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  1. Does anyone know what the current turnaround time is? I’m thinking about sending in my Phantom X5.5 for paint fill and headcover.
  2. Anyone tried an AM&E mallet cover on it?
  3. There’s another pool down by the golf course that is open to all guests. You can also hit the bar after playing back at the hotel and look out over the golf course.
  4. I played a full round with the ERC Soft today instead and it worked out fine. Didn’t like it as much but I think it’ll be my substitute for now.
  5. You should get a discounted rate if you are staying there - it’s still a bit steep for what the course is but it’s nice having it right on property and being able to just jump on the shuttle to go down there. No practice area other than a single net. The course plays fast. Good condition but nothing spectacular. If you also sign up for a massage or other spa service it works out well because you get access to the private pool and other amenities all day and can go back to the hot tub and cold tub after you play.
  6. I think the compression is different? Not sure beyond that.
  7. Did he mention what the differences between the two balls are?
  8. It’s hard to put my thumb on it exactly. The Tour Soft was just straighter and more consistent for me. In contrast, I’ve read that the Diablo Tour is a close match, but it feels harder to me.
  9. Found one of these balls and love it. Since they aren’t available anymore, what’s the closest alternative? I also tried the ERC Soft but didn’t like it as much.
  10. I just heard back from PING. They’re going to take care of it.
  11. No, it’s got an indention in it where it “locks” in place. It looks like a proprietary component.
  12. I’ve already contacted PING and didn’t get a reply, which is why I posted here. I wasn’t sure if these are floating out there after market.
  13. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement pin for the top of the stand leg where it connects to the bracket? This would be for 1 model version ago. One of mine came out and I wasn’t able to find it.
  14. My order from GG on Monday arrived today. Luckily the club was undamaged as the packaging by GG left a lot to be desired.
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