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  1. Looking for a new set or set of pulls in good shape 4-PW preferably playing longer than standard and in good shape.
  2. Looking for a 10* TSI3 head in good shape or new.
  3. Do they have some kick/feel or do they feel fairly stiff and one piece?
  4. Any tipping? Are they pretty anti left?
  5. Got my 5.5 and rolled it yesterday feel is so much better which I figured it would be with the full stainless steel body and face instead of the aluminum. That was the only problem I had with the last 5.5, it sounded and felt terrible. The new one feels great, huge improvement.
  6. If anyone is curious the 2021 5.5 has 36* of toe hang.
  7. Really surprised to hear that, I’ve been playing the 20s for over a year and I love them. I will say I hated the HMB long iron, had a terrible feel but I haven’t gotten any of that from the MP-20 MB. Playing them 1* weak they look great IMO but I could see where some blade purists would like a smaller profile but all in all I think the 20s were fantastic.
  8. Everyone likes what they like but I can’t get the MP-20 MB out of my bag, like them MUCH better than the 18. The 20’s are in the running for best iron I’ve ever played and I’ve hit just about everything. To each their own though. Excited to see what the 22s look like and the changes they make.
  9. Anyone know what the toe hang on the 5.5 will be?
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