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  1. Working with steel and if I were to go the tip weight route, I would do the brass ones from Golfworks.
  2. Will tip weights affect how the shafts play by adding length and less of the shaft being in the hosel?
  3. I’m building up a set of irons and wanted to try putting some high density tungsten powder in with the epoxy when building the set to get the swingweight where I wanted. I’ve never done it and was curious what is the best way to go about it and what would be the max amount in grams that would be safe to use so the bond wouldn’t fail? Any help is appreciated
  4. Lightly used Tour Issue TaylorMade SIM 8* Hot melted to 203 grams with a slight fade bias. Thing is a cannon. Offers welcome SOLD
  5. Completely missed the boat if these are chrome with the raw face. Can anyone confirm if they are completely raw? Pictures look full raw but not sure by the description.
  6. First trip to Augusta walking the back 9 eating a pimento cheese sandwich tough to beat!
  7. I don’t blame him, every time I turned the TV on he hit a tree (or two) with his drive.
  8. Just one item today. Awesome looking bag but decided to stick with my 14 way. This is the Vessel player 2.0 in the Grey Tech with the 6 way top. Brand New never used, small mark on the leather handle at top of bag was there when I purchased it and is only thing of note. SOLD
  9. Will the new Project X LS be available for custom order? If so I’ll be ordering a set ASAP.
  10. Still feels very smooth and able to turn it over. Ventus in X flex plays stiffer untipped than this does tipped 1” IMO.
  11. PXG 0311X Gen 2 driving 3 iron. Installed a tour only Project X HZRDUS Black 105 6.5 to play standard 39.5”. club has been used one round and about 15 clean range balls. Has a MCC +4 Midsize Grey grip and I will include the True Temper Elevate tour X stiff shaft that I ordered in it direct from PXG for no added cost. FULL DISCLOSURE...when I was butt cutting the shaft it splintered a little. I put one wrap of tape on and as long as tape isn’t removed I think the shaft should be fine but just want it known there is a splinter in the butt end of the shaft. $325 OBO $250 shipped Li
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