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  1. Heard they are bringing out tsi hybrids as well, anyone seen heard anything about these? Thought they were on the iron release...
  2. Heard the SIM replacement will be dropped in price and have the same price as the SIM Max this year and its replacement. So same price for both drivers
  3. As far as I know, the st-200 has been a hit in stores. At least over here where we've kept courses and stores open
  4. A buddy of mine actually saw the raw ball from a staffer last week. No clear coat on it gave it a matte look but nothing crazy. Apparently this gives a bit more friction which provides more spin. Be interesting to try it out
  5. Heard they might be releasing two hybrids, one adjustable and one not
  6. Read on another site that Cobra is set to release 3D printed irons this winter or spring. Anyone have any info on name, tech, price etc?
  7. Heard a staff model cb is coming as well
  8. Heard from a buddy that wilson is releasing the staff model ball in soemthing called raw? Now just what would that mean for a ball? Pretty sure you cant make urethane rust so is it matte so the raw means no clear coat or is it gonna be rust colored? Anyone know?
  9. No the forged will stick around for another year
  10. Got this from a friend, looks to be the new Wilson driver
  11. September relase for the irons is the last I've heard
  12. Guilty! And you're welcome!
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