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  1. Granted, these were very minimal amounts of swings, but: TS3: 282.63 yards with 3/8 fairways TM shaft: 295.38 yards with 5/8 fairways Pink Driver shaft: 285.88 yards with 4/8 fairways Although, I wasn't getting those results on my 3 swings at Meadow Hills last night. But that's because I swear that course exists in a sea-level vacuum. Every time I've ever played there, I'm 10-20 yards short on every club in my bag. It doesn't make sense.
  2. Went to the range at 6:45. Didn't head over to Hole 2 until 7:15pm. Nobody is going off that late. Just hit until it was too dark to see anything anymore. Got attacked by sprinklers on the walk back in. I didn't actually play any golf, just asked the pro shop if it was cool to go out and hit like 30 drives to compare. They were very chill about it.
  3. Got my 300 Mini in last night. Hit a bucket of range balls then went to Hole 2 at Murphy to hit a bunch of drives to compare distances/accuracy. Red line is my TS3 gamer. Blue line is the 300 Mini with the shaft I got from TaylorMade. Green line is 300 Mini with a driver-length shaft in it. I love experimenting and tinkering with things.
  4. ShotTracer app! Both smart phone and desktop.
  5. If anyone wants to watch an ugly swing 27 times, I took mine out to hit some shots last night. 9x current driver setup: TS3 9.5º w/ TPT Shaft 9x Mini 11.5º w/ Grafalloy Bubba shaft (driver length) 9x Mini 11.5º w/ Tensei AV Blue shaft (as ordered from TaylorMade) It got super dark towards the end, and I couldn't find one of the balls...so I threw out the worst drive of the other two to get some averages. TS3: 282.63 yards, 3/8 fairways Bubba Shaft: 285.88 yards, 4/8 fairways AV Blue shaft: 295.38 yards, 5/8 fairways So yeah, SUPER s
  6. How recent? Because in this video from one month ago, he talks about being a +1.8 and how he is shocked by it. So much so he made an entire video discussing it.
  7. Damn, now y'all got me nervous. My AoA with a driver is around 4-4.5º up. And my AoA with the 3-wood off a tee is around 1º up.
  8. It's about time I just carry my umbrella & bag cover 100% of the time, because clearly forecasting in Colorado is an impossible task. 5:17pm, driving to the course, 95º and sunny, ZERO rain in the forecast. 5:30pm, teeing off Hole 1, possible drizzle starting around 6pm. 6:30pm, absolute freaking downpour...1/2 mile from the clubhouse.
  9. I mean, if you want to trust their promotional material about it, they talk about high MOI forgiveness for miss hits.
  10. Man, that's wild. I couldn't get my spin to even reach 2000. I was 1800rpm off the tee. It's too low spinning for me. Played the 11.5º set standard, with a driver length shaft in it. Was carrying 280, rolling out 300+. Much further than both my driver and 3 wood.
  11. Mine is scheduled for delivery on Saturday. 8 days total from the day I ordered it to having it in my hands. With a non-stock shaft customized at 1/4" short. Ordered directly from TM through their website, not through a course or shop.
  12. It was my 2nd time playing it in 2 weeks, and I feel like it's in good shape. Greens are a tad slow, but they roll true. Tee boxes are fine, fairways are real solid. I have no complaints! 14 & 15 greens have some dead patches, but I feel like those two greens have had those issues ever since I've lived out here.
  13. Just gonna go ahead and pretend like the back 9 didn't happen.
  14. Had my absolute best set of 9 holes last night...the same night my new driver shipped. Kinda makes me wonder why I even bought a new driver. Oh well! Golf is fun.
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