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  1. Hypothetically, I can't think of a more appropriate way to spend dirty money than offering it as inducement to gain unmerited admission to a university. Especially if that inducement ensures that my kid won't have to attend a substandard university, such as the one I may have attended.
  2. Had a Karsten crewcut for a long time. Maybe time to go full bullet-head. Neck tatoo too. Ride my Scottsdale Harley all the way to Iowa for an infusion of the good stuff. Don't laugh, it works. Most famous disciple had 21 putts in first round at Bay Hill yesterday.
  3. Like Rory's Dad. Members that are at the club every day get on the employees' nerves...
  4. Another reason to skip the Honda is the spectators. Basically the same crowd as the PGA in May. They'd be happy to skip that too, but it's a major.
  5. Yesterday was entertaining to watch. The Backstopping Incident. Players reacting to being put on the clock. Pitch shot with sizeable divot taken out of the 18th green, and Dannielle Kang hopped-up on adrenaline. Blabbing loudly to her caddy buddy and oblivious to her playing partners across the 13th fairway. Mugging for the Camera at every chance. I guess blondes do have more fun. The 18th green is borderline goofy but provides drama. Especially with a rear hole location. Setting up the 15th hole at only 260 yds was a good call. I hope they do it again on Sunday. Need Brooke and the
  6. Yep, saw that one coming. Ball was sitting up high on the velcro rough. Johnny Miller would have told us about the danger of catching the ball too high on the face. Especially with not enough club, when tired. Tiger could have used a good caddy for that shot, instead of a bag carrier. Nice of Nick Faldo to remind us that he was hip to music like Genesis and is friends with Phil Collins.
  7. One of the golf shots I will never forget was seeing his driver off the fairway on the back nine on Sunday at Tucson National. Middle of the green from over 250 yds. Medium trajectory, slight fade. Lietzke beat him later that afternoon, in a playoff, for his first win. Gene the Machine indeed had a smooth, efficient swing. Fourty years later, I now appreciate that his temperament and focus were equally great assets.
  8. Now I actually dislike Kouche even more than his Dad. I wonder if the frat boys on 16 at the Waste Management tourney found a creative way to ridicule El Cheapo ? Didn't Frank Zappa have a song about people like Kuchar ?
  9. The only thing that could have made Kuchar's yanked putts and double crosses more entertaining is if his goofball Dad had been caddying for him.
  10. Fienstein would be easier to take if he were on radio instead of TV.
  11. Where was this? He can hit the golf ball I know. Chardonnay Club.
  12. Jim McMahon, former Bears Super Bowl champion quarterback. He was walking barefoot from driving range to the first tee, about fifteen years ago. Big smirk on his face. He emitted the strongest D-bag vibe imaginable.
  13. Just bought a used pitching wedge which came with modus 120 tour shaft. I will reshaft this pitching wedge with recoil 95 to match the rest of my irons. I am thinking that this modus 120 tour shaft is a nice weight for use as a lob wedge shaft. A fairly knowledgeable club repair guy I know told me not to do it, saying it was a low spin shaft and not suitable for a sand wedge or lob wedge. Also mentioned something about the bend point...? Anyone have success with the modus 120 in their high lofted wedges ? Don't want to spend the money on a shaft install if others agree that this shaf
  14. Looking for club repair guy to rebuild my irons with my new graphite shafts. Frequency measuring, 24 hr cure epoxy, swingweighting, well-turned ferrules etc. Not a high volume shop preferably, although i have heard that Hagin Oaks is good and will probably try them if i can't find somebody even better. Will be in Lincoln CA in mid Jan and hope to get some quality club work done. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. I haven't been to San Diego in 20 years but remember the people there as being friendly and polite. Has something changed ?
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