’t mind that price. I live in NC and have played comparable rate courses recently.
  13. I have a house in Stone Harbor. I generally don’t play when I’m up there but was thinking of potentially playing this week. Interested to know a current take on the top courses to play.
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