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  1. These are exactly my findings. I hate DG in my irons because of the handle feel and I didn’t get that same feel with the KBS Tour X while still maintaining similar numbers on track man with better feel that the PX.
  2. Curious if anyone has any comparisons between the two or just experience with the KBS Tours in general. I’m a longtime PX player and hit down on the ball a lot with a 91-93 mph 7 iron swing and have had the best results with PX 6.5 but hit the KBS Tour 130X shaft in the simulator and got pretty similar numbers with better feel. Only worry is them launching too high/spinning on the course (outside the sim) and feeling loose like DG X100 which I’ve never gotten along with.
  3. Need to unload a few things so here we go. Price is shipped to your door and willing to listen to offers. Mint Ping G425 LST 10.5 with Ventus Blue 6TX playing 45.75” Hotmelted with a slight fade bias to D4 with a MCC White Midsize grip. Was used for 27 holes and No range balls. HEAD SOLD Tour Issue TM Sim 10.5 with Ventus Black 6TX playing 45.25” with MCC black Midsize. SOLD Custom Cleveland RTX ZIPCCORE Tour Rack Raw 46Mid 50Mid 54Full all with a rounded leading edge grind for less digging. Specs are: +1/4” D5/D6/D6 swing weight with PX 6.5 shafts and MCC Mid grips logo up. Grooves show almost no wear and wedges are just starting to show a little rust. $450 OBO $400 OBO TaylorMade MySpider X all black with the standard spider insert, 34” with black TM SS Pistol GTR 1.0 Grip $325 OBO $300 OBO TaylorMade My TP JUNO with Long neck and a sight dot. Used just a few rounds. White on face is just from golf balls as TM inserts are known to do this and can be removed. 34.5” with STR8 CA$H on the bumpers. $250 OBO $225 OBO Toulon Atlanta I with BTG Stability shaft and SS PISTOL GT TOUR grip. Plays 33.5” no headcover but will be protected when shipped. SOLD pin 12/5
  4. TaylorMade P7MC 4-5 P7MB 6-PW with Modus 130X shafts +1/2” STD Loft and Lie with MCC MID black grips logo up. Clubs are in great shape as pictures show just some bag chatter and the 6 iron has two small marks on the leading edge but won’t affect play. SOLD Callway JAWS forged 52,56,60 set with Modus 130X shafts +1/2” 1* flat with MCC Mid Align grips. Grooves are still super sharpe just some marking on the face and 60 and 56 have some scratches on the soles with the 56 having a rock nick pictured on the toe, none will affect performance. SOLD Scotty Phantom X 11.5 used for two rounds, like new shape. 35” with stock grip and headcover. $390 shipped $375 shipped pin 10/18
  5. Closed pin 8/5 Pin 8/23 Pin 9/4
  6. Mint used for 27 holes Titleist TSI3 8* with Tensei AV raw white 2.0 65TX standard length and tipping with tour only GolfPride BCT full cord midsize grip logo down. SOLD
  7. Any idea when the 3 woods may be released?
  8. Sweet PXG Combo set 4 and 5 Iron in the Gen 3 0311T 6-W in the 0211ST 3X Forged Blades. Reshafted with Tour Issue X100 shafts with GP MCC Midsize blue and black grips logo down. 36” W 36.25” 9I then 1/2” increments after that. They are 1* flat and 1* weak. Clubs were used 4 rounds and a light range session, great shape as pics show. Some light bag chatter but other than that they are in awesome shape. 6 iron has a small nick on leading edge where I assume a small rock was in the dirt but shouldn’t affect anything. $1200 OBO $1,099 SHIPPED Used for two rounds Titleist TSI3 16.5 with Tensei AV Raw 85TX 2.0 tipped 1” and MCC Midsize blue and black grip logo up. I ordered this 1/4” long then decided to cut it down to standard length 42.5”. When I cut it down the shaft splintered a little on the butt end but shouldn’t been an issue but wanted to make it known that happened. Has a +4 gram weight installed and is pretty much mint other wise. SOLD Tensei AV Raw 2.0 Proto 65TX with titleist tip. No tipping plays standard 45.5” in a TSI3 SOLD pin 5/26
  9. Whyyyy did they have to put that ugly red shaft in there!? Would have bought one 100% with the Grey stroke lab or just steel.
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