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  1. Black/Red, looks kinda cheap to me. Walmart box set vibes
  2. Heard superstealth and stealth as names, one low spin perhaps? Not a big fan of the name if true
  3. Heard pics of the driver leaked yesterday but got removed. Feel free to dm me if you got them
  4. Hearing 3 heads, also heard core floating around. Not sure if its a head model or a shaft. Played with a guy who had a friend working at TM according to him
  5. A buddy said Kaili is gonna be stock shaft, hoping he's right!
  6. Thats what I'm thinking but guess we wont know for certain until we see pics. Can't imagine them reusing the name and changing the shapes though
  7. Heard its gonna be the #1-3 and in all three finishes. Too bad its not all 6 models at once
  8. Got a look at the iron and wedges today, super clean! 223 looks so much better in person than I imagined, and the copper wedge is just perfect, looks to be a bit shorter blade as well
  9. Copper will not rust but will patina, guessing the same as the tp copper putter line from TM or the vokey sm6
  10. That copper finish and more grinds, Im interested!
  11. Negative grooves all over, gonna tear the skin off the ball
  12. Production based, couldnt get enough inventory to support a release due to covid is what I heard
  13. Heard they are pushing the release until jan/feb from my rep. Along the new drivers and clk hybrid
  14. U500 and U510 staying in line until new irons coming out this fall as far as I know
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