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  1. Anyone know how Srixon std length compares to Titleist std? Longer/shorter or the same?
  2. @easyyy how does Srixon standard length compare to say Titleist standard? Going to order a set but want to make sure I get the right specs ordered.
  3. Are you able to see the back cavity at address in the ZX5 long irons (3,4,5) was my only worry about doing a combo.
  4. @easyyythanks for the great comparison pics. Were you able to hit the new UT iron and if so would you go with it in the 3 iron if ordering a combo of ZX5 4I ZX7 5-PW or just go 3 and 4 in the ZX5?
  5. Pretty similar to MP 20, doesn’t have a noticeable grind like the Titleist
  6. Not sure on that one. Overall profile seems smaller
  7. One very nice set of Miura MB 101 irons 4-PW with PX 6.5 shafts and tour only BCT full cord Midsize grips. These were built by The Peoples clubs at standard Mizuno MP 20 Spec and have only been used for two rounds as pictures show. Grips are logo down with 1 wrap +1 on the lower hand. Sold pin 1/11 pin 12/14
  8. I’ve got a Smoke RDX Black 60TX with a Cally tip if anyone is interested in one.
  9. How would you compare the MMT 125TX to PX 6.5? I’ve tried X100 multiple times and like the feel but my dispersion isn’t great and tend to hit the odd pull with them thus why I’ve been a PX player but am interested in the 125TX but don’t know how it would translate.
  10. Lightly used (2 rounds) Sim UDI 3 iron with Tensei Pro White 90TX +1/2” with Tour Only GolfPride BCT Full cord Midsize grip. SOLD Next is a mint (used for 27 holes) Tensei AV Raw Orange 60TX with Tour 1.5* TM Adaptor and Tour Only GolfPride BCT Full cord Midsize grip. Shaft measures 44.75” from tip to grip. $300 OBO $275 shipped 2021 Callaway Apex MB 4-PW Tour Issue DG X100 BCT Full cord grips +1/2” and 1* flat. Clubs were used for 2 rounds and can bend to whatever specs you need. SOLD Lightly used Callaway M
  11. How did you guys get them so quick? I Pre-ordered the first hour and was told mid November on mine?
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