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  1. Same here - ordered an F9 driver, called customer service and they overnighted it to me as soon as it was built. Took about 3.5 weeks to get it
  2. So I decided to try out the Stitch SL1 thinking mine wouldnt rip like all the stories I have seen. I was wrong, but this isnt a thread to bash Stitch. Thinking about replacing it with a Ping L8 2020 bag and havent seen a ton of reviews on here. Wondering if anyone has experience with it walking? I found the thread below and the comments make sense, but wanted to see if there were any WRXers that would defend this bag? I like the single strap, just trying to see if the slippery strap was universally felt. https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/comment/19351994
  3. Ended up going with an F9 - Cobra Golf has it marked down to $250 on their site and are still allowing custom spec orders. Picked up the exact set up I want and grabbed an extra weight for the bottom for under $300.
  4. Based on the last two comments, I think the Collegiate is perfect. I am single with no kids so no extra cargo for my golf trips. Looking to basically fit shoes and maybe a jacket or two. I also currently have the Stitch SL1 golf bag and that is a pretty small bag. For markings, I am going to order it through my pro shop and get my club logo thrown on there. Maybe add a couple patches. Thanks all for the help!
  5. Curious for the opinion of any owners out there. I have a carry bag, dont see myself every owning anything bigger than a hoofer. Should I get the large or the collegiate? I used a collegiate a long time ago and dont remember any concerns around size. Wanted to see if there were any large owners out there that thought it was too big. Thanks!
  6. Agree with all three of you calling for me to contact customer service, my backup driver broke on the range today (stopped hitting range balls with my M2, guess that is validated now). The top line where the crown meets the clubface is buckling on my M2 (to the point you can feel it) so I am not sure what the solve is. Its not a visible crack but you can see/feel the paint is raised.
  7. I actually had the F9 towards the top of my list. I have hit it and really like the sound and feel. Good info on the quantitative comparison
  8. Club head is starting to crack on the crown. Not sure what to replace it with. Obviously I can go get a newer conditioned same head, but thought I might see what else is out there. Anyone replace a 2016 M2 lately? Or find something else they loved more? Was thinking Callaway Rogue, but not sure if the sub zero or regular is more comparable.
  9. https://www.vokey.com/wedgeworks/ajax/WedgeDetails.aspx?id=232
  10. Are there any reliable retailers for the linksmaster? Did yall just go through your club?
  11. I think it is less about swing speed here and more about swing type. I hit a big high moon ball naturally, so with modern fairway woods that are designed to add on to that the ball has that knuckling "never falls out of the air" tendency. Its not terribly different to the bermuda flyer phenomena where a PW can go almost the same distance as an 8i from the same lie, because without creating the correct spin conditions irons the difference in irons becomes less noticeable. Also 115 is my normal on course speed, I top out at 120, but to your point, not here to brag. That being said, obviously th
  12. Yeah I have a rogue sz 5 wood and it spins a pretty good bit. To be fair, some of it is the shaft, but the club head has caused me trouble. I have the same problem with tmade woods for whatever reason. Ping and Titleist I have always been able to control flight/spin a lot better.
  13. Callaway spins a lot usually, so I have veered away in the past. Didnt love the look rounded off topline of the face in the past. A little gun shy of another anser after the first experience. Also I am a club ho who wants to try new things haha Any era is fine, was mostly curious to see what other people out there think. The guys I play with all use modern tech. I should have prefaced my OG post that this is more of an opinion sharing post. See who/what else is out there
  14. Didnt see it mentioned earlier, but fourteen has a good looking wedge. Very straight hozel into the heel of the club with no offset. At address it feels like there is no where the wedge can go but under the ball. A little rounder toe and top line can be a turn off for some however. Easy company to work with
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