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  1. Prefer the P730 than these new 7MBs. Hopefully I can score some cheaper with these coming out.
  2. If anyone's curious as to the state of my golf game...look no further than my most recent round at Legacy Ridge. 4 lost balls (more than my entire 2020 season combined). 3 birdies. 2 double bogeys. +5/77. I'm a little inconsistent.
  3. Anyone know where this shirt Peter Finch is wearing is from?
  4. Had my first foray into Littleton golf yesterday (besides Arrowhead, which has a Littleton address). Not sure why I haven't played any of the courses in the 6 years I've been living out here. But I played the front 9 of The Meadows after work. Really liked the layout a lot. Was even par through 7, and then a ton of rain hit and made things a bit wonky. Finished +3 in the last 2 holes for a 39. But I'll take it. My tee shot on number 8. It had been raining for a few minutes before the green cleared. It really picked up as we were walking to the green. Near downpour while chipping & put
  5. Anyone know of any scrambles coming up? I really want to play in one. It's been far too long. 2 man, 4 man...whatever.
  6. Just pulled the trigger on a pair of Janoski's via Nike's website, since they're marked down to $75 from $100.
  7. Damn, I don't know what Ross's y'all have...but I went to one last night to check. Not a single golf shoe in ANY size in the entire building. Let alone something I'd actually want in my size.
  8. Does anyone know if any physical stores carry the Janoski SB golf shoe? Want to order some, but would love to try them on first to see how they fit/feel.
  9. That's a bummer to hear. The Ridge is my favorite course in the area. But I'd never spend $100+ to play it. Especially with conditions like those. I know a few years ago they had a Millennial discount. I think it was like $42 or something? I booked a round for Walnut Creek on Sunday. Haven't been out there yet this season. Hopefully it's not its typical super windy self.
  10. Hey guys, In doing a Google search to find a slip-on golf shoe (I wear Vans Slip Ons 99% of my life), I came across an image of an Adidas version. It looks absolutely perfect and everything I want. However, besides a random image here & there, and a listing on Amazon where none are available...I can't find any info about it. How old is it? When was it available? Is there any place with these still in stock? Etc. Can't find any on resell markets either. Are these things just a myth?! A mockup?! I need this in my life ASAP.
  11. Also...played Ute Creek yesterday. First time in a couple years. Forgot how much I like that course. The 3 par 3's and 3 par 5's on the back is awesome. Only $44 to walk, any time of the day...not just twilight. That's very reasonable. However...I need to remember those greens DO NOT BREAK at all. I'd be reading 6-12" breaks in my line...and they didn't budge. I eventually started playing things that I assumed would break, right on the lip...and they wouldn't even budge half an inch. I missed so many birdie putts inside 15' because everything was dead straight. Still ended up shooting a 77,
  12. Just gotta try things out the Jacob way. Sky a driver 1,000 feet upwards, for a grand total of a 200 yard drive (into the rough).Drop your club in the follow through.Complain about your approach shot because it's a blind green.End up with a 8' birdie putt anyway. The ponytail is gone!! I forgot how long it had been since I posted on here/played with anybody. Lawrence mentioned that our first time out at SS too. Now I got a bleach blonde mullet thing going on. I'll never have normal hair.
  13. Had a group to play with on Sunday at Murphy Creek...but we all decided to cancel because of the forecast. Which left me scrambling to find a tee time for Saturday instead. Ended up getting one at Buffalo Run for $35. One thing that confused me though...The Knolls was more expensive than The Dunes for some reason. $32 walking twilight for the Dunes, $34 walking twilight for the Knolls. When did that change? The Knolls side was always $20 to walk after like 3:00pm or whatever.
  14. I've played the past 4 weeks in a row, and I'm loving it. Also, man, prices have changed since I played regularly in 2018. Just went to check Heritage Eagle Bend (closest to my job, so easiest to sneak out to on Friday afternoons). I have receipts in my Gmail where I paid $34 for 18 holes on a weekend at 2:40pm. Now they're asking for $80, on a weekday?! $55 is their new twilight rate, starting at 4:00pm?! What kinda tomfoolery is going on here?
  15. Played the Dunes with a group of guys yesterday. Was peer-pressured into playing the Gold tees out there, which I've never done before. Wild card with 2 triples and 4 birdies. 3 lost balls/water. But the course was in great shape. Greens rolled great and I was actually able to make some putts.
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