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  1. Comes out to be almost $145 with shipping and tax.
  2. I found someone who was able to answer my questions. Thanks.
  3. I want to get a member’s perspective on a few things. I have already e-mailed the club and have the information that they provided.
  4. Are there any Brier Creek members on here? If so, please PM me if you don’t mind. I have a few questions about the club. Thanks.
  5. For those who have Adidas shoes now, how does the sizing compare with other brands like Nike, Puma, UA, etc?
  6. I currently am not carrying a fairway wood. I have a driver then a Callaway Epic 3 hybrid with a Kuro Kage black in it that I can hit just as far off the turf as a fairway wood but with better consistency. I also have a Cobra Utility iron at 19.5 with Kuro Kage red and a Callaway Apex UT at 24 with Recoil. I haven’t encountered any scenarios where I miss the fairway wood.
  7. The merchandise prices were higher this year for the official badge holder sale than I remember in the shop last year. Most hats were $29, t-shirts $29, long sleeve t-shirts $49, etc. I would recommend eBay over MMO - the resale prices on there seem to be more reasonable if you find the right auction.
  8. Correct. They sell several different ones in there. The ANGC ones, the Augusta National Golf Club ones, some with just the logo. The one he is wearing looks like one from the pro shop. But, they’ve also sold one similar to it during past Masters in the patron shop.
  9. Taste of the Masters arrived today.
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